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  1. that's for drying vests and stuff, not a cooler.
  2. they don't say anything about loosening the coupler bolts when checking the alignment, but wouldn't the bolts being tight lead to an improper measurement?
  3. wakeballast.com has 20% off with code Cyber20 this week.
  4. that's hilarious, i bet you're right! those would even match my red boat
  5. i know it's not apples to apples, but i'm really interested in your opinion on a slapped wave on your previous boat vs. GSA wave in terms of shape and push once you've surfed this one enough times.
  6. link here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/C0sivKbzmOc idk how much of that video i'd take as gospel...the dude sounds like a robot lol
  7. this answers the slapping question: CATS is a Centurion feature that rotates the tracking fins to improve the surf wave.
  8. go to wakegarage.com and there is a DIY controller outlined there that automatically retracts on GPS and has a bluetooth app for off-water testing. i have maybe $100 in parts in it, if that and it worked flawlessly all summer. it uses a SPDT switch to select sides, and you can set the speed you want it to deploy and retract.
  9. yeah i wouldn't mix oils...just choose one way or the other and stick with the same brand for the life of the boat.
  10. ideally you want the battery switch off but the bilge pump wired directly to a battery so that it's the only thing still on. on a 2018 i would think that's the stock setup, but hopefully someone else can confirm.
  11. same guy posting the same thing on every boat forum word-for-word.
  12. first post and also posted the same thing word-for-word on other forums. phishing? you going to post next that you bought a wake tractor? 🤣
  13. do they have the option to delete that awful rub rail? 😆
  14. same thing happened to brand new bags i bought this spring because i over-tightened the fitting. i fixed it by gooping it up with a few layers of 3M 4200 and it's worked perfectly all season.
  15. every prop issue is different, so don't overthink this one. get the prop fixed first if you already know it's dinged and go from there.
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