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  1. We installed sacs in our 2014 B52. There is a link to the buildsheet below. We went with 1100s in the back and a 750 bow bag under the seats up front. everything was ordered from wakemakers with the exception of the hose clamps which we purchased locally. We chose reversible pumps so they would fill/drain from the same port and so there were less holes to cut in the boat. The downside is that you need to pay attention not to run the pumps dry when you're emptying as they drain below the waterline. As far as draining the bags through the hard tanks. I suppose it would be possible bu
  2. Maintenance and winterization in progress at Aqua Sports Marine. Will listen to reasonable offers.
  3. Headed in to Winter storage price drop! $100,999 https://www.onlyinboards.com/2021-MB-B52-23-for-sale-Highland-Michigan-123415.aspx Indmar Raptor 6.2L MB Switch surf system GPS Speed control Cabin heater Heated drivers seat JL Audio Stereo pack B (Four Tower Speakers, 8" cabin speakers, 10" subwoofer, 3 amps) Boatmate Deluxe Tandem Axle trailer Swivel Board Racks Black over grey Gator step 1100lb Plug & Play Ballast over stock hard tanks in rear/ 750lb bag in the front Large Bimini top with Surf Pockets Powder coat package Tinted wi
  4. Still looking? Ready to deal my 2021. https://www.onlyinboards.com/2021-MB-B52-23-for-sale-Highland-Michigan-123415.aspx
  5. You selling this to buy mine? 🤑
  6. Do you have a center tab? Also, have you tried playing with speeds?
  7. This is the ultimate big boy board. Dimensions are 57 x 21.75 x 1.875. Two fin boxes with V2 F4 Futures Fins. Very fast, very poppy and carves like a dream. I had Mark at LakeWakes build this board when I was a little heavier and unfortunately for me, now its too big. Weight range would be 260lbs and up. $600 shipped
  8. Things happen in the build process. While it should have been caught during the quality audit, they probably didn't want to hold the boat any longer than they needed to. That said, live with it for the time being and have it corrected in the off season. A miscolored grab handle is no reason to be without your boat in prime season.
  9. Wave was as good as it’s ever been- full of gas, full ballast, 160ft of water and 4 adults and 3 kids on board
  10. Drain some ballast if the wave is too big for your kids. Our 6 and 8 year olds ride ropeless with only hard tanks filled.
  11. I friggin love it. Every dude that complains about the price of a boat is just showing their ignorance. let the market decide. And these dudes clowning MB are trying to make themselves feel better for overspending on their Mastercraft or Malibu.
  12. @Moto1 Can you share the contact information for the shop in St. George?
  13. I'll try my best to type this out so its coherent. When the surfer falls I immediate cut the throttle and turn the wheel to the opposite side (starboard side if the rider is regular, port side if goofy.) If the rope is still in the water have your spotter or someone else pull it in to the boat. Once the rollers have passed I then put the boat in gear and idle back to the rider. From here you have two choices; 1. you can circle the rider closely, as if you're bringing a ski/wakeboard rope back to them and have a helper throw the rope or 2. idle in straight at the rider, then the w
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