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  1. I bought one, seems legit, time will tell, I think I will just use the included strap and hang it from the cleat
  2. Do you jack up the rear too, so there is no weight on the tires? I thought that’s what the OP was referring to.
  3. I don’t even like the Ridgeline, I have a Silverado, lol
  4. Holy haul! I did the same, but opposite. Picked mine up in Cali and drove it back to Wisconsin. Welcome to the family, and you live in an area you can use it this time of year....jealous!
  5. I think I have 3 in the garage still in the boxes, brand new panties too! Lol. Do you really want one that bad?
  6. That’s a StarOne tower, which is now defunct, the current ones are made by Skylon
  7. If you are doing a furnace, throw an A-coil and have air conditioning. It’ll suck out all the moisture instead of just having the fans move it around.
  8. Just came from Lake Anna in VA, water temp is 96 right now. In the winter I think it’s in the 50-60’s. That’s on the warm side of the lake, the private side. They use that side to cool the nuclear reactor, which in effect heats that side of the lake.
  9. Hmm, I have had mine for over a year and have had zero issues. What problems were they referring too?
  10. The latest program update does 100% deployment and does not offer a manual option. Along with deploying the tab 100%, as soon as you select the surf mode.
  11. I thought that ShipFaced on here did some CNC things, and he is in your neck of the woods, maybe try to PM him.
  12. 88 gear is somewhat local to me, stopped by there once, it’s hilarious, it’s in a gas station, lol. I know they do a ton of online sales and their customer service is awesome, was just a shocker I could get petrol, a donut, an energy drink, ice cream, a towable and a surf board all in the same spot.
  13. Huh, I always thought it was 'in the eye of the BEERHOLDER'. lol
  14. Derivation: air mass (g / intake stroke) = [total engine air mass (g/sec)] / [rpm (revs/min)* (1 min / 60 sec) * (1/2 # of cylinders (strokes / rev)], LOAD_ABS = [air mass (g)/intake stroke] / [maximum air mass (g)/intake stroke at WOT@STP at 100% volumetric efficiency] Lol, hope this makes sense
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