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  1. I live in Mesa about 15 minutes from Saguaro. I don't see people doing much slalom skiing on Saguaro or Canyon. The lakes are just too crowded which makes the water too choppy. The same is true for wakeboarding as well. When I want to wakeboard, I get up and go at sunrise or squeeze in a run right before sunset when most people are leaving. Surfing pretty much dominates the lakes these days. It has broad appeal across ages and can be done in "non-ideal" water conditions so it makes sense why it has become so popular. I just don't find it to be as exciting. Maybe once I'm to old to wakeboard I'
  2. Welcome to the forum! Good to have another AZ boater here. I'm not a slalom skier so I don't have a ton of experience to share, but I have pulled two people behind my boat who were slalom enthusiasts. Because of the deep v hull, MB's produce great wakeboard and wakesurf waves. Obviously with slalom skiing, you want the opposite of wakeboarding and wakesurfing. You want the boat to disturb as little of the water surface as possible. You're not going to be able to achieve that as well with a deep v hull. The guys I pulled were able to slalom, but they did have to absorb a little bit of wake
  3. AZ_MB

    New boat

    Looks sharp! I like the grey interior.
  4. AZ_MB

    New boat

    Congrats! Looks really nice. Any interior shots?
  5. Sorry to hear. My experience with MB has always been positive when I've worked with them. Mike Sanchez always helped me out. Not sure if he is still there. I completely agree with you, this shouldn't be a difficult issue to resolve and MB should be able to call the dealer and tell them to get their act together. If the old warranty person no longer works there maybe the new person can be a fresh start?
  6. Is MB communicating with the dealer to help you out? Can you get the dealer and MB on a conf call with you or at least a group email?
  7. I was finally able to go see it in person. This was my first time in an Alpha model other than the F24 which I saw at the boat show a couple of years ago. Overall I like it alot. The larger freeboard is nice. The captains seat is at a good height where you don't need to have the bolster up all the time. The rear sun deck seats are nice too. I also like all the seats being hinged. A few things I noticed that I didn't think were improvements over my current 2013 are 1. the glove box. It's even heavier so it doesn't open very easily and when you try to open it all the way it hits the windshi
  8. I think you're right. At first I was looking in the pics for the older break away design that I currently have. That and when I called the dealer he told me it measured 27' from the platform to the break point. That sounds more like the entire length so I thought it might not have a break away tongue. But looking at the new design that Boatmate has I think you're correct and it is breakaway. I'm going tomorrow to look in person so I'll know for sure.
  9. It should be for 2x the price 😄
  10. I read that the bow bag takes up all of the bow storage and can push on the seat cushions. Is that what you're referring to? Does the B52 23' have the bag below the floor? I obviously haven't been paying enough attention recently.
  11. I believe it has that. Going to try and check it out this week. I found a few YouTube videos comparing the F22 and B52 23. Seems like the consensus is besides the 1ft length and bow shape difference, the B52 23 has a better surf wave. Other than that, they are pretty similar boats. You know the MB line up pretty well, do you agree with the assessment?
  12. I'm looking at the boat I posted in the other thread and the trailer does not have a breakaway tongue. I need a breakaway tongue to fit in my garage so I'll need to figure out a trailer swap if this is going to work. This dealer is not an MB dealer so I'm not sure how easy it will be for them to get it done. Anyone done this before?
  13. What features were added for '23?
  14. I would guess not. Under carpet would be subfloor which is not accessible. How do you like your 22 F22? I'm looking at one and would like to hear thoughts both good and bad. Any wave or wake pics?
  15. Yeah, 23 definitely has downside risk and what I can sell mine for. I saw Action had your old one for sale not long ago. Was that the owner who bought from you selling or did yours take a long time?
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