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  1. Ha...cool....intrested to see how it works out for u!may save others lots of time/expense/grief
  2. http://www.mbboatowners.com/index.php/topic/3608-2015-raptor-engine-starter-tsb/?hl=%2Bstarter+%2B2015
  3. It's that's what happened about them making them drop mb which I suspected....I'd sell mb in dfw haha....I've got free time and I like making money! Seems like have been getting new but wanted a new boat 14 got the 22 wanted the new 6.2 so got the 23.this year combo of wanting a x23 and the starter placement on the 15 mb if it went out they have pull motor.plus life is easy w the screen hit wakeboard and skill level done.surf same put in style and left or right done.no bags.no hoping my ballast gates don't go out today.....lot of little things but nothing wrong with an mb for sure the best bang for buck on the market hands down.
  4. A few of you know I had 14 f22 and 15 b52......loved both boats...especially the 23 but both....but with them not having a dealer locally I went another route.....and I know not green again bit i actually like it really clean/classy.
  5. 900lb bro stock bag in box 1100lb ronix bag-free pump that needs connector Gator step in grey for b52 23ft 2015-2016 5 bro stock float diaper looking things Stock prop off 2015 23 b52 Stock clarion radio off a 2015 Make offers on anything
  6. I haven't got the keys yet but worked a somewhat ok deal if u can call it that... on this
  7. I did the same to my f22.....before I got Insurance.....yikes.....cost me 5k.....haha....I have insurance now
  8. There is a reason mb wasn't there being repped....imo.....
  9. And I told myself u was keeping my boat for sure b4 I seen it....
  10. I was drooling over the white/lime green 24.5 ft supra......yea i heard no more mb from txmc....very interesting the nxt was more exp and not as nice.......wonder who will pick up mb out here.....I do have some spare time on my hands hahaha
  11. I wonder if it effects surf wave the older style didn't
  12. don.....I already told myself in keeping my boat for a 2nd year.....quit tempting me! Haha....when i get new in 17 I'll def get the white flake....did you do entire thing hull included in pearl exile? I was thinking you would need to as the white woukd be a dif hue.
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