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  1. We have a liquid Force Grommi that is a boat favorite. Oour kids (70-80lbs) and the smaller adults (110-150) all ride it and have a blast. For you I'd recommend the Hyperlite Shim. Its a good all around board that you can learn on and grow in to and if you buy in the offseason you can probably score one for less that $400.
  2. Sounds like they got sideswiped on the way to Powell. Sucks for sure but that’s what insurance is for.
  3. I'm only going by what my dealer told me. Where have you seen photos of boats with the standard silver?
  4. It will depend on how you configure your system. If you go with reversible pumps you'll drill one hole per pump in the bottom of the hull for a fill and drain plus one hole per pump above the water line for a vent. If you configure it to drain above the water line you'll need two pumps per bag and you'll need to drill an additional hole above the water line.
  5. That is not my experience. When I ordered my 2021 I was told that the powdercoat was now "not" optional and I needed to pick a color because the standard Silver was no longer available. Also, the theater lighting was included on my 2014 and my 2019 at no charge.
  6. What have y'all heard or seen? JL Audio throughout for all audio options including head unit Standard dash (not offset like the Alpha) Powdercoat packages are now Standard Theater lighting is now an option
  7. I don't think he's around any more. As far as I know he bought a G boat and sailed off into the sunset.
  8. This may be the most epic thread to welcome someone to the forum. Nice work on that and Welcome! Docking an inboard is no small task and the learning curve is steep but you will get it. Just remember that there is no steering in reverse; the rear of the boat will always pull toward the starboard (driver) side and the nose will drift toward port. That said always come in to the dock slowly by "bumping" the throttle in and out of gear and making small (Small = 1/8 or 1/4 turn) steering corrections . If you feel like you're coming in too hot, hit reverse quickly to slow it down t
  9. We do white popcorn and goldfish but they sit on the swim deck while they eat.
  10. https://denver.craigslist.org/boa/d/denver-2018-mb-sports-b52-23/7155989261.html
  11. I just ordered a custom Wi-fi from Mark. I hope to have it in 3-5 weeks. I'll let you know how it rides compared to my HyperLite Shim(s).
  12. Fill it until the rub rail is in the water, then drain a little.
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