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  1. Couple of quick photos from lake test day! It all came together REALLY NICE!
  2. It's all standard vinyl. Being in Michigan I am not too worried about it being too hot. We only get a handful of days over 80 degrees all summer. However, it would probably be a different story if we were in Arizona.
  3. We had good luck with this style. Ours was neoprene as suggested above. All three of our boys used it and we've since passed it on to a neighbor.
  4. Thank you for the detailed explanation!
  5. This is what I got regarding the system with 4 tower speakers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M8RN7nfFB6HJa0Uilxj1eNpEGWHfiPdM/view?usp=sharing
  6. That boat is bad ass. Welcome!
  7. I know a guy! 😂 I was told it was 3-4 weeks from start to finish, but delivery timing depends n your dealer.
  8. You’re right! I think I surfed 3 times all last summer!
  9. Cost was a factor, but also we know the classic so well and the wave is insane.
  10. Ordered this boat last June for delivery this spring. Pretty basic build as this is our third new 23' B52 and we've figured out what we need (want) and what we don't. Being at sea level we opted for the base 400 again. Options are 2 tube heater, heated drivers seat, stereo pack B, surf lights, and deluxe Boatmate trailer. Gel and powder coat will be all Charcoal and interior will be Black over grey GatorStep with charcoal and black vinyl with red accents. Should have the boat in about a month.
  11. You should be able to get in to a 2018+ 23’ b52 for $80k
  12. We have a liquid Force Grommi that is a boat favorite. Oour kids (70-80lbs) and the smaller adults (110-150) all ride it and have a blast. For you I'd recommend the Hyperlite Shim. Its a good all around board that you can learn on and grow in to and if you buy in the offseason you can probably score one for less that $400.
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