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  1. Not sure. I have the exile balls. My guess is this is what everyone is getting from Ch1na and just putting on logo's https://www.amazon.com/WALIKI-Hippity-Hopping-Kangaroo-Included/dp/B00P2YHX5Y?th=1
  2. @Guppydriver I personally use both types depending on the situation because its easy to deflate the balls. I think the balls a great boat to boat but I wouldn't depend on them around the dock as much. I can't remember if my fenders are 8" or 10" diameter but they are much better around the dock because of the length and strength against pointy objects. I like the new mission fenders as well.
  3. Its probably rushing to get the cash flowing that has cause a lot of manufacturers to just skip some of their typically quality control or let defects go because its good enough for now and some people will let it slide. Its good that people are bringing it up so it will get fixed sooner. Its less costly to fix on the front end. MB will make it right they make an awesome boat. I thought it was interesting that it seemed like a little censorship was going on, but that doesn't surprise me on FB. MB is the kind of company that would admit to an issue and say opps we missed a couple smal
  4. I was just checking out the FB groups a few days ago and I was surprised to see how misaligned and the symmetry failures the new MB interior upholstery have. Are they having quality control issues on the new boats? I can't seem to find the post anymore either, strange.
  5. That regular wave looks great. How much extra weight are you running?
  6. I would look into getting some overload airbags to level it out.
  7. @GuppydriverI personally haven't ridden the Bandwagon, however I have ridden other doomwell boards so I wouldn't hesitate to get one at that price. I really can't speak to how athletic your kids are. For example some kids can jump on a faster board and have no issues others I have seen need struggle no matter how slow and lethargic a board is. Some kids can jump on a snowboard , skate board or skis and start ripping pretty fast. Honestly the scamp was a skim style board and it looked pretty fast and loose. I personally think that its better to get a better board that will grow with your kid
  8. @Guppydriver My now 15 year old daughter started out on a scamp and 2 years ago started riding an 4'6 AK Ashley Kid board before Connelly. Now she rides for Connelly. The AK board was pricy but since we had Ashley give us a lesson behind the boat I had to buy the board( it was Pink). I would go pick up Doomswell bandwagon 4'-4 or 4'6 they are on sale now. the cardon fiber board is $350 I love the Doomswell boards amazing for the cost when you can get them on sale. The Neo is a great ride for bigger guys.
  9. Don, do you have any details on why no 460? A good friend of mine in Utah has had the 575 in his last Two Supra's, he hasn't had any issues just running standard premium Utah gas, even on the water.
  10. 2014 MB F22 Slapped surf machine. $57K Custom Slapper wake surf system I am the original owner, clean freak, and the boat has been stored indoors since it was new. The boat is wiped down after every use with hot sauce or boat juice. Always stored inside and services regularly Indmar 6.0L gm engine (530 hours - 310 of which are at idle speeds) 1800 lb. of subfloor ballast Added (2) 1000lb rear ballast bags and 400lb front ballast bag with (3) ballast king pumps Free Air exhaust Custom slapper wake surf system Center cav plate Heater (2)
  11. I don't have a tower down cover but I always use blue tape around the edges of my cover. As done said make sure it is tight. Saran wrap is a good option where you need more coverage. Also watch your seat fabric the cover wore a friend of mine smooth a couple areas (removed the texture, so he uses blue tape on the seats in areas of contact.)
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