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  1. Darvelo, I am very curious as to why your bilge pump didn't come on automatically? All that water should have triggered the float switch and started throwing water out. And I second what olds said. 10 minutes and $5-$10 and you'd be back in action. Send the bill to your dealer. But seriously, get that bilge pump checked out.
  2. I went through needing a whole new interior in my 14 Centurion. So at least you can rest easy that it's not an MB thing. The interiors in the MB's are top shelf! Don't let numbnuts' jump on your boat with shoes on is rule #1 though.
  3. Had a brass key shear on me when my V-drive imploded and stopped abruptly from 22MPH. Prop was perfectly fine, but key was in two pieces, allowing the prop to freely spin on the stationary shaft. It IS the true sacrificial piece.
  4. That's one hot looking B52!! Congrats!
  5. LOL. Old boat hasn't sold yet. Still don't know if I'm getting the FS33 or a Supreme S238 or an MB B52 or F22 Got a dry suit though!
  6. Water was 54-56 air was 40... Yeah, it was a bit nippley. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!
  7. Ain't nobody surfin!? This was January 1st. Bloody cold but awesome day. Gonna be a good year!!
  8. Greeko, next time were out I'd like to try your fins on my Emily.
  9. Looking forward to seeing you at Pitt this summer. Congrats on the purchase! I'm gonna guess you bought from Tony at ExtremeBoatsport. Great shop and people!
  10. Whoa. Guess I missed this one! Sorry for the slightly late reply! Sorry I can't find the thread I made on the CenturionCrew. Basically you want the T connection somewhere on the intake hose. Mine was connected to the suction side of the Vdrive. The hardest part of the mod is getting the hose off of the fitting.
  11. Very, VERY nice boat! Love the black windshield frame. Where the heck are the FOUR subs!? I'm guessing you like bass...
  12. I have never owned an FAE personally, but is been high on my list of things I'd like. My concern is how straight up and down the spout is. I've heard people complain about it causing spray on the wave. Not sure why it can't be angled backward(away from the boat). I'd like to hear/see how this one turns out.
  13. A cheap board that rides like a door isn't necessarily a bad thing to have on hand. If you're going to have a lot of people learning to surf on your boat, you'll want a "boat board". A Soulcraft is a fragile piece of work. And not cheap. So anyone launching it at the back of the boat or even having the handle of a rope land on it wrong can cause some serious damage. Best of luck finding something. I like Phase 5 and Inland Surfer boards for their durability. I learned on a Blue Lake and a Drew Daniello. But had a lot of other boarding experience. So it depends on the person for sure.
  14. steve142, on 17 Nov 2015 - 08:13 AM, said: The mods to come Don, the mods to come... All I can think of right now is GSA, an Inland Surfer Red Rocket, and blackout tint on the windshield. If you're a bigger guy, might I suggest that you talk to Jeff at Soulcraft about a custom board. It will be more expensive, but I know a few bigger guys that have done much better going that route. Unless you're a beginner, and under 270lbs. The Red Rocket would be a good board then. IMO
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