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  1. Ok I usually do both just didn't know if I'm doing something wrong...i sit play music have surf lights on and start boat every now and then so I don't drain em to low
  2. I do notice all amps and my additional amp is on one battery 3 total and to the right it's a single power wire idk what it goes 2 ...
  3. Ok I might sound stupid but I always put it to all I didn't understand the 1 and 2...so I left it on all by mistake for a week inside shop and last nite noticed boat batts were dead...i stuck a quick charge for 8hrs...boat fired up in morning and 2hrs later when i got 2 lake it didn't turn over dead....so I had to get 2 new batts cause I figured they were bad being they started before I left and know are dead....so how do I use this switch and what causes batts to die when nothing is on or maybe it was just time for new batts on 2014 f22
  4. Thanks I found the same screw today at lake
  5. No input...will a 200 dollar one be better then a 400 dollar one...
  6. Sorry probably been ask 100 times already...2014 f22 and want a simple wake shaper...is there a ton out there ...wonder which some people prefer or better then one another..ronix out the question with that velcro having to stay on the boat dont like that idea
  7. I check back of surf light toggle and there is wire leading out into the loom....?? The shower toggle was prewired and i used that until i hopefully can find surf lights ...
  8. I have a 14 tomcat and trying to find the surflights that are prewired....i found 2 extra sets for cockpit and the shower pre wired....i just put them on shower switch till i find where the surf wires are.....anybody wire there own and know where they could be
  9. We will be goin to roosevelt memorial weekend and wondering where do people stay or camp..i have a toyhauler i can bring ...i know srp has houses but there all rented out
  10. Gonna order some lights for the boat and was just wanting 2 know the difference in lights opinions and price....also better to have someone install them or can it be done in a shop at home
  11. Well I'm Goin with a 2079 and getting the stock one repaired and see if it's makes a big difference
  12. I'm here in arizona so I'm under 2000 and the boat has the 350 in basic motor
  13. Thank you..I'm gonna take it off well I tried and I don't know if you need a special tool...pulled cotter pin and nut and though it would come off easy...but it's on there pretty good
  14. Also how could I tell if the shaft is bent
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