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  1. Great! Thanks. I sent an E-mail but did not include my HIN # so I send it again with the HIN.
  2. Where can I get some Gel-Coat for my 2013? Do not want to have to mess with trying to match the white, white has got to be the hardest to match.
  3. Been using the Glide Seal for 2 seasons now, best Seal on the market!! Did the install my self with not problems.
  4. You do not need a motor hoist, I just took the bottom nuts off the mounts and raised the tranny 1/8" marked the set nut and bolts and worked great. Just make sure you use the bigger 2-1/2" flat washer. I found them at fastenal and use a new nylock, its a 15/16" wrench its a 5/8" bolt. Indmar was good to work with I talked to them at our boat show in February, your Mastercraft dealer should be able to help you or at least get you the parts.
  5. I had the same vibration on mine. I checked the prop shaft and saw nothing until I beat the couple off with a hammer, it was cracked inside the coupler just enough hanging on. Looked liked it was cracked for sometime, I think I posted some pics on this site. As far as how to support the tranny when you do the motor mounts, I use a piece of 2" round steel pipe and placed it across the boat directly over the tranny and placed to blocks of wood on the sides of the boat. there is a lifting hole on the tranny and I used a cable come-a-along and lifted it an 1/8" and did the motor mounts. Worked
  6. Indmar had a problem with that big 40 amp fuse on the engine might check it and see. Theirs has a reset button on it, I replaced it with a standard 40 amp. I keep a spare 40 amp on board now.
  7. check out my post on Broken Prop Shaft. I did the Prop Shaft, New Shaft Seal (water cooled), New Coupler, and motor mounts all for around $ 600.00 and that included having my prop reconditioned. I did it myself because the dealer was 3 weeks out. If your mechanically handy its not to bad, just take your time. I heard Indmar is warranting the motor mounts, they gave me mine. I have a brand new set with the new washers if you can not get them soon. I was told the tranny ones only need to be replaced that the front ones did not see any flex, I was glad not to have to replace the front ones as the
  8. I have been using the Glide Bearing and its great!!. Dealer in Boise recommend it and said they had so many issues with the factory OJ Seal. They replace the factory ones with Glide now.
  9. See my Posting on Shaft Seal and Broken Shaft and Motor Mounts. Glide Shaft Seal is great, install it plumb it and that is it. No pre-load and will tolerate mis-align shaft. I have almost 300 hours no problems. my post: Broken Prop Shaft Replacement 2013 B52 V23 Added pics to help as well. link to Glide Bearings http://www.glidebearings.com/marine.php
  10. FYI: I went with Steel Zinc coated fender washers instead of the Stainless Steel ones, Indmar recommends a bigger 2" to 2-1/2" fender washer so it will not sink into the rubber, also went with a new nylock nut on the bottom. Stainless Steel is better for the rust but not as strong and more brittle if it begins to bend. I also do not live in a wet area so not concerned with the rust factor and do not keep a boat long enough to worry about it.
  11. I never heard of the Glide Seal as well until the dealer in Boise Idaho suggested it, so far so good and it comes as a complete kit and the price was great. I checked the alignment and it was within the specs, and also took it to the lake on Saturday and ran it pretty hard and had no vibration at all. Will be down at Lake Powell at the end of the month so will give it another run and see how it does.
  12. Got the Motor Mounts in last night, not to bad of a job. A come A-long and a 8' length of steel pipe to lift the tranny up 1/8" worked great. Just make sure you mark the bolt to put back where it was for the alignment and your good. Trying it out tomorrow morning.
  13. Follow-up Post: Dealer is replacing the Transmission/ Motor Mounts on any boat with a broken shaft. Indmar is claiming the Motor Mounts are weak and need to be re-placed. Also, they now have a bigger flat washer on top so it does not sink into the rubber mounts. I had to round up the washers but the local dealer set me up on the rubber motor mounts, I'm replacing those tonight.
  14. Started to feel a vibration on the lake after surfing I decided to hang it up for the day and check it out. Shaft Seal was leaking so decided to replace shaft seal, coupler, prop shaft. Water Ski Pro Shop in Boise where I bought the boat totally hooked me up with a Shaft Seal from Glide Bearings and Elberts hooked me up on the prop shaft. From the pictures you can see it has been cracked for sometime, the rust in the center alludes to that. If your looking for a new shaft seal check out the Glide Bearings one, easy to install and comes complete with the cooling line and a terrific price. If yo
  15. I need advice on which Shaft to purchase and Shaft Seal to buy. 2013 B52 V23, got a pretty good vibration this weekend and water in the bilge. Have the carbon trail build up, in which I have cleaned off several times and adjusted the packing once already. Looking at the PSS shaft seal, if I'm going to do that I thought I should go ahead and replace the Prop Shaft as well with everything apart and with the problems they are having with the 13's. Any advice would be appreciated.
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