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  1. Boat harder to turn left than right. Can rudder be lubricated? Grease fitting? In NC so no dealership within 8 hr drive. If able to be lubricated can someone send pic or video of process? Thanks, Kenny
  2. Search MB slappers, surf devices, wake garage. Is youtube video
  3. Plug/play ballast can be a DIY job. Wake Makers has kits with directions and there are many "how to" videos. Is nerve wracking to drill holes in your boat but is a fun winter project. I have a 2013 F-21 with GSA & it works great but I believe most of the guys on this forum recommend "slapping it". Can also be DIY. Many threads on here on how to do both. Good luck. Private sale or not, I still would pursue the seller for fraud.
  4. Sorry, my boat stays on the lake. (1hr away) My gussets looked like bats wings connecting the top bar to side bar. This stiffens/strengthens up the welded connection. good luck, Kenny
  5. 2013 tomcat with factory install of speakers on side bars. Welds on crossbars cracked during towing and tower fell apart. Welded back with gussets in both corners. FYI, tough to weld it back together retaining the correct angles without tower on the boat. Buy shipping blankets and cover everything!
  6. Bent and leaking. Need to replace. No dealership anywhere near me. Can someone tell me what this is and maybe even where to source? thanks!
  7. Now water leaking into bilge. The bouy (fish detector the lake must have just installed) was almost squared up and wrecked brand new prop. Still had old prop and quick change then subsequent test drive seemed to indicate no problems with shaft. Later realized the water issue. There is a brass piece underneath boat that is now bent. Could that be source of leak or seal around the shaft?
  8. Jago Bay, welcome aboard. I have that exact same boat/yr model and love it. With that being said 3 common issues u should be aware of. 1) the welds on that tower have been known to crack and tower falls apart. (that is not hyperbole, it falls apart!) Maybe have rewelded and add gussets to top corners. 2) Motor mounts, they had a bad run or something and they fail allowing engine/shaft to become un aligned. Have checked/replaced. (Maybe already done?) 3) change the damn drain master hard tank ballast gates to Valterra. Drain master gates fail frequently and always in the middle o
  9. No nicks burrs or damage of any sort. Has been resurfaced 1 time. $450 + shipping from NC
  10. Had exterior, and interior done including the glass. The Boat now looks brand new, In the sun the Black actually sparkles. Could not be more impressed with the night/day difference. Time will tell on longevity but finish is guaranteed for 6yrs.
  11. 2013 MB F-21 hull id MBZ04940J213 Starbord side hatch has tear. Thats the only interior blemish so would like to get new cover. Can’t get MB to answer the phone and no response to email. Possible to replace with exact? Where source? Thanks, Kenny
  12. I am running the Acme 2079 prop which according to wakemakers and acme is the best surf prop for my boat/motor combo. That not correct?
  13. 2013 F-21 with Indmar 5.7l. Have changed prop but still struggles a bit to get to surf speed with full ballast (1800 hard tank, 1800 rear and 400 bow) and GSA deployed. New boat or even “new to me boat”, with bigger engine, not in the budget. Anyone tried the Magnum Smart-Tune performance module? Claims 17% HP & Torque gains with 6% fuel efficiency. Any thoughts on why not to do it? $379, figure worth a shot if not going to hurt engine
  14. 2013 F-21 previously always garaged but now spends summers on boat lift. Meticulously maintained but still, finish starting to suffer. Dropped off today for the silver package from Ceramic Pro. (this is a national company that uses local detail shops) Will advise on results, immediate and long term.
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