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  1. Gunsight bay is our favorite. Good beach areas. Not too far that you're wasting a bunch of time going deeper in the lake. Only drawback is that the dangling rope marina to refuel the wake boats is a little far.
  2. Trip to Powell was a blast. Finally was able to let go of the rope and ride for 15-20 seconds before washing out at the back. Don't have anything to compare to but wave seemed really short. Had to hit the brakes hard not to run into the swim platform. Full hard tanks, full PnP (700s), 600 lb bag in bow, 40% cav plate, wife driving, buddy doing flag/rope/camera duties. 2079 prop and still had a hard time getting to 11.2 mph. Edit: Now why did 1 picture come out fine and the other 2 rotate?
  3. I have that exact setup and used it for the first time this week. It fills fast. Emptying is also fast but needs babysitting to keep the pump in water by lifting an edge of the bag towards the pump. Not sure if it's because I was at 3600 ft elevation but I felt like the 950 bow bag might have been a better choice.
  4. Sorry to revive this. I'm looking to confirm my transmission ratio. It's a 2016 F22 and I took delivery at the end of August 2015. I looked for a tag and all I found was a small label with the numbers 195105 on it. I just put a 2079 prop on the boat (replacing the stock 2701) and heading to Powell next week with no option to test before heading out. I'm afraid that it's going to be too drastic of a pitch change and I'll be burning through fuel like crazy. Should I be worried or am I over thinking this?
  5. Here's my interior on the F22. White main, blue, carbon grey and carbon black accents. I'm glad I didn't go as dark as I originally intended.
  6. Ryan, thanks for starting this thread. As mentioned earlier, please provide a brief tutorial/guidelines for weight distribution, plate positioning, secondary tab angles, etc. I'm particularly interested in the best set up for a 2016 F22 with cav plate and GSA, stock tanks, plug and play locker bags and aftermarket bow bag.
  7. It's the horn for the surf switch system letting the rider know that he/she's about to switch sides.
  8. bummer... pete had my hopes up. I have an eight.3 pump that I would love to piggyback on the factory plug & play (since they are so slow to fill)
  9. Thanks for the invite Don. We'll have to see how my recovery is going as we get closer to the meet up. 2nd ACL surgery coming up in 2 weeks. Who knows maybe I'll just be a full time driver.
  10. So the new boat, 2016 F22, came in just in time (actually 2 days late) for my annual Powell trip. Thanks to all of you that answered my many questions over the last month and a half. First let's talk about the trip... The original departure date was supposed to be 9/2 and boat was supposed to arrive before 9/1. Well I had to go out of town for work until 9/2 and needed to pick up the boat on 9/3 so that gave them an extra couple of days. Of course, my luck or murphy's law kicked in... the boat didn't arrive until 9/3 so I had to wait until the morning of 9/4 to pick it up and head up t
  11. Exactly!! and I'll add an upcoming 2nd ACL surgery to the mix.
  12. Lifeproof (and other cases) give you the waterproof aspect but your phone will still sink if it falls in. I'm looking forward to getting the boat and tackling this in a few weeks. I was originally thinking of adding a second Exile media center for $100 at the transom connected to the Aux input on the zone controller. I'm not sure if there would be pairing issues with 2 media centers close to each other so I'm still thinking of something along those lines but doesn't have to be limited to the Exile media center. The MB Quart N1-WBT or GMR1 seem to be pretty decent units also at the
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