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  1. that's such a deep red color, great choice @Hyperryd i'm upgrading from 1280lb bags to ~1600lb enzo-style bags, which includes battery/perko/noco relocation. i hope to install a heater that i've had for 3 years now and haven't installed yet. adding an a-plate. modifying my surf gates for less wave interference. installing a surf pipe. aaaaaaand hopefully giver her a good wetsand and shine.
  2. they are tapered but it's hard to tell from the pic. i'm going to taper the bottom edge a bit more as well i think.
  3. that's the exact template i used for my boat and they work great. when you install them, start by making the top of the gate parallel to the platform. due to some wave interference i'm moving mine up 1/2" and shortening them maybe 2" in the off-season, but otherwise they work great. i ordered the HDPE from USPlastic.com, two of the 3/4" thick x 12" x 24" Black Seaboard sheets. pic of them on my boat:
  4. did you powdercoat them yourself or do they offer color-matching when ordering? those look awesome color-matched.
  5. looks awesome! when did GSA stop putting diverter fins on their plates?
  6. why not just bump up the original post each time? aren't there 4 of these now? 😄
  7. never got a response either, i don't think we get these anymore.
  8. are these sock accounts replying to each other to drum up business for some new stick-on device?
  9. it seems like a great idea, one of the hardest parts getting newbies up is keeping them on the side of the boat they're supposed to surf on.
  10. it's freakin' ugly whatever it is 😅
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