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  1. Most of the volvo forward drive boat use SuperSurfer systems, which are basically a rehash of the non-functioning gen-1 Mastercraft design and a lenco trim tab controller with little to no automation. I'd like to see what's possible with a better surf system and more ballast - slappers or anything that does more to delay convergence than a trim tab with a bent edge or two.
  2. GSA tabs with the E61 controller don't fall off. Maybe MB should consider OEM'ing the complete system given it has safeguards and other automation, including center tab control. ;-)
  3. Hey guys. I'm looking to test interest levels in a group buy on E61 Surf Controllers. To date I've only sold primarily v1 hardware/software through GSA and WakeMakers. However, I get a lot of requests directly and could also use some more direct feedback. Cost is ~$700 per unit including a three button wireless remote and blank control cable. This system was designed for OEM use, so there are literally too many control panel and software options to list here. If you want one and commit to providing feedback under NDA I will connect with you off-line to run through the variables includi
  4. The remedy was to pull the plugs, crank to flush the water out, change oil, and good to go. BTW, on the f22 there is a lot of daylight through that opening. Plus the plastic vent hoses just hang there and don't connect to anything so and water is either dropped right on the intake and/or kicked up by the pulleys. When the prop shaft was leaking last season the water splashing up soaked the intake when I owned this boat. Wasn't bad enough to kill it but ran rough for the day. Anyway. My Malibu has the intake on the front and no giant hole in the transom ;-) Sent from my A0001 using
  5. The big silver thing in the center above the seats. The intake filter is directly below that opening. Yet another brilliant design flaw. Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  6. Looking for some shade tree mechanic advice. The guy that boat my F22 took a roller from behind while his engine was running. Water poured through that vent on the transom directly into the K&N and the engine died. He tried to start it but gave up fairly quickly when it wouldn't turn over to avoid damage. Anyone had this happen and what was the damage? Any tips on how to remediate before trying to start again? PS, please no need to say anything about how to drive without letting rollers come up from behind. I already gave him crap for that ;-) And in all fairness it was a 52 FT
  7. Seen that same boat on Lewisville. Didn't get a chance to pull up and check it out, but it looked great from a distance. These guys deserve props for innovating. Hope they succeed. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  8. Love it. Lewisville party cove. Wish I wasn't so old. I just idle by and live vicariously ;-) Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  9. you will NEED bow weight with the wakemakers bags. Even with the 750s if you get 5+ people in the cabin you will need bow weight. The shape of the wake gets bad if you are overweighted in the back. Steep wave, short pocket, and more speed won't fix it even if you have the ability to push the boat faster. Just something to keep in mind. Thanks. Good advice. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  10. I have 550 plug and plays in mine right now. Going to swap them for wakemakers. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  11. Boat. Surf wake on my MB was awesome. It was a starter/test boat to see if the family took to it. They did. Looked hard at G 21/23, X30/23, and LSV 23/25. Just fealt the 23 LSV was the best fit for our needs when factoring in handling, price, out of the box surf wake, quality, dealership, etc... Surf wake on the Malibu is good enough for us. Here is stock ballast with no wedge. Still need to add weight and dial it in. https://youtu.be/OmlO_6PjbAE Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  12. Lol, the gates work well enough on their own. I will however use this boat to tune my controller software for gates.
  13. It had to have been staged. How could someone be stupid enough to ghost ride with that crappy surf wake? Looked like almost no ballast. I'm betting there is a person hiding in one of the rear lockers.
  14. Wakemakers licensed the controller design and software from me (E61) and the tab design from Ryan (GSA). All WaveControl kits are manufactured by Wakemakers and are unique to WakeMakers, but based on our respective designs. GSA kits are still available directly as far as I know. Note: Ryan has been sourcing controllers directly from me so they do look and function a little differently than the WaveControl controller. So in short, they are the same but different ;-)
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