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  1. What model year is your boat? Sounds like you have pumps and not gravity feed?
  2. Last I checked MB was still needing to make website updates from 2020! 😁 Historically the next model year begins in late July after MB's 4th of July factory break.
  3. Congrats on the new boat and welcome to the forum! Post up some pics of the new beauty. We'd love to see her.
  4. I don't have a 23' but I think all MB's are similar due to the deep V hull. You need balanced weight for a clean wake at lower speeds. I pull young kids with no problem at 18 mph. Just fill up a little ballast and bleed off some water while underway to balance your weight load. The heavy side will be clean so dump ballast from that side until it cleans up nicely on both and then close the gate.
  5. Oh, and pics please! We like boat pics around here. Even if the handles don't match! 😁
  6. What Mike said. Your dealer should be able to order the handles and install them when you aren't using the boat as much. No need to be without the boat for a few months.
  7. Found it. Good info in this thread. http://www.mbboatowners.com/index.php?/topic/6258-2018-2019-b52-23-wakeboarding-wake/
  8. That is frustrating. Exile's service is pretty good. I would call them and see what they can help you with over the phone.
  9. You looking for insights on the classic or alpha? @The Donfatherposted a wakeboarding video from his '18 a while back.
  10. You and I have two things in common 🙂
  11. I'd like to see it too. If only people wakeboarded still...... 🙁
  12. Welcome and congrats on the soon to arrive F22. Pics are always welcome so post away once she arrives! There are several decent walkthrough videos on YouTube. Below is one examine. If you have specific questions there are several B52 23' Alpha owners who can probably answer.
  13. Looks like another great meet up. Nice work Don!
  14. Are you in a large lake? Only time I've needed GPS is when I was at Powell.
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