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  1. I sure hope that is the case. That was my post on FB. Im nervous. Those are rough. Wish they would just fix on front end. It is the off season!
  2. I would say you do.. Sell me yours!!
  3. Meetloaf - I was just in brigade picking up my boards. I go to IF a lot for work. If you had it nailed down to a board or two he said I could bring down two demos and go out with you. Let me know if you want to try and arrange something. Bloodie- that’s the board I got! It’s perfect for me! I also got. The couch because of how freakin fun it is!!! You’re going to love it
  4. Mind blown last night!! I’ve been Wakesurfing for 3 years. I started off on a hyperlite broadcast. Wanted something a little bit faster to do 360’s and airs. Bought a Hyperlite hifi and liked it, but still wanted more. I bought a doomswell neo and hated it. I went back to the hifi and thought that’s what was best for me until tonight. Had the ability to demo all the new Brigade wakesurf boards hand made here in Idaho! Cannot BELIEVE the difference. Having all of those different sizes, shapes, and fin set ups was huge. I found two MUST haves. Highly recommend Shawn at Brigade and his commitment
  5. I tried every configuration yesterday.. Just don't love how buoyant it is. I went back to my skim and just felt at home. Need to sell while it's still like new!! I'll check out that chaos!
  6. It's the 4 8 model. That is what Brock recommended to me. I'm 5'11" 180lbs. Trying to upload pics, but you can go to the website and look at the specs. Pics coming soon
  7. Went out again. Just can't get used to the surf style. Sticking with skin. Would prefer not to ship. I live in Boise but travel to tri cities and Oregon pretty often. $600 with case. Used twice. Brand new basically.
  8. Pulled Pork is a no brainer. Buy a 7-11 lb bone in pork shoulder. wash it, dry it off, and spread some mustard all over it. Cover the entire thing in your favorite bbq rub and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours/overnight and then start smoking. I like to smoke my pork butts around 250. Some swear buy anywhere from 225 - 275. It takes roughly 1.5 - 2 hours per lb but really depends on the meat as well as what you do during "the stall" When you meat hits anywhere from 150-170 it could sit idle for hours upon hours. You'll swear your meat probe is broke.. Depending on what
  9. Yea thanks.. To Hyperryd... I really didn't know what type of board I wanted because I've only used the broadcast. I've heard amazing reviews of the doomswell so I bought one.. I don't dislike it.. I just heard they spun easy and I was not spinning it. I might try a high end skim board next to see what fits my riding style the best.. All are fun.. Just different.
  10. Boats.. I know little about.. Pellet grills... I'm your guy.. Here is the deal... What is your budget, and what is important to you? Let me start with the cheaper models Camp Chef Traeger Pit Boss They are all pretty much the same style drum smoker.. Similar dial control panel, similar burn pot, made in china etc. They will all make good food. The thinner material will not hold temp quite as well, but it really won't kill ya, however in the winter they struggle a bit more than the higher end models... But if you are on a budget they will get you started and make better BBQ th
  11. Run them up front like the big fins or run them in back?
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