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  1. Thanks for the reply .... the shallowest part we were in was 40+ ft
  2. Anyone have experience/advice for Surfing on river with decent current? 2016 B52 21 and normally have an amazing wave and was on the Columbia River in tri cities WA today and wave struggled both up and down river ..... no push no lip and I was adjusting speed up to 13+ mph down river and down to 8.5 mph upriver to account for current and still couldn’t get it decent...... any help would be much appreciated!!
  3. Sorry to revive this topic but i am having this same issues now. Have a 2016 B52 21 and am having a hell of time filling up at the gas station. I believe this is also my problem. Does anyone have any pictures of the removal process and install of the 5/8 nylon barb/barb fitting? Thank you for the help!
  4. Are we still looking at a November release date(ish)?
  5. I have not .... haven’t went that way mbalsiger since the wave is so good! I will now though! Thank you guys for the help!
  6. We had 5 adults and 5 small kids ...... I’ve tried to add bow weight before and it ruined the wave I felt like...... I typically bleed off non surf side as well.... planning to put on a 2279 prop as well.... but didn’t know if anyone else experienced this and had any ideas... thanks!
  7. Going to revive this thread ... you guys can see my setup and wave in the first post on the thread but my rpms are just killing me.. was out today and am consistently ran 4500 rpm with medium size crew. Full hard tanks and full plug n play 800’s with GSA....prop 2775. My bow runs very high ... have considered jumping to 2279 prop but am wondering if the high bow is killing the rpm’s? Have also tried bow weight and it brought bow down and rpms ( minimally) but my awesome wave definitely disappeared. Any help on bringing rpms And bow down would be greatly appreciated!!! Or any B52 21 w GSA sur
  8. Just got my template kit .... ready to start tomorrow ..... any specific pen you use on the vinyl to mark it?
  9. I wish it was! That is the 2016.5 where they switched the model mid way through the year. Mine is still the traditional full V bow and has the battery box in the middle of the floor in the bow. All the rest looks the same except for the battery box in the bow floor.
  10. Looks like I need to do a custom template for gatorstep for my 2016 b52 21 (old style) as they don’t have one on file. Bummer! Looking to do only the floor and bow piece. Any one who has done a custom template how much film did you order from gatorstep? Difficult process in general and any tips for templating? Thank you!
  11. Mine does the same as MWCasper..... i lose 1/3 of the port side bag after about 30-45 min underway out of the vent!
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