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    Kelso wa
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    2016 FORD F-150
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    3.5L ECO BOOST

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    2013 F21 Tomcat
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    Indmar 350
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    3 Johnson reversible's
    600's in rear lockers
    Integrated bow sac
    Trim tab
    DIY goose slappers w/ wakelogic
  • Stereo
    4-Exile surfs on a Exile 30.2
    8-6.5 Exile in boats on a Exile 15.4 / 2 on the dash
    Exile 15.1 pushing the Big12 under the helm
    All controlled by a Exile ZLD w/ Bluetooth

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  1. Steve’s boat takes a special boat horn to get it in his garage!
  2. I cant believe the low blow on Exile.  That's a somepeteguy move.  Just Saying :P
  3. I am running the 2419, 2315 is my back up. 2419 for my boat, 350 Indmar runs slightly higher RPM's than the 2315. 100-200 at the most. Props seem to perform equally. No gel goat burn that I can see. When I was running the 2315 I would get a vibration if the boat was porpoising, not sure if it was cavatation or what. Never any issue out of the hole or while surfing or general cruising. Top speed for me is 34 mph. 2419 has been a great prop.
  4. I have the flappers in mine, I was told I had to have them to protect my engine warranty. They make a clicking sound when the boat is idling, nothing serious though.
  5. Current truck is a 2016 Ecoboost F150. Previous was a HD2500 6.0 liter. Ford out does the Chevy night and day towing the boat. I have no experience on the diesel platform. But as with any brand there is no 100 customer satisfaction. Go with your gut and you wont make the wrong decision!
  6. Curious of the total ballast if the super charger needed the trim tab
  7. A good Tig machine is spendy. I have a dual exhaust FAE with swim platform quick disconnects. Zero issues. Way cheaper than buying a Tig machine.
  8. Sounds like a broken prop shaft. That fits your era of boat with an Indmar
  9. I agree port side always needs a little cheat weight.
  10. I agree with Moto. USB goes straight to the stereo. I remember clipping the wires to that when i removed the original head unit.
  11. Keep raising the price of new boats. My 13 will make me eligible for retirement in 8 years!
  12. I like the look. It reminds me of a Grady White. Could almost be the best of both worlds. Well probably not! I dig. Love the lines.
  13. Mr. Allen won’t always open a malfunctioning gate!
  14. Playing on the forum and driving. Shame shame Drama
  15. That’s a great idea if you have a slip close! Me. Nothing within an hour
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