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  1. 2013 F-21 sits on lift during summer. Cover on, Bimini on. House is also vacation rental so boat only used couple times a month. Between spiders and dirt dobbers, my Bimini ends up a hot mess. I have seen an "over tower" cover but not one that allows the bimini to remain in place. Any idea on options, or is this strictly a custom build? FYI I am on the East Coast in NC, no dealer within 500 miles (Michigan) very few MB's here at all. MB if you are listening there are opportunities for you in the South East! Kenny
  2. Would love copy as well. Snow1wake@gmail.com. Very few MB's and no dealers in NC. Need to represent. (Last yr when my tower fell apart I was not so high on representing, but bygones)
  3. 1 tower speaker not working would like to buy replacement
  4. Not putting cheap or plastic on my pride/joy.... You couldn’t leave it there though huh? I am not funding the BLM organization, I want to fly the flag in support of black lives and in protest of racism & systematic oppression. As is my right as an American living in America. As an FYI, try getting your news info & esp you blm organization info from more varied sources.
  5. 2 1/4” tower diameter. Krypt watersports is cheapest option. Witnessed Trump 2020 boat parade this past weekend, many boats/jetskis also flying confederate flags. Embarrassed for my lake. Realized I needed to order and fly BLM FLAG
  6. Trying to buy flag holder that clamps to tower. My boat is 1+ hr away & we have renters in the house the rest of July. Need tower tube dimensions. Anyone know off the top of their head?
  7. After changing Oi/filter, Impeller, and fuel filter, boat would not start. 1+ frantic hr later discovered throttle cable had come out of the bracket that sits over transmission. There is a lever connected but maybe bent? no longer holds cable in bracket. zip tied in place now but would love picture of how supposed to look.
  8. Is your home siding or brick? Interior ceiling height is higher than door opening. For the cost of a trailer valet You can reframe opening, ( if brick, lentil would need to be replaced 1 or 2 courses higher, and possibly need add partial panel To your door. Change header to laminated beams. I raised and widened mine to accommodate 2013 F21 so to leave poles and racks in place. The easier you make access the more the boat get used. Lowering tire pressure, removing racks/poles at 10pm after full day on water or adding back at 7am before heading out? Your going to start dreading that!
  9. An expandable walk board on ladder jacks? Lets hope OSHA does not view this site! Standing in the middle of that wb is like standing on a trampoline.
  10. Stereo powers up, connects via bluetooth and shows song is playing but no sound. AM/FM same thing. 2013 Tomcat with dual wet sounds amps 4 rev8’s on tower 6 in boat speakers and 2 subs. Stopped working once previously then worked next outing now dead again. Any ideas?
  11. Last Winter added Gator to int floors (was removable carpet) and plumbed in ballast. This winter thinking of pulling carpet from all compartments and doing gator type flooring. Several questions. Once you remove glue do you still have to sand smooth? Not sure what to do about walls? No MB dealer within 5hrs and I avoid boat shows like the plague so have not seen how this is addressed in newer boats? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  12. Ronix Eighty.3 telescoping ballast bags. 2-1100lbs 1-400lbs and 2-ronix 3700 gpm pumps. All lightly used. As FYI replaced both DC plugs on pumps with better quality. $450 + shipping I in NC
  13. It took 2 of us 5 hrs. We had never done anything like it before. Removing old glue from platform and stern was 2 of those hours
  14. The end result. 3 layer Gatorstep. Looks and feels great. Next winter gotta get the carpet out of all compartments. Not looking forward to that! Thanks for the help
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