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  1. Congrats! Looks like all your hard work with HRD is paying off.
  2. Wow, she looks great! Very nice color scheme. We need some interior pics!
  3. Ah, okay makes sense. Yes, the boat market has gone up dramatically over the last two decades with the growth of wake water sports. And the last 1.5 years has gone even crazier with all the money printing the treasury is doing. The positive side of that is that your boat isn't going to depreciate like a car so it's not bad for a depreciating asset. I'm seeing quite a few more boats on the market now and you are buying at the start of the off season so I would definitely negotiate from the asking price. Especially if your max budget is $50k. You need to factor in that you're going to need
  4. What needs are you concerned about? How many people it holds? How well it surfs? The wakeboard wake? If it's size, obviously a B52 23' is going to hold more people but as I mentioned previously this particular design of the 21' model has nice capacity. MB used to promote it as "the space of a 23' in 21'". The new design for 2017+ is changed and not as accommodating in my opinion (more bow space by smaller elsewhere). I've taken other families out which ends up putting 10-13 people on the boat and it works well. That usually includes many kids who are smaller than adults but it soun
  5. Welcome to the forum! I have 4 kids similar in age range as you (12 years to 9 months). Our 2013 B52 21' accommodates my family and friends very well. It's one of the reasons I picked MB as the layout of their 21' interior maximizes space vs other brands. I don't believe there are any differences in the measurements of either of the two boats you're considering so your preference for traditional vs pickle fork style bow is the only difference in the hull. The 2013 has many more hours so I would look and see if it has a lot more wear than the 2011. If so I would offer them a couple g
  6. So how did it go? Did you put in an order for the the skittles design? I think you should! 😜
  7. Reminds me a bit of the gold boat The Boat Shack did. Gonna be an attention getter for sure.
  8. Nice! Water testing Friday or just looking at them in person? I sat in the F24 at the boat show. The size is nice.
  9. I'll vote for the F24 because I hear it throws a huge wakeboard wake. I'll teach you and your boys to ride and next thing you know you'll be raising little Shaun Murray's! 😁
  10. So a quick trip out for 3 sets burns 24 gallons? That seems extremely high especially considering that you're not even running full hard tanks.
  11. Even if it was a private party sale, the seller is still legally liable. The details of this transaction sound quite strange. See this write-up about "slappers" http://www.mbboatowners.com/index.php?/topic/4331-slappers-kcso-part-1/ You're going to need a surf system and more ballast for a good surf wave. That's true for pretty much any 2014 boat. You're wakeboard wake should be just fine stock. It will be affected by unbalanced weight especially at lower speeds. To fix this bleed off some of your ballast while underway to balance your weight. The clean side is the
  12. First off, if your bill of sale says the boat is a 2016 when in fact it's a 2014 you have a case of fraud on your hands and the dealer should be doing everything they can to make the situation right before finding themselves in court. If you're not happy with the boat, this is a justifiable reason to return it and get your money back and report the dealer for fraud.
  13. @OrangeTJ might be able to help out. I believe he has a similar model year F22.
  14. I figured they were so busy trying to keep up with sales that updating the website was a waste of time & resources lol. Their IG page has what looks like Tahoe photos. Aren't those usually the annual marketing ones? Maybe it's coming soon?
  15. Hey if it makes you feel any better I left a 15 year career in the semiconductor industry to take over the helm of an IT & Cybersecurity event company at the end of 2019. Got our first event done in Feb of 2020 and then the world turned upside down!
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