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  1. I am in the tyler Texas area. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I don't know how much it is worth. It would be a cool bar or bench if you wanted to construct something like that. I would take $100 but shipping it anywhere is going to be expensive. Email me: monsterwake@gmail.com
  3. $53,500 2015 21' B52 Not a party boat Stored inside and very well taken care of. 114 hours Raptor 400 Exile cabin speakers 10" sub is WetSounds Exile XM9 tower speakers. Brand new. Replaced by warranty. I added a Clarion EQS755 Car Equalizer because the Pre-Amp output of the M502 is pretty low. Switch Surf System Acme 1235 Prop 14.5x14.25 Upgraded swim platform to the new 2016 This comes with 2 800 lbs Ronix 8.3 bags and Ronix 3700 pump
  4. My center cap paint is gone as well. Is this something you can call MB for or you need to go through the dealer?
  5. Has anybody created a full service write-up with pictures and How-To for the following on a Raptor? I have read some threads but I am about to do these and will do a How-To if it does not already exist. Impeller Engine Oil Transmission Fluid
  6. Denim, basket weave and standard vinyl.
  7. Congrats! Looks good. Nice truck too.
  8. I am liking the changes as well. How would I get my board racks upgraded? I need those in my life.
  9. I think I had the 1709 or something like that. Whatever they are putting on the '15s. Switched to 1235 and much better performance when loaded down.
  10. What is the custom billet board rack? Option 1016. EDIT: Bungee Less??
  11. Sometimes mine will stay at 0.0 when we are underway. Frustrating when it does it.
  12. Does anybody know how they are doing the plug and play pumps?
  13. ^^^Nice Boat!! The blue and white is very clean looking.
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