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    2013 F21 Tomcat
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    Indmar 350
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    Stock 900# Tanks
    650# Fat Sacks in the lockers with Johnson Ultra pumps
    300# of lead in the nose
    Slappers for the win!
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    Exile throughout.

    1 - Digital Media Center
    1 - ZLD EQ
    8 - SX80M In-Boat Speakers
    4 - SXT9Q Tower Surf Speakers
    1 - Big12 Subwoofer under the helm
    1 - XM15.1 Sub Amp
    1 - XM15.4 In Boat Amp
    1 - XM30.2 Tower Amp
    Great System!!

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  1. The current hull configuration is from 2018-2022.
  2. Night and day. The 23’ Classic is one of the very best, out of the box, surf waves on the market. It’s also one of the very easiest. Just fill up the ballast and pick a side for the surf system, then you are good to go. They are a very deep V hull that rides great in rough water.
  3. Awesome. He was asking about it on the FB group last week. He was happy to hear that you were an “MB” guy!
  4. So just to compare with a Boatmate trailer I figured I would post mine. GVWR is 7500 (1500 lbs more) with 3750lb axles and the cargo load for the tires is 6000lbs (1685 lbs more). Not throwing rocks but I figured you were wondering.
  5. I laughed when I read this. I filled one up a couple of years ago. I am 6’ tall and it was a fun trip to the gas station!
  6. I see the 21’ B52 and 21’ Tomcat on the MB website. Not sure what you are seeing.
  7. Just for information purposes my trailer has 18” wheels & tires. Probably not a huge weight difference.
  8. I dropped my new alpha on the CAT scale on the way home. No gear and about 15 gallons of fuel she weighed in at 6720lbs. That was the boat & trailer by itself with no tow vehicle.
  9. I agree. You should get a new boat at least every 5 years!
  10. They are actually flag holders for, of all things, Jeep Wranglers. You can find them on Amazon. They are for the back tailgate areas. I plan to cut the tubes down a few inches this off-season. They worked great as is on my last boat. Just thought I would shorten them up a bit.
  11. What is everybody doing for boat projects this winter? This is my first time in 20 years with a brand new boat, so my list is short by my standards. I did knock out a few to start the off season: Window tint, HRD Locker Nets, powder coated rubrail, HRD overhead racks & windshield frame, side tow points, flag pole mounts and Domed logos on the sides of the boat. This winter will mostly be about stereo upgrades as I deleted the factory sub and towers. Post up your winter list of projects! Don’t let the new boat scare you I love seeing upgrades on all years of boats!
  12. Yes they do and thank you for your order today. They ship out in the morning.
  13. Absolutely go with the 2315 over the 2079. You will thank me later. Also I would rethink running bags that big if you are running a crew that large. Especially at some altitude. Remember that people are ballast too. If you are running a small crew big bags help. If running a large crew you will probably have to dump some water to get up to surf speed even with a good prop. You will just have to find that sweet spot.
  14. They absolutely fit a 2014 tower. They use the 2 1/4” clamp. Your boat uses the 25” Locker Nets. The good news is they are both on sale for our Black Friday sale that is going on now! https://hyperryddesigns.com/
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