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  1. Thanks everyone. She did win. http://theparisnews.com/sports/article_cc9a7b38-22ec-11e8-8763-07801302eb31.html?platform=hootsuite
  2. Thanks everyone. She is back in the lead after losing for a while.
  3. She is losing now. I was told that if you remove the m from the front of th URL you can vote again. http://theparisnews.com/free/poll_68b14636-2091-11e8-a40a-bfda30e8284f.html?mode=jqm
  4. You guys are awesome. I am trying my best. Still leading, but only seperated by about 65 votes.
  5. My daughter needs your votes for athlete of the week. She scored 5 goals last week in her high school game and was nominated for the Athlete of the Week award. She is a wakeboarder and surfer too. Please vote for Jaycie Proctor. [ulrl]http://m.theparisnews.com/free/poll_68b14636-2091-11e8-a40a-bfda30e8284f.html?mode=jqm[/url]
  6. I am saying it is great addition to whatever you already have for not much money.
  7. I now have a Mastercraft NXt22 with the Gen2 surf system(very similar to the GSA we had on our MB) and we bought the nauticurl and it does an awesome job. At times we run zero on the surf tabs and at times we add just a little to either side. I was really suprised how well this thing works. We were also able to remove an extra 400lb sac in the side locker.
  8. I got to watch this the other night. It was pretty well done and enjoyed it.
  9. "https://vimeo.com/draftagency/voyage" Here is the link to it on Vimeo. Plan to watch tonight.
  10. Wow.. that is pretty messed up. I was wondering about the insurance. I would think since it was new it would have insurance.
  11. https://www.mastercraft.com/teamtalk/showthread.php?t=70442&page=151 Page 151 of this thread on DIY Wake Surf Shaper.. there is a Dropbox link to the BobV.5
  12. I found what I was looking for on another forum. I am wanting to build one without metal brackets.
  13. I am thinking about doing a DIY suck gate. Does anyone have plans/drawings they would share. I am not sure the angles most are using and I would like to cut the panel and the braces from the same material.
  14. I had read about the Malibu patent a while back and the working of the converging wave being the key to fight any other devices. I guess I don't really blame Malibu, but it does suck for innovation and cheaper solutions.
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