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    2008 Toyota Sequoia
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    2013 F24 Tomcat with aftermarket version of GSA (Sold) 2016 Supra SE450 now
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    6.0 410
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    OJ 940
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    2400 stock, 2200 (2 by 1100 jumbos) bags in lockers, 400 lead throughout
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    Head unit delete, WS420BT with aux input in passenger storage bucket in back. New Kicker VR 12", sealed box under helm. Bridged HT2 to sub, added Soundstream 520.4 bridged for Rev8s, HT6 running all inboats now. EAR SPLITTING.

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  1. Which motor is this, the supercharged GM based LSA? Someone on here will know, but I believe this has an atypical transmission and you're gonna want to look into propeller options to make it pull like you need it to. Anyone know the skinny?
  2. I have bumped it up to 5200#-ish of water, and I had 800 in lead in the boat. She is heavy, but its a light boat and it runs easy with the 450 Raptor. I was pretty darned pleased.
  3. Fellas! I have purchased a wip.....worked with the local dealer on a 2021 Moomba Max. So for now, am good. Actually just got it ripping pretty good here before winter! The surf wave/wakeboard wave composite quality index vs the price is hard to beat on this boat. I installed Flow 3.0 on it, which is an option not available on the Max, but made a big difference. Still love me some MB action though.....always will. Maybe again 2-3 boats down the road (approx 1.5 years or so). LOL
  4. Do you still have the complete lenco slapper kit?  I know its an old post.


    text me....   5053792750

  5. Trying to find this owner. Pop yachts is borderline useless! Location Herriman Utah.
  6. Roger that. The “same wave” is good info. You would definitely know! Was power a problem?
  7. Desperately seeking these videos.......thinking of going nuts and getting the "old" hull and slapping it. Furthermore, with a daughter getting into wakeboarding, I wonder how slow you can go and still get a clean wake. If you wanna text--605-321-2275. Really just want to see the shape of wave it makes! That is all my friends. Sold the SL, looking for a new love affair.
  8. Let see it please! 6053212275 is my cell—thank OI!
  9. There are a few B-52s bouncing around, working on some chats. What have we for F22s? Just as a backup plan.
  10. Hey guys my inbox just got jacked up—I may have deleted messages that I didn’t successfully reply to. If that’s the case text me at 605-321-2275. Sorry!
  11. I saw one listed on pop yachts from Folsom CA, anyone know who that is?
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