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  1. 2013 MB WB 21 May no longer be relevant to most, but add my boat to the list of broken towers. Broke while on the water using my ski pylon, not the tower. I am the original owner and only knew this was a problem because of this forum. I’d been monitoring the welds and hadn’t noticed any signs of cracks until it happen. Big thanks to the people who’ve posted about this problem in the past to give me an idea of what to expect. Still love my boat but stinks this is almost guaranteed to happen to this particular tower with no assistance from MB. TXMC service department is no doubt the saving
  2. I appreciate the advice.I draned the water and I was just going to go the extra mile with the antifreeze. It stays in the garage behind an insulated garage door....in Texas. So thats why I wasnt too worried about it. Thanks again.
  3. thanks for the response! i had planned to do both sides but if it will bleed over that would be great.
  4. I have a 2013 wb w/ the 5.7. I already drained out the water and am wondering if the picture below is where I need to pour my antifreeze since I'm not going to run it through. thanks in advance.
  5. My advice.... find a dealer in Houston that does warranty work / knows something about MB's because although most often not significant, there will be some warranty issues. TXMC goes above and beyond and knows them up and down which makes MB what it is in Texas but would be a good haul for you if something does go wrong. I have a '13 WB and LOVE IT. I too drove most boats on the market at the time and came to the same conclusions you did but I live in the Dallas area so I can run up to the dealership as needed.
  6. Here's some pics from behind our '13 21ftWB. We always wakeboard early until everyone else get up... then we surf until everyone goes home early... then we wakeboard until there's no more light. The last pic is my wife going wake to wake.
  7. You have to throw around a lot more weight in the 14 22 for a good surf wake..... Go with the b52. I was loaned a 22 when my b52 had problems and I was highly disappointed. Good luck!
  8. I have a 2013 21wb with the same issues. I had the graphite sign on the floor and the dealer replaced the shaft for me and when i lake tested it it was leaking worse then before. since then i have had to adjust the seal a couple of times and now that I have been reading posts on this forum I will deffinitely be giving Justin at PYI a call tomorrow. thanks to everyone.
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