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  1. I bought a 23 foot B52 earlier this summer and the only thing I miss from my old boat was the pickle fork bow which the TC22 has, I'm seriously considering one for next year just curious on what the pricing will look like...
  2. I haven't been to either of those but Bear Lake elevation is around 6000 feet and Deer Creek sits at 5400 feet so I'm thinking it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to run the 400. If I had ordered my boat I probably would have gone with the 440 but I bought it off the showroom floor and haven't been let down yet, I agree that you can feel a little bit of the struggle when fully weighted down but I've been pleased with the 400 so far. I did however put a different prop on (3093)
  3. Honestly don't be too quick to dismiss the 400, I bought my boat from the boat shack in May and it "only" has the 400 engine and I have had no problems at all with it. I'm in UT as well and Deer Creek is my home lake and I have been pleasantly surprised at how well the motor runs up there. I had the boat at Pineview as well earlier this summer with 14 adults and full ballasts plus an additional 500 pounds of lead and never had trouble getting up to surf speed.
  4. We surf at elevation here in Utah, some lakes are around 5000 feet, I only have the 400 and it has been totally fine so far, did upgrade the prop. And yes I have stereo package C and I love it, it's the first things friends comment on is how loud and clear the music is!
  5. It was by far the most beautiful boat I have ever been in!
  6. This summer I have had the chance to surf behind a Paragon and a Tige 25ZX, both are beautiful and the interior and other little things blow my MB out of the water....but if we are talking straight up surf wave and consistency I will take my MB all day! Yes the other boats have waves that are adjustable and "supposedly" fancier yada yada but unless you are a surf pro (which none of us are!!) do you really need that?! I feel that my wave is longer and has more push at the back of the wave than both those other boats do. The Tige wave was steep and massive but not long at all and I was always wi
  7. Yes the tower package "C" should come with the 6 tower speakers, 4 amps and the upgraded sub....I guess I got lucky that my 2020 had all the correct stereo equipment, it sounds amazing and to me is worth the upgrade as long as you get the correct pieces!
  8. I mean it might get "accidentally" popped this trip, we will have to see haha!
  9. Good to know!! I'm going to Lake Powell this week and put the 2247 back on since we will be at lower altitude and mostly cruising around and pulling kids on tubes (oh boyyy!)
  10. Texman did you have the chance to run the 3093? If so thoughts?
  11. Texman would love to know your thoughts on the differences, I have ran both, the 3093 gets me out of the hull quicker but I am feeling that the 2247 is the better all around prop for what I"m doing with cruising and everything else. The 2247 struggled a little bit to plane out but once I added lead in the front it helped a ton.
  12. I'm currently running 91 octane in my boat, but many local stations sell 88 ethanol free, would there be any advantage to running this instead? Boat is a 2020 B52 with the Raptor 400..
  13. This weekend we were boating at 5000 feet, the cav plate we had deployed at about 40% and going anywhere between 10.8 and 11.3
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