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  1. On the new Supra SA they have an awesome idea to store boards. I think more companies will probably start going this way. Keeps them out of the racks, boat, and sun.
  2. Try less internal ballast and full PnP, so more weight is in the back. I would also suggest the cave plate below 50%, but that's easy to play with. I cannot remember exactly, but the GSA tab when fully deployed should be around 10-13 degree down and the 2nd tab another 10 degrees from the main tab. You can download an app on your phone to check the degrees, and use the boat as your zero point. Hope this works or helps.
  3. If your still have issues getting up to surf speed and you don't want to spend the $$$ on a new prop, talk to Jeff at TXMC and he would recommend re-pitching the prop to give more bit so you can get up to surf speed, but you lose top end speed. A re-pitch is only a few hundred vs 500/600 for a new prop.
  4. Why tow your boat all that way when TXMC is having their boats there for demo? Also, I doubt they want MB's around anyhow since they dropped the brand
  5. Just cover the finder and go from there. Avoid putting the trailer in to far, this is when damage can happen.
  6. If you want a steeper wave, lose the bow ballast.
  7. Very much so, I have no interest in listing a boat after almost getting swamped in another boat a couple years ago.
  8. http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/boa/5493142692.html I've been getting a lot of interest lately from my craigslist ad, so I decided to post the boat here in case someone here has interest. The next question is why I'm selling... to be plain, I work for an oil company and job security isn't good now. So I'm just trying to lower my monthly obligations. The Craigslist Ad has all the info on the boat.
  9. I had a power tail that my father in law rode and he's about 240. He rode it fine, but for me at 190 I found it boring because it's just a cruising board. I ride a 4' 3" phase 5 wire that's a lot of fun. I would suggest to rent a board for the day. Most places will let you demo a board for $25 a day and allow you to place those funds towards a purchase. That way you get a ride a few and really see what you like without dropping $$$.
  10. I flipped my hitch to have a 2" raise because I tow with an SUV and my trailer tires are larger than the most. I did a lot of research and basically read that you want the trailer to be as level as possible when hooked up. If its downward it puts a lot of stress on the tongue and upwards it could possibly discount from lack of downward force on the ball. These are both extremes, so I would imagine a 2" drop will be fine.
  11. Thanks! I like the picture. Helps me picture my boat with windows tinted since we have the same paint scheme.
  12. The tinted windshield looks good. Was it hard to find someone to do that, and how much did it cost, roughly?
  13. Any idea on how much shipping would be to Dallas? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  14. Ryan told me different degrees early last year, but I'm sure he's tested a bunch more since then, so I'm going to have to try the 12-18 degrees on the secondary tab and see what that does. However, a 90% cav plate would kill the wave off my boat. I run at 40% and it's much better.
  15. The main tabs should be around 13 degrees when fully down and the small tab should be another 10 degrees from there. If you find a different angle works better, please post.
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