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  1. Really the new surf boats don't fit into the leisure boat definition, like the old fish and ski boats. Every year they get heavier and bigger. My Dodge Ram is a ton better truck than my Chevy piece of crap. My ford was better than my Chevy and it had the old 6.2 diesel motor others had issues with. Airbags are a bolt-on item a lot of people install them as a DYI
  2. I would throw some air bags on it to level it out and help stiffen up the ride for now. Most of the new 3/4 ton truck ride great. When I had my F350 I used airbags when I towed my boat with a slide in camper, they worked great. I have been thinking about getting some for my Dodge power wagon as well.
  3. Is that an invite to St George to surf for the weekend? I would love to head down that way to do some surfing. I am boat less until my new alpha comes in just before memorial week.
  4. I am not sure what the process is but they make it sound easy. quote from Indmar website Indmar’s 5-Year Factory Warranty is administered directly through Indmar Products, Inc. and is fully transferable. There are no third parties or insurance involvement. The Raptor Series is an exclusive line-up that defies every challenge, especially the test of time
  5. I have only done it once and my friends had some serious lights and it was almost a full moon. I am not sure I would make a habit of it. We should have had glow sticks on the rider and a waterproof flashlight. I probably wouldn't do it without the moon light, because it gives you just enough light to see the shore.
  6. I just got a bigger 25# box anchor and second sand spike for the new B-52 Alpha Beast. I found the Extreme Max brand on amazon, wow the quality looks good(out of the box) and price is half of what I paid for my original name brand anchor and spike. Just thought I would throw it out there is someone is looking. Its going to be a while before I use them, but I will update https://www.extrememax.com/product-p/3006.6817.htm
  7. I would get spare prop, a prop puller, nut, pin and a good wrench so you can swap the prop if needed. Sorry can't help on prop size. You might need a new anchor, I just picked up a new large box anchor, for my new 2021 B-52 that's on the way it is heavier than my old 2014 F22.
  8. Isn't the Motor still under warranty? I thought they had a 5 year warranty.
  9. Those are sweet! Do you mind sharing a parts list.
  10. I haven't used Babes, but Boat Bling hot sauce works good. I have noticed if you don't use a good clean micro fiber towel the Boat Juice Ceramic spray leave streaks, but I think I end up with a better shine with Boat Juice.
  11. I have really liked boat Juice for wipe down, you have to use a clean micro fiber towel or you can get a film but it looks great and contains ceramic sealants. I used boat boat bling and it works well. I am going to try some of the spray ceramic waxes when I get the new boat.
  12. I stored mine up front just in front of the driver on my old F22 with a bag up front, I just always put a life jacket over it to keep my bag from getting messed up by the anchor. It did reduced how full it got on the driver side. That's one of the reasons I decided on the B52 A vs the F22 A, I didn't want to mess with the bag up front.
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