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  1. I moved mine this spring, Installed surf board racks. It was pretty easy, a lot of Allen head screws. The only problem was that I had to extend the starboard speaker wire. Spoke to an stereo shop and said a simple solder connection would be fine. Forgot how much wire I extended, maybe 3 to 4 feet. Good luck.
  2. But by using a fake a lake you’re utilizing water pressure and not relying of the pump to draw the water up. Air leak should not effect pulling the water in, it will show up as a water leak while under water pressure. RobertW, did you get the impeller vanes back in the same way ? Good luck
  3. So my 18 just turned 85 hours. I laughed to my self thinking, I just hit $1,000.00 per hour of use. Money well spent, lol
  4. I agree with the white light for cleaning up the he boat. Thinking about the blue around the speaker pods for just mild lighting so not to trip on anything or body while idling ( 15 mph) at night.
  5. My game plan is to exchange the clear lights around the rear speakers with blue lights, add a set of blue lights to the front speaker area and wire them all to the nav switch. All new clear light remain on the cabin switch for boat clean up. Hopefully the blue lights will give off soft cabin lights that won't blind us. What do you guys think ?
  6. Thanks you all for replies. Wanted to keep the boat looking as stock as possible. I have an idea about where the rear seating lights are located. Not sure if there any or location in front of the windshield. I like he idea of better light in the glove box. Thanks steve142.
  7. Thinking about a winter project. Looking for the exact locations of the stock theater lights on a 2018 B52 23. Having a bit more light while unloading the boat at night would be great. I have found some pictures online, but drilling holes in my boat without exact locations scare me. Thanks.
  8. Did a little electrical investigating today. Found the cabin lights run off a blue wire with a red stripe. The tower wire is solid red and is only 4" long off the back of the switch. I'm thinking about switching the cabin and tower connections at the switch. Rewire the cabin lights to just be the speaker areas and one added to the walkway between the windshield in blue. This shouldn't cause a glare when running at night. The remainder lights with be switched to the tower position for boat clean up at dock. Does anybody have the factory lighting package, if do, how many floor lights and thief l
  9. If it's real wet I'll take out the rear bags and put two box fans in the rear locker and blow towards the bow with the bow seats out. Dry in one day. I'm known for taking waves over the bow while we're surfing. Yes, my own !!!
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