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    2005 Nissan Armada
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    5.6 v8

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    F21 Tomcat
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    Stock, 1 x 400lb fat sac
  • Stereo
    Stock h/u
    Stock cabin speakers
    Clarion EQ (eqs746)
    Rockford Fosgate tower speakers M282B-wake 8in
    2 x 4 channel amps
    1 x 2 channel sub amp

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  1. Thanks! I'm considering this project and this is a huge help! Maybe I'll see you on the Willamette this Summer
  2. Thanks! Any chance you want to go little further and do a write up on what parts you used? šŸ˜‰
  3. Any chance you can link the side tow point thread mentioned above?
  4. It feels a tad bit roomier, nothing crazy. You can tell the one middle cushion between stereo equipment and rear of the boat is longer. Hard to say overall though without taking it out.
  5. Whoops it definitely is a F22 typo on my part
  6. Thanks! Just need to add some locker nets
  7. Traded in my beloved 2012 F21 for a brand new 2022 F21 classic, can't wait for summer!
  8. I always put in at newberg only live about 5 min from the boat ramp. Sure I'll see you!
  9. Finally landed my first backflip on Thurs on the Willamette River http://youtu.be/jkzeMOMxQr8
  10. Dang wish I wasnt working today! MBalsiger I think I have seen you on the Willamette before!
  11. I agree PSBC has some great boats, but man they are hard to deal with. Hardly ever call you back on issues.
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