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  1. This is a nice feature and I didn't realize it had this. My Rev 10's are a bit bright at times compared to the cabin speakers.
  2. We lived in Gilbert before moving to Mesa. When we lived there we went to Canyon more because it's such a beautiful lake and usually a little less crowded. I'm only 15 minutes from Saguaro now so that's where we go most of the time. Hope to see you on the water sometime!
  3. Congrats! Which lake are you closest to?
  4. Exile costs less than Wetsounds and sounds very good. They run sales from time to time as well but they may still be more than you want to spend. What kind of budget do you have in mind?
  5. I would try contacting MB since you've tried your dealer and they don't have a solution. Maybe they can point you the mfg. If so I'd buy a couple of sets since yours keep breaking.
  6. First I've heard of it. Did they at least tell you who the manufacturer is so that you could contact them directly? They've done that for me on a couple of different parts and it's worked well.
  7. If the gap is gone with the gasket on then I think you're fine.
  8. @OrangeTJ has an F22, same year I believe. He should be able to give you the recipe for a great wave.
  9. Yes, if they are manually opening and closing then they likely just need to be lubricated.
  10. Could just be stuck. Did you try manually opening them? Lots of threads here on the subject. There's a small Allen wrench attached to the gates that you can use.
  11. I have a 2013 B52. I can PM you my number for more details but here's what you want to look for. It's possible the current owner has taken care of some of these already. 1. Motor mounts - Indmar put bad mounts on the engine that fail by getting crushed over time. This causes the prop shaft to get out of alignment and break. Solution is to replace mounts & realign prop shaft. If shaft cracked it must be replaced as well. 2. The OEM PYI shaft seal doesn't last long. The OJ or Glide seal is the recommended replacement. 3. The DrainMaster gate valves need to be lubricated annua
  12. AZ_MB


    Thanks @erstanl! I hope I never need these instructions but it's good to have them here.
  13. My boat is a 2013 and things have certainly changed since then but I would imagine you can hear the blower. Especially if you stand at the transom (rear of the boat) where the vent is located.
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