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  1. Just found the old email from Jeff when he built my Blunt Honu in 2015 - For your height and weight I would suggest a 4' 6"- 20" - 1.50" Love that board, just tried it with some elevon fins last week and man are they fun.
  2. I had my soulcraft da huno sized based on height weight desired riding style and such and it has been awesome. I think they added a little more volume to secret weapon since I am shorter than you. I will double check my Da Huno specs when I get home and see but I think it is 4'6 I should have said better, taller, not steeper, longer, and lots of push. I haven't ridden 18 or newer B52 to compare. Also the SA has the 575 so you can load it down a lot more than my slapped f22.
  3. I am about 200lb. I surf my MB and my friends Supra SA typically. To be honest MB has a good wave but the supra is actually bigger when it is slammed out.
  4. I am so pumped. I just approved the artwork that Josh Potter completed for my new SoulCraft Secret weapon board. This is my second custom board that Josh did for me, the guy does some amazing work. I love the fact that with surf boards I don't have to just have the same old sht pumped out of a factory in China. Thanks Jeff, Kevin and Josh. #15492-SW-4'6_-19.25_quad.pdf
  5. Second the P5 we have one for the smaller kid.
  6. I hope things turn around for you. Good luck.
  7. I want to try out the libtech as a backup for my soulcrafts but I haven't see a really good sale price on one yet.
  8. I Haven't ridden the Libtech but I have ridden the Doomswell Neo which i really enjoyed, not quite as much as my Soulcraft Huno or the Jimi but for the money you can't find a better board (when they have them on sale). I think i linked the Doomswell neo better than my chaos sixer.
  9. I emailed Jeff. When I ordered my custom sailor Jerry art on my 2015 Da Honu we had a lot of conversations with Jeff. I am riding my Da Huno with Machado fins and love it.
  10. Looking for a new board my Sailor Jerry Soul Craft Da Huno is getting a little old. Who's rode the Secret weapon and or the Keenan I would love to hear your opinions.
  11. Sweet boat cant wait to hear how it surfs.
  12. 35's fit on my Ram power-wagon with no lift kit or leveling. No rubbing.
  13. Love that Black White and red B52
  14. Love my current RAM but my Ford was also great. My chevy was a piece of crap.
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