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  1. I prefer the comforts of my Houseboat at the Marina.
  2. Ahren is the man. Great help as well.
  3. I keep tellin ya... come on down. Decided this morning to save some cash on that extra slip and remodel the houseboat. Looks like we will be gutting it, and starting fresh! New paneling Hardwood Floors New cabinetry and counter tops Stainless appliances The works. Deck will happen next year some time.
  4. We hardly spend any time in the houseboat. Just picked up another slip this weekend. Now we have a whole 44' slip to deck out. Gonna be some epic cornhole tourneys next year. (if we can get the deck built before then) I think our current deck is 14-16' directly across from where the new 44' will go. Gotta get more lights.
  5. I ordered mine from Europe so I could drive in the left hand lane!
  6. I guess I never posted these. Here's thew new tow rig.
  7. I haven't left the forum. I just don't come here as often.
  8. Very good example of why I have fallen off this forum for the most part.
  9. I'm not selling, yet. Eventually I will. Had a guy message me out of the blue, asking about my boat and if I wanted to sell. I wanna see it with a GSA before I decide if I will upgrade or not.
  10. At 2100' with 4k ballast, a 2079 prop, and a boatload of people with a full tank, my 350 does just fine.
  11. This is what I'm looking at currently.
  12. Pretty interesting when a boat manufacturer chooses an aftermarket product to use as their own. Smart.
  13. Yeah that's an F-150. I'm not sure I'd pull a G with that truck just because they are so light, but that's just me. I couldn't imagine being involved with something like this. I'd crap my pants and cry for sure.
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