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  1. yeah just top if off with fresh gas and on your ride back on the trailer it should mix together with the old stuff enough to run fine.
  2. hyperryd, no scar from the slapper on yours i'm assuming?
  3. To do: -sideswipe exhaust removal and homemade single-outlet FAE -surfgate and automated controller install -asymmetrical plate upgrade -3-outlet heater install -add additional battery and ACR -prop upgrade -wetsand/compound/wax entire hull Done so far: -upgrade from 1200gph fill and 600gph drain pumps to 1600gph fill and 1200gph drain pumps, along with upgraded 1" hoses (from 3/4"). upgrade from 400lb bags to 1300lb bags per side. -replace bilge blower -aquamarine platform padding upgrade -all lower seat skins replaced -addition of 2x12" subs and amp -replacement tower amp -wetsounds EQ install -noco genius battery maintainer
  4. how would these hold up to being repainted?
  5. isn't that what trailer jackstands are designed for?
  6. wait till late november/early december and they usually run a 20% off deal on their site.
  7. is there a template for the ideal size and shape to make these? i know the ballpark size, but everyone is saying "they look upside down", so wasn't sure if there was a template somewhere i didn't know about that would make my build easier this winter.
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