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  1. Thanks! I'm considering this project and this is a huge help! Maybe I'll see you on the Willamette this Summer
  2. Thanks! Any chance you want to go little further and do a write up on what parts you used? 😉
  3. Any chance you can link the side tow point thread mentioned above?
  4. It feels a tad bit roomier, nothing crazy. You can tell the one middle cushion between stereo equipment and rear of the boat is longer. Hard to say overall though without taking it out.
  5. Whoops it definitely is a F22 typo on my part
  6. Thanks! Just need to add some locker nets
  7. Traded in my beloved 2012 F21 for a brand new 2022 F21 classic, can't wait for summer!
  8. I always put in at newberg only live about 5 min from the boat ramp. Sure I'll see you!
  9. Finally landed my first backflip on Thurs on the Willamette River http://youtu.be/jkzeMOMxQr8
  10. Dang wish I wasnt working today! MBalsiger I think I have seen you on the Willamette before!
  11. I agree PSBC has some great boats, but man they are hard to deal with. Hardly ever call you back on issues.
  12. My Pops and I had a chance to get out on the lake together this past weekend, took some pics of his 95 MB Sports tournament ski boat and my 2012 F21 Tomcat.
  13. Ground loop isolator is a good place to start. Place it on the RCA's in between the Head Unit and EQ. You can get one at Radio Shack like $20.
  14. Agree with midnight. I wired up exactly how he said except I didnt power and ground the head unit off the same distro block that everything else is on. I tested the system without running the motor and everything sounded great. Until I put it in the water and high whine noise with engine running. After reading up figured it was probably a ground loop but didnt want to take apart the helm again seeing as I just put it back together. Figured I would try the ground loop isolator first since it was cheap. It worked, however this winter I will probably re-wire some things since I have learned more.
  15. Yes I have a Clarion EQ. I don't have a pic but I placed it ont the RCA cord going from head unit to EQ.
  16. I installed a ground loop isolator in my system that got rid of whine. It was like $20 at radio shack.
  17. From Newberg, OR mostly hit up the Willamette. Have a family cabin at Ten Mile Lake in Coos County which is awesome. Gonna try to hit Lake Billy Chinook more often! The picture is Ten Mile, buddy has an X2.
  18. Ok thanks good to know. Did you do your swim deck also?
  19. Mucker, Did you end up completing this project?? Interested in how it turned out since I also have the magnet carpet. Was wondering if the SeaDeck stuck well to the floor that isn't a smooth finish. Also how the battery cover turned out. I am from Portland area as well. Thanks
  20. Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for the input on this thread, Midnight you helped me out a bunch. And shawndoggy I am really happy with the clarion equalizer so far. So thanks guys!
  21. Ok didn't get the stereo completely out but I have access to the RCAs. Now how did you run your RCA outs from your EQ on the helm to the amps on the observer side. I was going to just try and connect them to the RCAs that already run through and pull them through but that is seeming difficult if you have any tips or tricks. DISREGARD. Found midnights old post on how to run wires. Now time to try it.
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