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  1. Beautiful boat!! And yes so St George surf party?! I would love to try one of the Mono boards!!
  2. I second/third/fourth or whatever for the Boat Shack, best buying experience I have ever had buying anything....now if they can just fix my stereo whine this spring haha!
  3. Can't wait to see it floating around a lake in Utah!! Congrats!
  4. On the front of the boat on the bow right under where the grab handles are, it's not super noticeable but I am a little OCD and can see it when I look close or the sun hits it at the right angle...
  5. I need to know more about this stick...I hate not being able to skip songs from the back of the boat!!
  6. I have the tower down cover and towed with it twice to Lake Powell with no problems, the 3rd time the cover must not have been tight enough and I did get some gel coat rub marks on a few spots, needless to say I towed home without it on and probably won't tow with it on again, it is just now used for protection when I store my boat on my RV pad.... So my 2 cents is to tow without it on to avoid any rubbing, it's what I plan on doing from this point forward.
  7. I saw that post as well and can't believe a dealer would even take possession of a boat that had some of those interior issues...
  8. Dude CONGRATS!! That is so awesome, you aren't going to regret it one bit! Can't wait to meet up with you next summer at Deer Creek!!
  9. I towed 3 times with my cover on , the first 2 I had no problems, the 3rd trip I did get some gel coat rubbing, my only guess is for some reason I didn't get the cover tight enough...from this point on I am just planning on towing with the cover off.
  10. Hahahaha nope it's just called owning a boat!! The boat has all the game not me!
  11. Go with a light grey with blue accents to match the outside!
  12. I love the interior of the Alpha but can't just bring myself to love the outside lines...I really want too and am trying to convince myself, I saw an all black one posted on FB that was the first time that I found myself thinking OK I like this..
  13. I totally agree, I would go for a 2021 23 B52 classic over the 2021 F22/A...
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