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  1. The upgrade to the glide seal is a great bonus. Did they charge you for that? Plenty of issues on here with the PSS seals leaking.
  2. Is it different from the B52 Alpha (besides the bow and length)?
  3. Crack right at the key way is where most of the others are as well. Seems pretty weak that Indmar is saying too much time has passed. I called them myself and was able to get the parts sent directly to me no charge. You might try calling yourself since your service manager is new and seems to be learning still. Doesn't hurt to try.
  4. Yeah that's gotta be a record. Had you replaced your motor mounts previously?
  5. Looks like a great trip except for the broken shaft!
  6. Seems like it's a mess no matter what they eat. We often have the kids eat on the tube or put their towel down if they're on the boat. Picking up the towel and shaking the crumbs out it easy clean-up.
  7. +1 and welcome to the forum Corona-Cation
  8. Thanks guys, glad to know of this trick and know that I didn't lose something I needed on the trailer lol. In case I ever want to use this trick in the future, where do I tape the coin at?
  9. This piece feel from the tongue area of my trailer. Anyone know what it is?
  10. Looks like the error is related to the file size. Reduced it down and the upload is working now.
  11. Fresh Air Exhaust. https://www.freshairexhaust.com/
  12. Got your PM Josh and am glad MB is working with you. For the sake of others who read this thread you might update it as things progress.
  13. Welcome to the forum Josh! If you've read several threads about the motor mounts, there have been some people who replaced their mounts before their shaft broke. While they were glad to have gotten theirs done before having it break on the lake, they were then concerned about possible cracking due to the failed mounts and now their shaft was compromised and a ticking time bomb. Some people replaced them anyway just for the peace of mind. All this to say, given your mounts were bad, it's not a bad idea to go ahead and replace the shaft too. It is surprising that your shaft broke in the shop and not on the water, but I'd try an get MB and your dealer to help you get it taken care of. I believe MB has been working with original owners to help them out. I'm not sure exactly what but give them a call. Hopefully they'll get you taken care of and you'll have the peace of mind knowing your mounts and shaft are all new.
  14. Anyone??? @onlyinboards @M1AHD Still having this problem.
  15. If yours was missing the bolt it would fall through like Lars's did. I'm trying to upload a pic but keep getting a "-200" error and the upload fails. Not sure what the problem is.
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