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  1. Any large open toes....need some boat bindings.
  2. You guys are hilarious.......I'd love to have it shipped my way. But the CFO's house plans I'm thinking are a little more important at this time. ( depending on who you ask..lol )
  3. Man you guys are killing me.....first midnights boat now this one? Why cant I be on the west coast and in the market? NIce job mbalsiger.....looks better than factory.
  4. The originals are plastic...the newer ones are aluminum.
  5. I know I got a different boat...but removing it was pretty easy. Putting it all back together and getting it all to line up properly was a CHORE. I got mine tinted at the same time and with the tinting and the powder coating it added just enough of a difference to make it quite a PITA. The center opening section still isn't quite right, out of alignment just slightly leaving a gap at the bottom. ( can only see it from the inside, so depending on your level of OCDness might be ok.) Def. a winter project, although having the trim/insert rubber that holds the glass in were a little easier when wa
  6. Yeah....just google threesome.....wait......better be careful with that...lol. BUT seriously from what ive read its about the ultimate setup.
  7. ^^^^It's just an aesthetic thing for pics....cant have a washed out wake pic....all the peeps will give you hell on these forums....that would be just ASKING for all the negativity comments. But I agree shawn, not many slow speed beginners need a clean wake they're doing well to just ride, and are usually SCARED to go outside the wake anyway.
  8. Well crap.....wish this was next year. AND you were on the east coast. GLWS.
  9. Ha.....I like what i like.....I'd prob like yours too dakota...dont get all jealous...
  10. I'm thinking the CEO (wifey) might have a slight issue with me even THINKING about another boat. BUT.....one can always dream right? Next year I'm REALLY hoping another trip to the Boat SHow might change her mind. We went a few years back and I ALMOST had her talked into it, but at the time we already had 2 boats and the KINDA local dealer was basically trying to steal them from me so it really soured the entire experience for her. I posted about it on WW, and they almost all told me its WAY better to privately sell so thats what i did, but we still got the old Cali. Not a big fan of all the t
  11. Esp one that's dialed in like yours Midnight.
  12. Wish I was closer to you guys.....I'd love one of these slapped MB's. Not much of a chance to get one here in Ga.
  13. Can you provide a list of surf boards and sizes?
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