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  1. Wanting to do this on my 2007, but most definitely not patient enough to level the floor...how bad would it be to leave it as is, but cut different panels for each different floor panel?
  2. How about this one? https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/boa/d/wakeboard-wakesurf-boat-mike/6220388384.html
  3. What's the miracle tube start?
  4. I thought I was the only east coaster with an MB...but there's this guy https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/boa/6126506580.html
  5. Thanks! I looked around some other forums and they agree. Done today!
  6. Dudes, My swim platform brackets were cracking, so I removed them and had them welded, good as new now. When re-instaling, do I need to use some sort of adhesive, lock-tite or sealant? It looked like something was on there when I removed the brackets. Thanks! -KC
  7. I have a butter bar and just got a cobra cat. The butter bar is pretty rad and fast...but unforgiving. Maybe all skim boards are? It's super flat. Really fun, but not great for a beginner. I'll et you know about the cat in a couple of weeks.
  8. Gidget '07 B52 v23 Bought August '15. 1st boat ever. Love her! Just got 2 x 750's for the rear lockers and will move the 250's to the bow. Pumped!!!
  9. First time taking one in...I expected $150. When I got the bill I emailed the service center and asked why it was so much more than I expected and they said "As for the propeller, when it was picked up by our propeller recon company the driver stated that he could tell that the prop had been reconed before and said that they would have to remove some of the prior material to fix the prop correctly, that’s why there is a change in price." For $350, I might as well just buy a new prop... Any thoughts on this? Am I getting taken? Thanks, KC
  10. Thought I should follow up, albeit late. -I pinged the upholstery email again and had a reply to that 2nd email within 12 hours. Thanks for all the input. -KC
  11. Bought a 2007 b52 in August and loved it intensely until Columbus Day, now (according to the marina) just waiting on some parts for a new rudder post/assembly before she gets buttoned up for the winter here in Maine. We have no MB dealers anywhere remotely close. I've had only 2 interactions with the MB home office, both have been less than stellar. The first was before purchase. I had a specific question about maintenance and called MB direct. The guy answering the phone didn't identify himself, but asked "What do you want...to know?" when I outlined the scenario. Clearly I was a bother but he answered my question. Before hanging up he said "We make new boats too." I clearly bothered him with my question about a used boat... I read on this forum that MB might have skins to re-upholster boat cushions so I emailed them about that November 5th. No response still. Anyone else have this kind of interactions or have I caught them on bad days? Thanks, KC
  12. I'm having a similar problem, very inconsistent. I was reading the engine manual and saw that the engine can be started with the throttle at 100% to help if flooded. If my boat isn't starting on the lake- no crank or anything, and I try starting in full throttle, will this bypass the NSS? In other words, if it works, I know the NSS is going bad? Thanks, KC
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