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  1. agreed - I've had both the different transmissions. not a big deal.
  2. No - Rob had his local MB dealer add them. You already have the amplifier power for them from the factory. Just need to cut and wire in.
  3. Hawk - there is no wrong answer on any of this stuff. I did brown 4 years ago and everyone thought I was crazy. Now its all over the place. - I have the gator extra pieces but havent had time to put them on. The MB guys at the factory where not familar with what goes where so i just said leave it be. Definitely get all that extra gator. I love it! - The Rob boat that looks similar to mine would be a good one to look at. He did some grey's in it theme wise. For me I wanted the interior to be SPICY with an understated outside. It all depends on what YOU want to achieve. - Tow Trucks! There's actually an inside story on mine. I had a grey Platinum Ed that i drove 18K and turned into a lemon and ford bought it back. They charged me 250 bucks to upgrade from the 18 to the 19. I said SWEEET! and can i have it in black this time? matches the boat. But holy hell I'd never go out and buy a truck to match. Just luck of the draw this time. -I agree with you on Breakz boat. I've given serious consideration to that cement grey theme with the pearl charcoal etc. It's sweet! He screwed up and bought a malibu this year. muahaha! he'll be back. - PS my 16 year old daughter asked, "Dad, can i get a lesson on backup the trailer and launching this year? Can I take the boat out myself? n o t a c h a n c e s w e e t i e.! -Love dad!
  4. lol lamo - I posted that up because so many people have asked me about putting 8's in for the driver... I thought well there you go! Here's the picture of the interior of his boat. just a quick snap. and the other location of the port side 8" speaker. shows better up close interior color too
  5. yeah good point breaks... just measured and that stuff sticks off the boat 18"
  6. 25.5' total length if you want to take the swim step off you loose about 2.8 feet off that measurement.
  7. hawk - I'll measure mine tomorrow for you and chime in.
  8. thought I'd share this alll with eveyrone. I took this picture in Robeport's boat. He added a pair of 8's right in the driver area.... killer upgrade. (ie sound for the driver)
  9. I saw Robeport's boat a few days ago. She looks sweet! almost a cousin to my build. Loving that white look!
  10. Yes -every year we put our logo on it. And also tint out the window. Give me a week or two and you'll see it done
  11. My biggest take away on this build is that the exterior has almost a Tuxedo look to it. Simple, refined, clean. But the moment you peek your head inside the interior its Luxury all the way. The white ties into the black and the Mocha (love that color btw) ties into the floor. And it all POPS off the white hull. MB even nailed the black welts for a subtle contrast into the floor. I'd built all white pearl / all black pearl / flake red and silver --- I've got to say this Tuxedo look is my favorite build so far. #STOKED! -Brian
  12. Picked dup the boat this Friday---super stoked. Only had time to put one of the Skylon racks on it. And then drop it in at Shasta on the way home to Portland....boat looks WOW SUPER CLEAN. Love how it turned out.
  13. I prefer the sound of the SXT9 (surf speaker). I run 3 sets of those.... You absolutely could flip the switch on your XM9 (lower speakers) and attenuate the horn 3db. It will give smooth out the tone some.
  14. Got some new shots today of the progress - special thanks to undercover spy master DON and his accomplice Eric EastMan for helping me out. I'm totally stoked on how the different area's of this boat are coming together. I spoke with the gator step guys and it sounds like things are wrapping up on the floor.
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