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  1. How do you like the wave compared to your slapped Tomcat?
  2. Congrats, looks really nice! I like the black upholstery. Wonder how cool it would stay here in AZ?
  3. ^^^ 🤔 Does this mean you sold?
  4. Whoops... didn't see this when I posted in the general discussing section last night. Now we have two threads to make up for the fact that we started half way into the month. 😁
  5. Finally got my 9yo up on her wakeboard
  6. If you haven't already, I'd disconnect the batteries and let the boat completely dry out. You took on a lot of water and that appears to have caused an electrical issue with this light. Get everything dried out first and then go from there.
  7. That looks like @Kalen427's previous boat. If so, maybe he can point you on the right direction. Something is off with the wiring.
  8. I think most people solution to carpet problems is gator step 😁 You're probably fine with that small of a screw.
  9. Reminds me of the Montara but not quite as pontoonish https://www.montaraboats.com/
  10. I'm surprised to see boats get knocked off the trailer like this. I wonder if it was strapped down in the back too. Looks like you can see a broken strap on the front.
  11. Oh wait..... Glad everyone was okay.
  12. Nice work! Glad she's up and running. I wish our lakes were that rough. 🤣 I'd actually be able to wakeboard without waiting until sunset.
  13. Are you watching the seal while the prop shaft is rotating? Here's what mine looked like before I updated it to the OJ seal.
  14. The upgrade to the glide seal is a great bonus. Did they charge you for that? Plenty of issues on here with the PSS seals leaking.
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