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  1. for comparison: one "solid" hatch across the stern with the hinged storage compartment on either side. If i want to raise the engine hatch i have to make sure both storage lockers are in the open position as everything goes up all at once. There were some variables on the actuator in terms of throw. I dont recall which version it was, 18" seems to come to mind. Anyway - best of luck. Hope you can source the correct part. But you may want to try and run down that fuse before you spend any money.
  2. i had a similar situation on my 2008 220V with the electric hatch. Bad design, but don't get me started. I replaced the actuator and it still didn't work. I spent a full day with volt meter trying to track it down. Apparently there is and inline fuse between the switch on the dash and the actuator in the engine compartment - i took it to a local shop and they were able to trouble shoot and get it working. I think the tech said it was in the wiring on the right side of the boat as it ran up to the dash. Here is a photo of the actuator label. I was able to source it online but don't recall the s
  3. Excited to get this gem on the boat and in the water. Acme 1619 on 2008 220V. Now up to 3000# and struggling big time with the stock prop - whatever that is?
  4. here is the manual and link. Check page 24 for engine hour display. Office day and some good ol' "cyberloafing" ! http://perfectpass.com/sites/all/themes/perfectpass%20-%20Copy/images/digitalpro65mechanical.pdf digitalpro65mechanical.pdf
  5. i have a 2008 220V with a very similar set up. as far as ballast switches go 1 and 2 will fill/empty the tanks, pretty basic. 3 operates the fill gauge for the tanks - it's a common gauge and reads both tanks. Just select which tank you want to monitor by switching up and down. In your picture your gauge would display fill level on the left tank. Engine hours should be displayed on your perfect pass display, you can toggle through the info using the menu and up/down arrow. . You can pull a manual from their website.
  6. Hey Smokinjo - Yes - i thought about conversion. Then I did some whiteboard math as far as cost of 2 heavy duty long-throw gas lift assists, mounting accessories, plus any fabrication and install time and decided to bite the bullet and simply replace the actuator. On my boat the entire "rear deck" is one piece. When you raise the engine cover both of the locker doors go up too. It's pretty heavy. The complete kits are available from the off shore boating suppliers and I saw one on eBay. $350 seems to be the going rate. It's plug and play and shouldn't be more than 15 minutes to repl
  7. thanks pickle. I will give them a call. No luck so far with the industrial distrbutors listed on the Thomson web site. The electric lift is a cool feature, but a PITA when they fail. After surfing some of the offshore boat suppliers looking for parts it's apparent MB could have engineered this a little better.
  8. Hey Guys- hope everybody was able to get a little water time this weekend!! The electric hatch lift on my 2008 220V failed at the end of last season which I need to either repair or replace. Mine is a Thomson DM 12. I have not measured it but I think the stroke is 20-24 inches. I tested the switch and there is power to the actuator so I suspect the motor just died. The web shows that replacement parts are available for a motor kit and kit. My question is has anybody tried to repair a non-op lift? Any advice on sourcing parts? I've just started calling around this morning. I'm
  9. This is really a two part question on Perfect Pass. Boat is 2008 220V with PP Digital Pro. It's generally me surfing with my wife driving. As I add more weight to the boat she says the PP is all over the place. I experienced it first hand last weekend when I was finally at the wheel pulling other riders. I know there are some tuning options that should help as the boat gets heavier. Has anybody successfully tuned theirs and have some recommendations on settings? Second part of the question is will the GPS upgrade remedy all of this and hold a speed even under heavily weighted surfing
  10. Hey Guys- I recently picked up a 2008 220V and was looking to upgrade to spinner racks. Any suggestions? Are there "universal" type spinner mounts that i can use with my OEM racks? Does anybody know who MB used for towers and racks back then? Thanks, RJ
  11. Great feedback - thanks. Sounds like they are worth the extra money.
  12. Hey guys, new to the MB family and the forum. Looking to add a few bags to an '08 220V. Spoke with Wakemakers and the rep told me the promo codes were specific to the various forums? Would anybody out there happen to know if there is a current code? Also - was pretty sold on the Sumo bags, but then happened to catch a review on how fast the Ronix bags are. Although more expensive, I'm now thinking that might be the way go.
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