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    Central California
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    Ford Expedition Limited
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    2013 F21 Tomcat
  • Engine
    Indmar 350
  • Prop
  • Ballast
    Stock 900# Tanks
    650# Fat Sacks in the lockers with Johnson Ultra pumps
    300# of lead in the nose
    Slappers for the win!
  • Stereo
    Exile throughout.

    1 - Digital Media Center
    1 - ZLD EQ
    8 - SX80M In-Boat Speakers
    4 - SXT9Q Tower Surf Speakers
    1 - Big12 Subwoofer under the helm
    1 - XM15.1 Sub Amp
    1 - XM15.4 In Boat Amp
    1 - XM30.2 Tower Amp
    Great System!!

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  1. Taking her out for the first time with the family tomorrow.
  2. I’ll let you know. It gets over 110 here in August!
  3. Had too. My new boat is all Chill. Can’t screw up black.
  4. Not sure what is up with the number placement but they won’t stay there. Not sure on the tires but they towed at 75mph for 1300 miles and 65 for the last 200 last week bringing it home.
  5. Just a heads up. If you have the Chill Tech upholstery you can’t use any of these products or they will diminish the cooling properties. Only use water with a little dish soap. That’s straight from the Chill Tech website.
  6. Just got back from picking up our new to us 2019 23’ B52 from Action Watersports DFW. She is a beast. We’ve got some plans for this winter so keep checking back.
  7. Are you meaning the center trim tab?
  8. Sorry. Never been a supreme fan. If you compare the price of a ZS232 which is comparable to a B52 then you will see the Supreme is more money.
  9. Easy answer. Insure everything that you can. Take what isn’t insured or can’t be replaced no matter the money. If time is too tight just grab the family and run. Everything else can be replaced or lived without!
  10. With the exception of Moomba you won’t find anything dollar for dollar comparable in any of those brands. Not a Moomba fan but you do get a lot of boat for the dollar, just not that nice.
  11. The answer would have been, "that's top secret" or it would take 6 weeks to get the real answer. lol
  12. Usually breaker panel is under the helm. Not sure on yours but ours was way up under on the back wall behind the black plastic footwell.
  13. New bad boy at Action Water Sports in DFW, Texas.
  14. This one was posted on IG today by one of my customers. Beautiful boat!
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