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  1. The graphic depicts no hardware installed. Maybe that is enough??? CFM
  2. The Raptor maintenance chart says to check alignment after the first 10-20 hours, then annually or every 300 hours. It is easy to check and all spelled out in the Operators Manual. Did you get the manual with the purchase? It's all electronic these days... CFM https://www.indmar.com/operator-manuals/wake-series/
  3. I thought about doing that and almost wish I had, but I ended up buying an entire trailing arm with hub assembly and just swapped the bad out. I will rebuild it and have it as a spare. If the other three fail, I'm switching systems for sure. I'm with you, I wish it was easier to check the status of the grease and change it out as needed, but after doing research, I learned the Vault hub sticks out just a bit from flush and acts as an indicator that there is still their proprietary grease in the hub. As long as you don't see evidence of a leak and the hub protrudes slightly from flush, no
  4. Read up on Valterra gates. Much better replacement than what came with the boat. Looks like you already did. Good luck with the wiring!
  5. Ok, resurrecting this ancient thread rather than starting a new one. I've got Vault hubs on an Extreme Custom Trailer for my 2016 F21 Tomcat. Back seal of my rear right is leaking oil and is in need of replacement. AWS, my local dealer, wants around $400 to $500 to completely go through all four hubs and get things in order. Are guys rebuilding these, switching to a different system, or having them professionally serviced? The trailer manufacturer is closed due to Covid 19, so specifics are going to be tough to come by. There are two rear seal sizes listed. Worst case I order them both.
  6. Sorry for the delay in response sinned. Yes, absolute improvement to the consistency of the wave. I can't communicate this enough to everyone. The new software deploys the surf tab 100% as soon as you select surf mode without having to be under way. I went through two actuators having them deploy around 7mph with the old software. No issues with the new, and the tab deployment is absolutely consistent. There were just too many variables with the old software to make a consistently good wave. https://drive.google.com/open?id=131mZ_ZpLbgj5KSqm9ddZ8Emv-1jqkWYE Took me a long time to
  7. My dealer was told the same thing. Tried it on my '16 warning me I may need to bring it back to revert to the older software if I had problems with the new. Worked perfectly for me and is a huge improvement over the old. Action Water Sports in AZ. They are amazing... CFM
  8. Hi sinned, if you are still on your '16 original software, you need an update. Does your surf tab still deploy around 7 or 8 mph? If so, the update will help resolve your issue. Flat secondary tab is key as others have stated too. I struggled with my '16 F21. Sometimes I'd get 90% deployment, other times it would 99%. Without consistency, it is impossible to get your wave consistently good. The new software will deploy the surf tab to 100% while stopped, as soon as you select surf mode so it is always the same. CFM
  9. Posted recipe in action.... https://drive.google.com/open?id=131mZ_ZpLbgj5KSqm9ddZ8Emv-1jqkWYE CFM
  10. Hey Ruby, just saw you are in Gilbert, AZ as well. If you need any help, just say the word.... CFM
  11. I did as well... My dividers kept popping out of the track towards the rear. Had to remove and replace each time I filled up the locker ballast sacks. I did one horizontal run along the top and three vertical runs below that. Completely resolved my issue. https://photos.app.goo.gl/6DMcDBEBbliRq6np1 CFM
  12. The intake grabs air from the engine compartment. Without the blower being on, this air gets extremely hot which raises the density altitude the engine is working at, basically robbing you of horsepower. The bilge blower is the only way of getting cooler air into the engine compartment and engine intake. By leaving it on all day, you won't forget to run it for 5 minutes before restarting. If you have a gas leak or some other sort of problem that creates a combustible mixture in the engine compartment and you don't run the fan first, you risk explosion. Like others have said, it is chea
  13. I don't know anything about AWS prior to my boat purchase late 2015, but I can't say enough good things about them. Their staff is very knowledgeable, service turnaround is pretty quick when they aren't slammed, and everyone there is quite pleasant to work with. My purchase experience with them was about as painless as could be too. They allowed MB to sell itself as opposed to the other guys trying to use hard sales tactics that were transparent. AWS rules!!! Anyway, carry on.... CFM
  14. I hadn't really considered a bad key switch. Thanks for all the input! If I find anything concrete, I'll report back. CFM
  15. Hello all, I took my 2016 F21 out last week for the first time this season. While out, I had a no start situation that I hope to troubleshoot in the next couple of days, but figured I'd get some additional perspective from the knowledge base here. It seems completely random, and I can't duplicate it, but I'm going to check everything obvious anyway. She fired up and ran normally for about an hour. I shut her down for maybe ten minutes in the middle of the lake and when I went to restart, all indications were normal, but when the key was turned to the start position, the starter motor didn'
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