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  1. Not sure if they're an exact match, but you can order right off the Eddie marine site. https://www.eddiemarine.com/shop/deck-hardware/handles/grab-handles-with-finger-grips https://www.eddiemarine.com/shop/deck-hardware/handles/grab-handles-smooth
  2. I'm no help without a picture. Even a picture of it with the missing cap would help.
  3. Not really easy, but there are 4 studs with nuts that hold it on from the back. It's easier if you take the plastic footwell out first, but that's a bit of a pain as well
  4. There are adjustments for the detent and friction, not sure if you've tried adjusting these already.
  5. To check the transmission cooler, just take the water hose off both ends and looked to see if anything is stuck in the screen. This video may help you if you don't know what the transmission cooler looks like, has other good tips as well regarding the cooling system.
  6. I had a similar issue with my 2014 with the 5.7 Indmar. I lost a chunk off my impeller and it got stuck in the transmission cooler. Motor temp never got hot and everything else appeared fine. Boat would randomly kick into limp mode. I started first at the impeller since I had just done plugs, cap, and rotor, and it was time to change it anyways. I found a chunk missing from the impeller and tracked it down to the transmission cooler. All has been fine since, over 100 hours.
  7. Go to www.elberts.com and get their phone number and give them a call. They should be able to set you up with the right part
  8. Well, I'm running 3 of the LT-2561-601-012 on my reversible pumps and the light only comes on when in the ON positions. Only difference I see with the 611 it's that the lense is "clear" in position 2 instead of red. Did you have the 601's hooked up already?
  9. Correct part number should be LT-2561-601-012 I ordered mine from here https://www.onlinecomponents.com/carling-technologies/lt2561601012-16990427.html?ref=doubleclickfeed&utm_term=LT-2561-601-012&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5MLrBRClARIsAPG0WGwZPglk7oQcRFIZtB2lGOavGWVchMrQn48MXHnP7ZnGdElvGQG2NnUaAqyvEALw_wcB
  10. I didn't care for the built in cooler so I cut mine out, I prefer to use my soft coolers instead. It also freed up a little more storage space that was unusable before.
  11. Top speed is ~ 38.5 mph. I need to pay more attention to my RPMs.
  12. If you got the clearance, I'd recommend the Acme 2315 (15 x 12) prop. I'd then have your current prop repaired and kept as a backup. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
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