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  1. This is what I surfed on my 2014 F22 with slappers: an additional 1000# bags in each rear locker and about 500# bag in the bow. fill all bags and built in ballast tanks. Drain non surf side Ballast tank to clean up wave and list the boat to the surf side. Prop may need to be adjusted per your elevation to get to surf speeds. I found that out back in 2014 when I purchased my boat. I brought an extra 800# of ballast bags for the surf side to get a good wave during the dealer demo. The boats shack thought then wave worked stock but with an extra 800# on the surf side we found out how good t
  2. The F22 need more weight because the hull is deeper than most older V Drives in fact it was deeper than most any wakeboard boat in 2014. That why I bought it back then. Also the hard tanks run froward in the boat so not all the weight is in the back cover. Are you filling one tank 100% and the other about 50% so the boat is lists? Check out the wake cookbook everyone uses plug and play or some kind of extra weight. vhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LkvTTvD6zbI8gORCEsvKuEI2D4IdqTGZDSoiFgVdGn4/edit#gid=0
  3. Honestly I don't think the F22 hull got changed, the B52 hull got changed. I surfed the F22 when it was new and it needed an extra 400 lbs back in 2014. The listed wave gets good with 800lbs in the rear locker and some weight up front. They started putting in plug and play when they started adding the surf systems. The prop might very well be causing the rooster tail because I haven't heard anyone say they had that kind of problem and I have been involved in the forums since I bought my F22 new in 2014. found another pic for you mine was slapped. Its was the same day so it still had some
  4. Not sure what's up with your F22 2014, mine had a great wakeboard wake stock with tanks full. Make sure your cav plate is working and your hard ballast tanks are not draining when you are running. I added plug and play ballasts in the rear lockers and up front, then slapped it and it surfed really good. I lifted my platform a couple inches to clean up the wave. I only ran my cav plate at 25%-50% down. It wasn't as good as my new B52 Aplha 575 beast, but it was good. That pic was on a wavey rough day so it wasn't the best
  5. Caution rant in progress: Its all about free market, they will charge what the market can bear. Everyone in Utah is buying their boats with the government per child paychecks and their stimulus checks. 10 kids will pay for a boat all year long. Its all good unless your like me and you have 1 kid and your wife teaches kindergarten because teachers don't get paid worth a crap and class sizes are thru the roof in Utah. Thank goodness I am in tech and have been a home owner for a long time.
  6. No issues while I have been pulling tubers, honestly I haven't looked to see the reinforcing. The old ski pilon was always a pain in the ass, so I would rather have the extra heavy duty pop up cleat. Its tons better in my opinion.
  7. Note: the 2021 has a touch screen as well. MB just didn't use it for all the features.
  8. I agree. Retune, kicked it for me, but my dealer tunes aggressive(very long time JL dealer) so occasionally I need to turn it down a bit when the modern pop kicks up the input volume on the bass. Even with the 12 I am going to add some more low end, the 8.8's give you a little but more subs are better. Add another set of 8.8's on rack before the in-boats. just my 2 cents.
  9. I wish I could get one for my B52 Aplha, I ordered it that way but TBS said they are not available now. Rubbing is fixed by cinching and wrapping or blue tape, either cover can have that issue to some extent.
  10. 2021 speakers are 6.5", I wish the 8.8 were an option. I would like to see how the touch screen works now that MB enables more features on it. To bad the front seat flip up bolster didn't get improved.
  11. The middle cleat is the tow point for the Alpha for tubes and skiers. I like it better than the pop up mini pole that always got stuck.
  12. Sounds like we need to have a Utah meet Alpha B52 vs F22 Surf party. I will bring Alpha B52 575 for surf demo / comparisons.
  13. @AZ_MB I installed a surf pipe on my 2014 F22 and it really helped quiet it down( its a must have on any boat). The new Alpha isn't to bad but its hard to compare because now I have the beautiful sound of the supercharger spinning up. I just had my stereo retuned by a JL dealer (audio Extreme - one off the best in Utah) in Ogden and it is sounding really good.
  14. Exile speaker for the most part are a horn speaker design like a concert speaker so they have higher volumes level by design. Wetsounds are they way to go if you want quality from a horn type speaker. Luckily my last MB 2014 had Wet sounds rather than Exile. My 2021 B52 Alpha has the JL (6) tower and it sounds great since the tuned them, maybe not quite the volume of the Wetsounds Rev10 but detail and quality are higher level in my opinion. If you like the horn just don't get tower speakers and have Wetsounds installed, they are much better than the Exiles. my 2 cents
  15. My 2021 is really stiff and hard to pull out, but my rubber handle wasn't screwed on very good from the factory and fell off on the way to the lake. I will be gretting a new one from the dealer.
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