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    Stock plus 300# of lead spread throughout.
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  1. There s no current way to add a second set of racks to the cast aluminum towers. You can drill holes but there is no reinforcement like the factory racks because they were cast in mounting locations. I take it you are looking for wakeboard racks, not surf racks if you are looking at the F24.
  2. I have 4 Rev 10’s on my ‘22 Alpha. I side mounted mine to run overhead surf racks. I’m running a Sinister SDX2 to them. I used the TC3-SXM surface swivel mounts. It’s a pretty fierce set up.
  3. I was added as a moderator years ago. I can kick the spammers after they post but I don’t have any way to keep them from joining. They are joining and posting faster than I can kick them. I’m not sure who the administrator is these days. Unfortunately I don’t have time these days to check multiple times a day. I hope the admin checks in on this and finds a way to lock this down a bit.
  4. Once you change the switch to HP you can turn the crossover to about 80hz or so and they should wake up. If your high pass crossover is set to a hi frequency for a small speaker you will get small speaker sound.
  5. There is no center tank or bag. There are bags above tanks in the lockers and a hidden nose bag. The only tank in the middle is the 65 gallon fuel tank.
  6. Unfortunately this is an industry wide issue with most brands. They aren’t like cars and they are very territorial. Each dealer works to take care of their own customers and “if” they have time they will do others. Don’t even get me started on the one time warranty transfer to only the second owner. The entire boating industry needs to fix this if they are going to charge over $100k on a day boat.
  7. To start with, I think with some seat and wave time it would be easy to dial in. Maybe a few well placed leadwake bags, some speed and tan adjustments and it would be fine after that. The B52 is a little more simple out of the box but plenty of people like the F22 wave. It’s no slouch. As for the racks… I know a guy who has a nice solution for the Arizona sun! 😎
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CmCU7_QJGyC/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  9. If you look close it does appear to have some form of breakaway tongue. That pin should release it. I don’t think the safety cables would go back that far if it wasn’t.
  10. The F22 can put a great wave. It’s just a little more finicky than the B52. Once you dial it in it would be great. The B52 is just easier out of the box. The reality is like buying TV’s in a big box store. The most expensive one looks just a little better on the shelf, but if you take home a mid range one and hook it up you will be blown away with how good it is by itself. The other reality is most of us can’t out surf any of the beautiful waves these new boats put up. It would be a huge upgrade over your existing boat and that’s the real comparison!
  11. Not much. Just power tower that was available towards the end of ‘22.
  12. The ‘23 MB’s shot up in price a bunch too. This is a really good deal on an F22.
  13. Typical November though. Some dealers don’t want to sit on boats through the winter.
  14. That’s a smoking deal on basically a brand new boat. 9.7 hours isn’t even broke in.
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