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    Ford Expedition Limited
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    2013 F21 Tomcat
  • Engine
    Indmar 350
  • Prop
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    Stock 900# Tanks
    650# Fat Sacks in the lockers with Johnson Ultra pumps
    300# of lead in the nose
    Slappers for the win!
  • Stereo
    Exile throughout.

    1 - Digital Media Center
    1 - ZLD EQ
    8 - SX80M In-Boat Speakers
    4 - SXT9Q Tower Surf Speakers
    1 - Big12 Subwoofer under the helm
    1 - XM15.1 Sub Amp
    1 - XM15.4 In Boat Amp
    1 - XM30.2 Tower Amp
    Great System!!

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  1. TRUTH! So many people chase the biggest wave on the market yet barely carve while surfing. Both the 22 and the 23 will put up a great wave that you can easily throw down any surf move, if you have the drive and talent. A $300k Paragon can’t guarantee you will ever land a 360. Just like a $3k set of golf clubs can’t guarantee you a hole in one. Pros can land half of their moves behind a Bayliner. Pick the boat that best suits your needs, style and budget, then enjoy your boat and don’t look back!
  2. I just wanted to point it out. I saw a B52 delete and the MB looked odd to me way up front by itself on the port side. Just giving you whole new things to doubt your decisions about again. 😂 seriously it’s easier to change now rather than later. There is no wrong choice.
  3. Now imagine the other side of the boat with the red MB in the front and the black MB in the rear.
  4. The odd thing for me on these logos is it used to be that the MB was always at the back of the boat with the model being forward on the boat. On the Alphas they changed that. It reads MB B52 on both sides. That means if you did a B52 delete or color differences like you are saying, it will be forward on one side and toward the rear on the other side. I’m not a big fan of the asymmetrical design of this. I would prefer the MB to be towards the rear on both sides. You might ask about that.
  5. Or these for non swivel. https://www.wetsounds.com/product/ADP-REV-X-B
  6. That’s a great question since I have yet to see a new MB tower with Wetsounds speakers. That said I would look into how they mount to a Malibu G4 tower. It’s pretty much the same bolt pattern for both towers.
  7. Well it will keep your Cocoa warm in the winter. Lol
  8. Some of us can multi task. Post on both. Lol
  9. I snagged one of those carbon Bandwagons for my 16 yr old daughter last week. Great buy!
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