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  1. Laura, you may have a drinking problem. You should seek help, google AA meetings in your area I’m sure they would love to have you. Stay boozie. -Trevor
  2. Turn viewing device sideways for best viewing
  3. Just listed my boat for sale! All the info available on the link below! https://www.onlyinboards.com/2019-MB-B-52-for-sale-Galt-California-102348.aspx
  4. It’s like a spoiler to keep it on the trailer better, only MasterCrafts half to do it....
  5. 24 pages to this thread and not one foot of f24…
  6. Gotta make sure there gunna stay before I go messing with stuff
  7. Took delivery of the new boat yesterday, huge thanks to Larson marine for making it all come together! I’m pretty stoked how it came out! I gotta install the black gatorstep and send it out for window tint and some help in the bass department!
  8. I’m sticking to coors light this year, I’m not buying Myke and Brian cakes again this year.....
  9. I didn’t know Don had a black car until today!!!
  10. The best solution to the “ Logistics problem at the ramp” is maybe we should just stay till Monday!!!
  11. The Grtw dates were just confirmed In the last 2 weeks, I helped plan this meetups dates and location this year and I guarantee you Grtw was never thought of (my wife even helps out with grtw) , it’s a simple coincidence. Like Jeff said there is 1100 miles of waterways it’s really not a big deal. Honestly grtw may benefit from our event! I Hope grtw can figure a solution, we have a very respectful group on here and I know the grtw crew is good people so this shouldn’t be as big of a deal as your making it! Hope to see you guys out there
  12. That weekend is also “chocolate frenzy” weekend, they will even have a chocolate slip-n-slide!!! Just a FYI
  13. Just drive up to tower park in the duck boat when your done!
  14. Tower park! its closer to MB maybe they will show up if you put it in their backyard! Larson too!
  15. not sure how I ended up with 1 wemons medium, ill be busting outta that thing for sure!
  16. The Non-MB owners would like xxl mens tank xxl mens shirt M womans tank or shirt ? both?
  17. No. You just half to go. And maybe this year you will bring your boat! lol
  18. My mailman split my order up over 3 days lol I can't blame the guy though.
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