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  1. Here's the one we use. Bought it at Sam's Club a while back but they usually have life vests around this time of year. They also have them online. https://www.samsclub.com/p/body-glove-infant-boys-us-coast-gaurd-approved/prod24520006?xid=plp_product_8 The infant style vests have the head support as an infant doesn't yet have neck control. They are bulky in the front but I believe this is necessary to turn them face up automatically in the water. As far as comfort goes, neoprene is more comfortable than nylon in my opinion. I also like the zipper holder so the zipper handle doesn't ac
  2. Yeah the market seems crazy both new and used. I'm wondering what's driving it. Low interest rates? Another summer where peoples travel plans are uncertain so they want a local vacation option? I've been wondering the same thing about the housing market too. It's still crazy where I live. Inventory is so low I could sell my house in a day.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I found feedback from others saying the same thing.... factory ballast is not enough and it needs a lot more weight. Boats are moving fast here right now so this one was actually sold by the time they inquired about it. I'm still looking for an MB for them. @Birddog7.62 said he would sell his but he's ghosting me right now.
  4. Welcome! More pics of the whole boat please. 😁
  5. Some friends of mine are looking to buy their first boat. I've been looking hard for a reasonably priced 2018 B52 23' to get them into but no luck yet. They asked me about this Supreme S238. What do you guys know about Supreme. Is this a good boat? https://www.onlyinboards.com/2016-Supreme-S238-for-sale-Cave-Creek-Arizona-115063.aspx
  6. Congrats, what an awesome looking color combo! I'm sure everyone always asks this, but how do you like the black upholstery? Is it one of the "cool touch" types?
  7. The drain master gate valves are notorious for getting stuck and are likely the issue, not the switches. You can use an allen wrench to manually open and close them. Try that first and see if that's the issue. You can access the valves from the rear lockers. There is a cutout in each corner you can pull up. On the valve you should find an allen wrench inserted into the value housing. Use the wrench to open and close the gate by turning the part circled in red.
  8. Nice work. What did you cut the fiberglass with? Looks like nice clean. Did you add the JL head unit too?
  9. Good! We need people posting here instead of Facebook. 😁
  10. Guess this is more common than I knew. Thanks for the info.
  11. Give MB a call at the number on their website and they might be able to point you in the right direction.
  12. Are you sure that's a good idea? Water and electricity don't work well together. Maybe I'm just not familiar with doing this but I thought surge brakes were the best for boat trailers.
  13. What year are you looking for Denise? I would start by calling MB at the phone number on their website.
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