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  1. I had this happen to my '15 Tomcat. Dealer had to remove about 1/4 inch of material from the strut. On mine, you couldn't even get a prop puller in between the gap.
  2. Glad it worked out, @Kalamazoo. I knew mine was a lot quieter after I added it, but since I did FAE at the same time I didnt know how much credit to give the Noico vs the pipe. I love being able to talk to people on the wave.
  3. It's exactly what I had to do with my 15 this summer. Via Tapatalk - '15 F22 "The Poster Child"
  4. Tragically I haven't been near my boat for a while. I'm quite certain the Nautique modification is the remedy, I just haven't had the time to do it. Yet. Via Tapatalk - '15 F22 "The Poster Child"
  5. Our friends in the Canadian town of Letterkenny said it best, "Hard no." Via Tapatalk - '15 F22 "The Poster Child"
  6. First 'mod' I did to my boat. Switching sides is somewhat of a rarely used feature for us. Its now to the point where it irks me when I get in a boat and it's still hooked up. ... If you get the hankering, you can always hook it back up. Via Tapatalk - '15 F22 "The Poster Child"
  7. Anything I store, inside or out, gets enough tubs of Damp Rid set inside to suck the moisture out of 2x the interior space or under a cover that it says I need.
  8. A little more background and a pic to entertain. Besides my OCD, the real reason this is an issue; when I surf with my son, he likes to stand on the nose of our Land Lock. Getting a spray to the hip is one thing, but now he gets blasted in the face. Pic from last year (pre FAE). Via Tapatalk from the helm of a '15 F22.
  9. Yeah, I was just under there last night. Other than a little gel burn just starting to haze a quarter spot above my 2279, it's perfect. In truth, I did buy a thick neoprene yoga knee pad that I was trying to devise a way to attach when surfing and remove all other times; ideas welcome. I just hate the thought of having to hang unsightly mud flaps off the ass end of my boat while surfing to fix a modification I purchased to improve the surfing experience. I'm stumped as to how this installation is somehow unique, but it must be. GEN2 Switch & FAE can't be that much of a un
  10. It's driving me nuts! So far I've tried: FAE Adjustments, clocked it further down to where the vertical drop is the same vertical plane as the hull. In the pic below it's installed so the very tip was centered to the best of my ability. Changing made no difference. More tab. Even with the CAV plate all the way down, it's still there. More bow weight. Between people and lead, 600+ lbs in the nose didn't change a thing. Varying speed. Made no difference. I do have the early 15 rounded swim platform, FWIW. This can't be normal. I refuse to run a damn mudflap/wave tamer,
  11. Stole my idea! LOL I kept the silver on the dash though. Via Tapatalk from the helm of a '15 F22.
  12. Fan still working? That's about the only time I've seen one overheat. Via Tapatalk from the helm of a '15 F22.
  13. They're too busy making boats to care. Via Tapatalk from the helm of a '15 F22.
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