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    Ford Expedition Limited
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    2013 F21 Tomcat
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    Indmar 350
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    Stock 900# Tanks
    650# Fat Sacks in the lockers with Johnson Ultra pumps
    300# of lead in the nose
    Slappers for the win!
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    Exile throughout.

    1 - Digital Media Center
    1 - ZLD EQ
    8 - SX80M In-Boat Speakers
    4 - SXT9Q Tower Surf Speakers
    1 - Big12 Subwoofer under the helm
    1 - XM15.1 Sub Amp
    1 - XM15.4 In Boat Amp
    1 - XM30.2 Tower Amp
    Great System!!

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  1. The 420 is a great eq. H you will be happy with it. I added one to my Alpha.
  2. Welcome to a deep V hull. They are beasts loaded down with ballast but very weight sensitive when empty. I run 200lbs of lead wake bags under the seats across from the driver to level out the boat when empty. My Classic did it and my new Alpha does the same.
  3. Hey guys. It looks like Brady got a website up to be able to order the side tow points. Order away!! https://walnutwakeworks.company.site/
  4. I just got a Mono Wakesurf, Rasta board. It’s a great riding board so far. Mono is great to work with too. Had my red board to me in less than a month. they are a little wider with plenty of floatation so they run shorter lengths than others. I’m 6’ tall 208lbs and the recommended a 4’6”. I was skeptical but it’s fast and a fun ride.
  5. I just picked up a Mono Rasta with a Space Monkey on the way. Rasta is a great board. Looking forward to the Space Monkey.
  6. So if you leave your levers open and run the pnp pumps, the water will just go out the valves because your bags are above the waterline. The valves have to be closed to fill the bags. Again there is no center hard tank. There is a front ballast bag under your seats on the F22. My front ballast bag doesn’t have a timer. It just fills until you shut it off, but it is around the 3 minute mark I’m sure. If everything is full and you can’t get up to surf speed, then you don’t have the right prop for your elevation. The higher you are the more aggressive prop you will need. What altitude are you a
  7. Hi. First there is no center ballast tank on these boats. There are large tanks below the floors on both sides and PNP bags above floor in both lockers and a bow sack under the front seats. The ballast tanks fill by opening the ballast levers when parked and flooding the tanks. This takes a couple of minutes. Then you close the levers and start the timers to fill the PNP bags. Each press ads 1:30 minutes to the timers which max at 7:30. I have the B52 which take pretty close to the 7:30 to fill. Sometimes slightly more or less. You will know when they are full because water will start to
  8. Finally got the stereo done, minus the WS MC1 head unit which is still on back order. Went all Wet Sounds with this one. Eight Revo8’s, four Rev10’s and XXX15 sub for speakers. Used the Sinister series amps. SDX2 for the tower, SDX4 for the in boats and SDX2500 for the sub. I wanted a lot of sound, but not lose any usable space in the boat. The 15” sub is shoe horned in under the helm with a custom grill. I used the stock sub space, (I deleted the sub from the factory), for the boat battery, two bank charger and battery isolation relay. Added a pair of Revo8’s in the helm area for the drive
  9. The ZLD is a half din EQ tgat is usually in the dash. Pretty sure the 2015 boats didn’t have one. I know the 2016 dash was changed to accommodate the small round digital media center and ZLD EQ. I think the 2015 still had a regular head unit with Exile amps and speakers. I could be wrong.
  10. We run all full with about 200lbs midship of lead, about 200lbs of stereo/ batteries and only 4-5 teens in the boat. It has. A great wave on both sides. Definitely bigger on Starboard side due to prop rotation. When the boat has no ballast it’s definitely weight sensitive, side to side. Once loaded she just sets in in water great without much side to side issues, again mostly teen daughters and their friends. 100lbs difference in weight shouldn’t make a noticeable difference. Visibly it’s probably more your perspective.
  11. I’ll get pics nest weekend. I run about 4 misc vests on each side with ballast full in my Alpha.
  12. The stock Drainmaster valves have a small magnetic switch on the back side of the valve. They are just glued on I believe. If the glue gave up and they detached, the switch won’t know when the valve is closed.
  13. Yes it sends water out the prop shaft. That is for cooling/lubricant. It’s pumped to the seal from the motor.
  14. Only way this happens is to shut off the internet and enjoy your boat. 😂
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