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    Ford Expedition Limited
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    2013 F21 Tomcat
  • Engine
    Indmar 350
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    Stock 900# Tanks
    650# Fat Sacks in the lockers with Johnson Ultra pumps
    300# of lead in the nose
    Slappers for the win!
  • Stereo
    Exile throughout.

    1 - Digital Media Center
    1 - ZLD EQ
    8 - SX80M In-Boat Speakers
    4 - SXT9Q Tower Surf Speakers
    1 - Big12 Subwoofer under the helm
    1 - XM15.1 Sub Amp
    1 - XM15.4 In Boat Amp
    1 - XM30.2 Tower Amp
    Great System!!

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  1. Just one tower but they changed the side mounts to be horizontal instead of diagonal since JL doesn’t have a swivel bracket. Same hole pattern just different orientation.
  2. Stormtrooper by day, lightsabers at night. Just starting the interior LEDs. LED Nation builds some nice stuff!
  3. Added some 8” Exiles in the helm area. I hate that most boats don’t have speakers near the driver when the driver is usually paying for it. Lol
  4. How are they powering 6 towers with that amp combo? I’m assuming the 800/8 but not sure how you get the same power to all 6 equally and it still is pretty under powered.
  5. Finally got to work on it a bit this week.
  6. Yep. Gotta fly the colors this year.
  7. That I can’t confirm. I would assume that the rope, with a board in place, could catch the board or fin. The zipped opening is just there for access to the tow point but I know some use it for surfing. I know the pair overhead does not. We run our rope over the Bimini when surfing. I did have some side tow points fabbed up for this boat so I’m excited to see how those pan out. They bolt to the inside of the fork rack mount. They should help with getting new riders up without having to deal with the wave forming underneath them.
  8. Actually you have a couple of options. You can mount all 4 speakers on the sides and two racks overhead which is an awesome configuration for headspace and board storage. We are also coming out with a bridge mount fir MB’s this year that will span across between the speaker mounts and let you mount a single rack between the overhead speakers. There isn’t any interference with the Bimini. The bridge mounted racks will be available mid April.
  9. It is the chill cool interior. The couple of times we got to use it the temps were mid 90’s and it was great. We will see this summer. It’s a great looking combo with the high contrast back & white. It will be even more so when finished.
  10. Then a few parts started to go together and we are starting to make some progress. Keep checking back fir progress
  11. Once the parts started to come back I had to pump the brakes to take care of some other projects that were more time sensitive so there were a ton of parts and assemblies just laying around for about a month.
  12. Once torn down it was depressing to look at 🤦🏻
  13. Well we picked up a great 2019 23’ B52 this last winter. We only got to take it out a couple of times before the season was over. I’m big time excited for this year. It was a beautiful simple boat to start with so of course we tore it down to make it better. Everything silver has been pulled and powder coated the factory white textured finish including the surf system, surf pipe and swimstep hardware. We’ve had some delays getting it put back together but we are starting to make some progress so I figured I would start showing progress pics. Who doesn’t love seeing boats get torn apart and pu
  14. Don are they the same towels you did last time? Those were awesome.
  15. It is illegal here in California too. Just curious though, how many of your local lakes have patrols out after dark. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one around here.
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