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  1. My 12V receptacle and USB charging port are dead/not working on my 2013 B52-23. Both are located in the storage area/cup holder below the throttle in the helm. I have spent some time looking for a fuse box behind the dash but I have been unable to find. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. would appreciate the code. Thanks.
  3. I have a 2013 B52 (23) with stock ballast tanks. I am considering adding two bags in the rear lockers and 1 bag in the bow, plus a cav plate. I am not a DIY guy when it comes to drilling holes in the boat. I would appreciate any recommendation on ballast or thoughts on the benefits of the cav plate. We surf, wakeboard and ski. Thanks in advance.
  4. jhasting, thanks for the reply. No heater or marine headers. Any pics you can send would be much appreciated.
  5. 2013 MB B52 (Indmar 5.7L/350). Completed my first winterization on my own and looking for feedback to determine if I missed any steps. Thanks in advance. 1. Poured 8 oz of marine Stabil to full tank. Ran engine (fake a lake) for 15 mins. 2. Removed exhaust manifold disconnect and drained. 3. Removed both hoses from impeller housing and drained. Removed impeller (35 engine hrs) looked brand new. I have a replacement impeller, but will likely re-install existing impeller in Spring. 4. Removed 2 bolts from Ski-Vee (bow side) per Indmar manual. Anodes look new. removed hose on po
  6. Thanks for the replies. The battery boxes are dry, it is the carpeted area below the 2 battery boxes that had standing water. It was definitely lake water which I assumed came over the bow and flowed down under the front seats towards the transom. When it hit the low spot (battery box area) under the observer seat it pooled. I could drill a small drain hole through the carpeted area, but don't want to puncture the port ballast tank. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. 2013 B52 23wb. I have standing water in the battery compartment hull under the plastic battery bins. Never noticed it before and I think the water has been there for a few weeks after taking some water over the bow. Any suggestions on how to auto-drain this area?
  8. Thanks for the reply. Hoping the Allen bolt extraction goes smoothly.
  9. New to the forum and MB. I recently purchased a 2013 B52 23 WB. Quick question regarding the tower, the wakeboard rack literally fell off the tower on Day 3. The 2 allen bolts sheered off between the tower and the rack itself. I was trailering the boat from the marina to my dry storage unit (<3 miles) at about 25 mph with the racks turned into the boat. The rack fell off at much lower speed like 10 mph I wouldn't trailer long distances at speed with wakesboards in the racks, but based on my low speed and short distance it seems unusual. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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