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  1. So I talked to the dealer and they said they were not designed to come out. I was really hoping to be able to take them out for the winter to make sure I could get all of the water out of them.
  2. I was able to find the 4 screws around the hard tank connector. I've unscrewed those. It looks like their may be some sealer around the connector based on the fact that the end of the screws had some clear sealant on the ends. Even with the screws out I'm having trouble getting the connector out. It looks like their may be holes between the screw holes, but they don't seem to fit the screws I pulled out. Is there any other secret to get this out?
  3. I have a 2022 B52 Alpha 23'. I'm trying to pull the rear pnp bags. How do you remove the connection to the hard tank?
  4. So I've been averaging about 15 gallons for the same trips for the last 3 trips out. Not sure why our earlier trips seem to be consuming more fuel. Maybe we were just having more fun then I thought 15 gallons for our short 2-3 hour trips is reasonable. That should allow us to get through a full day. May not need a different prop. I haven't heard that the 2277 or any of the bigger diameter props would be a good fit for us. It would be nice to get some more top end and lower the RPMs while surfing and wakeboarding though.
  5. Before you dump a bunch of money into DIY slappers or even more in GSA or similar gates you could try a suction cup wedge. You can buy them for a couple hundred or you can DIY one for less than $50. I used one like the ones mentioned here, https://teamtalk.mastercraft.com/showthread.php?t=70442&page=84&t=70442&page=84, for my 2004 B52 and it worked great. Once you get the wave you want from ballasts and devices you can start to automate.
  6. Just finished breaking in my 2022 B52 23'. Loving the boat! We do quite a bit of wakeboarding and the fuel consumption is a bit troublesome. We are burning ~8 gallons per wakeboarding set currently about 30 minutes. This is an average from trips that consisted of putting in, cruising about 10 minutes to our spot, filling ballasts, doing 3 sets and cruising back and pulling boat out. We are at 3800 RPMs with full front hard tank and half in the rear hard tanks.. We are only doing short trips right now but during the summer we will do 6 to 9 sets and then afterwards we'll surf, skate tube etc...
  7. Here is the outside and inside pics of the tow point on my B52 23' 2022.
  8. When I had my 2004 21' B52 I was able to get a better wave on the port side as well. But we were mostly goofy so we were able to dial the starboard side to get some decent push. Its not as clean as the port side, but it was decent. When we surfed we put a bag in the bow and one in the surf side locker. We always had the hard tanks full. We were using a DIY suck gate on the lower area of the hull. The difference between our setup and yours appears to be that your gates are higher than the area we put our gate. Could you lower them? Or you can try a suction cup gate first and then fix your
  9. I used it to tow a tube this weekend. Works fine. If you want I can get you a picture next time we are on the boat.
  10. We just got our new B52 23' Alpha. We love it! The young kids like to tube, but there is no tow point like the classics. The transom hooks seem to be the only point, but they are offset. There is a cleat in the middle, but I'm not sure that would support towing. Where do others tow tubes and/or skiers from?
  11. I just put a deposit down on a B52 23 Alpha. I really want to know what the wakeboard wake looks like. The sales guy said it was great at 23, but washed out easy at lower speeds. My old 2004 B52 did the same thing. My family mostly wakeboards. Should I be looking for another boat or will the B52 provide a great wakeboard wake for learning and landing tricks?
  12. 21 foot Upgraded GPS Perfect Pass system Upgraded ballast pumps for hard tanks 4 cabin speakers, 2 12inch subs and 2 Wet sounds Rev 10 speakers powered by 2 Rockford Fosgate subs 2 brand new Interstate sealed deep cycle batteries. New trailer tires. Always regularly maintained including oil changes and impeller replacement every season. It's ready to surf, wakeboard, ski or tube. Rivals boats that are far more expensive! #malibu #nautique #supra #mastercraft $42,500
  13. I have a 2004 B52 with the Excalibur. I had a similar problem with my PerfectPass system where it would surge either when we started the day or sometimes after a few runs. I ran through all the Perfect Pass tests. The servo test. I adjusted the KdW and NN settings. Checked the paddlewheel voltage. I just wasn't getting it to work consistently and I was wasting time on the river. So I just upgraded to the GPS PerfectPass system and now it works great. While trying to troubleshoot my PerfectPass systems I was able to figure out how PerfectPass worked quite a bit better. The no forward or bac
  14. I have a 2004 so it might be different, but when I first got my boat I let too much water sit in the bilge. The water sat only while we were out and it was drained later in the day when I pulled the boat out. The water was around the lower area of the transmission and softened the seal causing it to leak. I noticed because I saw the water from the bilge was oily. Did you notice any oil in the water in the bilge? Good luck
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