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  1. I would 2nd this. Some on here even did their own aftermarket extension. http://www.mbboatowners.com/index.php?/topic/17936-what-would-you-have-done-differently-when-ordering-your-current-boat/&do=findComment&comment=113793 I would also add: Better engine noise isolation Widen the windshield (admittedly stolen from https://youtu.be/dyqGrNl2zJ4?si=4mrbSTrh54yw9lxP&t=258)
  2. Glad to have some MB representation on the forum @MBboatDUDE! Looking forward to seeing your 25' in action as well.
  3. Welcome to the forum @FlyNavy! I have a 2013 B52 21' in my garage so hopefully I can provide some helpful input even though it's not exactly the same boat. Just to make sure I understand correctly, you have a single bay garage with a 9' wide door you're trying to get the boat into, correct? One issue I'm pretty sure you're going to have is width. I bought a house several years ago that had a 4 car garage with 4 single 9' wide doors. The trailer guide rails would have had to have been removed to fit through the 9' door width as they were slightly wider than 9'. The height of my doors were only 7' so I ended up hiring various contractors to convert two of the single doors into an 8' tall double door. The other issue with this narrow of a door opening is that you need to be able to back the boat straight into the garage. My driveway has a slope so I need to approach at an angle. A narrow door opening makes an angle approach almost impossible so that's one more factor for you to keep in mind. Another issue you may have is, what is attached to the transom of the boat you're looking at? Does it have a surf tabs? An FAE? Those all add length. If it's only the exhaust tips, you might just barely sneak it in. If I recall correctly, the boat hull is 23' so you have to add the extra length for whatever is attached to the transom. At 23'10" you'll just barely make it if you only have the exhaust tips and you remove the swim platform. With surf tabs or an FAE, I don't think you'll fit. If you do decide to go for it, I would consider getting a trailer dolly. With as close as you're cutting it, the trailer dolly will be much easier to maneuver than backing it in with your tow vehicle. I went with one from this company and it worked well. https://kaadengineering.com/
  4. Good to see MB making things right for you guys. And you're getting a new interior for your troubles!
  5. You might try getting a hold of hyperryd on the MB Facebook group. Unfortunately the facebook group pretty much killed this forum and it looks like hyperryd hasn't been on here since Jan.
  6. MB prefers you to buy a new boat lol
  7. I've never done much surfing on my boat but just recently had a friend come in town who really wanted to surf. He had a Liquid Force Mega Wake Shaper that we used and it put out a pretty good wave with just the stock (1800 lbs) ballast, a full tank of gas and 5 people in the boat. I was thinking of picking one of them up so I could have the option to surf in the future but one thing I was thinking about while we were riding was the exhaust. How necessary is it to have an FAE / surf pipe?
  8. Thanks Fletch. Is the Exile stereo a lower cost option for 2024 as well? Seeing more of them frequently coupled with the Mission tower and analog gauges.
  9. Looks like MB has made some updates for 2024. Here's what I've seen so far: 1. New Steering Wheel 2. New center display screen which replaces the analog gauges 3. New audio headunit? I've seen some 2024's with a new headunit that is wider and the phone holder/charger has been relocated below the throttle lever. The boats I've seen with this also have Exile speakers. Is there an audio option for Exile vs JL or is MB just in the process of switching back to Exile? Here's an example: https://www.onlyinboards.com/2024-MB-SPORTS-B52-23-ALPHA-for-sale-BOISE-Idaho-163865.aspx 4. I've also seen a new tube tower on some of the 2024's. It doesn't really look like an upgrade vs the 2023 style I'm guessing this is a lower cost option? The link above has the an example.
  10. When I have called them they've usually helped me get in touch with the manufacturer of the parts if it's not something MB makes. I would give them a call. Won't hurt to ask. 209-357-4153.
  11. AZ_MB

    New Radio

    What year boat do you have and what is the current setup? In my 2013 I replaced the Clarion head unit with a zoned line driver and bluetooth receiver.
  12. Seems a bit high. Looking at OnlyInboards there are others priced better. Not sure if the market in Canada is higher than the US, but here are some examples. https://www.onlyinboards.com/2016-MB-Sports-B52-widebody-for-sale-Midway-Utah-156657.aspx https://www.onlyinboards.com/2019-MB-B52-Classic-for-sale-Monterey-California-153652.aspx
  13. There are many threads on here with the details you need. Here's one: http://www.mbboatowners.com/index.php?/topic/9896-manually-opening-ballast-gates-in-water/&tab=comments#comment-104098
  14. How many have actually done this? This seems like one of those, "Recommended" for ideal conditions but not required items?
  15. I think Aashi is a bot. All the responses read like they came from ChatGPT lol.
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