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  1. I'd skip the factory racks and go with skylon or Roswell clampers. https://www.overtons.com/roswell-marine-triton-ii-board-rack-382858.html
  2. According to the sticker on my engine: No more than 10% ethanol. 400 minimum octane 89, 440/575 minimum octane 91.
  3. Just sold my Custom LakeWakes WiFi and looking to replace it with another surf style board. Has anyone ridden any of the new Ronix boards? I'm specifically looking at the Flyweight Atlantik 4'9" and/or Flyweight Bat Tail 4'7" but neither are available to demo locally. My other thought is to just bite the bullet and get on the list for a Custom Soulcraft.
  4. I crawled through the Ri245 and the Axis T250 on Sunday. I don't think I'll give up my MB just yet, but these boats are getting ridiculous!
  5. Nice! Can't wait to see the new whip!
  6. We installed sacs in our 2014 B52. There is a link to the buildsheet below. We went with 1100s in the back and a 750 bow bag under the seats up front. everything was ordered from wakemakers with the exception of the hose clamps which we purchased locally. We chose reversible pumps so they would fill/drain from the same port and so there were less holes to cut in the boat. The downside is that you need to pay attention not to run the pumps dry when you're emptying as they drain below the waterline. As far as draining the bags through the hard tanks. I suppose it would be possible but I assume you'd have to buy the bags and collars from MB and you'd have to cut holes in the top of your hard tanks. You still need pumps though as opening the gate for the hard tank does not fill the bags. Once the hard tanks are full you still require a pump to fill the bag on top. Not sure what your surf set up is, but we would list our boat to the surf side. We did so buy filling both bags and the hard tank on the surf side and leaving the non-surf side hard tank empty. that way we could switch sides fairly easily by gravity draining the hard tank and filling up the other side. Ballast build sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O1TLmvvSJJ7VHN56-tY2cU76Wiz_feQl_KCl4VOJVdk/edit?usp=sharing Good Luck!
  7. Not sure yet! Maybe a slapped 2012 F21?
  8. Maintenance and winterization in progress at Aqua Sports Marine. Will listen to reasonable offers.
  9. Still looking? Ready to deal my 2021. https://www.onlyinboards.com/2021-MB-B52-23-for-sale-Highland-Michigan-123415.aspx
  10. Do you have a center tab? Also, have you tried playing with speeds?
  11. This is the ultimate big boy board. Dimensions are 57 x 21.75 x 1.875. Two fin boxes with V2 F4 Futures Fins. Very fast, very poppy and carves like a dream. I had Mark at LakeWakes build this board when I was a little heavier and unfortunately for me, now its too big. Weight range would be 260lbs and up. $600 shipped
  12. Things happen in the build process. While it should have been caught during the quality audit, they probably didn't want to hold the boat any longer than they needed to. That said, live with it for the time being and have it corrected in the off season. A miscolored grab handle is no reason to be without your boat in prime season.
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