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  1. Midnight edition...pre marketing toward the targeted buyer or already sold? Things that make you wonder hmmmmmmm.
  2. Updated the photos in the post. Can't figure out how to post them here.
  3. Job change has us moving out of the area (and where there is very little freshwater to use this bad boy) so have to let her go. http://www.onlyinboards.com/2014-MB-Sports-F21-Tomcat-for-sale-Bothell-Washington-63822.aspx
  4. I'm fully aware of our "different" sun West of the cascades in the PNW. Once Midnight (errr...Brian) takes that bad boy East over to Chelan it's gonna get HOTTTTTT.
  5. Looks incredible, however my back is burnt just from looking at those seat backs. How you think they'll hold up in hot temps?
  6. ^^^Hard to top that one! I certainly like the price.
  7. ^^^ That water is pretty great most of the time, especially mid week. Growing up on Chelan we used to pull a boat out and roll over there for the day to find calm water. Plus they had a slalom course just north of Entiat.
  8. I will be in Dallas tomorrow - Sun. Have a burger at Dusty's in Wenatchee for me.
  9. Thanks Lunch. Pathetic actually, was running in the Columbia Winery 5K on Aug. 20th and it popped ~100 yds from the finish. Too much football and basketball in my youth caught up with me I guess.
  10. OH Man! I would take you up on this (and return the favor) if I had not just had meniscus surgery on my knee 1 week ago. Have fun! No riding for me until next spring.
  11. Would MB do a previous year design on a brand new boat? That along with color combos, upholstery etc. could make for cool looking boat.
  12. You guy's are nuts! Only two water sports I'm partaking in at that time of year is swinging for steelhead or sitting in a duck blind.
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