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  1. I have a w016 B52-21. Same hull design. Different tower and some controls. You’ll enjoy it for sure.
  2. I used a Delta before I slapped my boat. It worked great with my 2016 B52-21. It’s for sale in the classifieds with pics if interested
  3. Just ordered an Inland Surfer Red Rocket. Evo has the 2018 model on sale for $450ish. Rated 300+ pounds. Has good reviews for beginners and up. We’ll see if it helps my fat ass https://www.evo.com/outlet/wakesurf-boards/inland-surfer-red-rocket-board-2018
  4. I used a Delta before I slappped mine. Works great. Selling it in the classifieds.
  5. Selling my Delta. Slapped the boat so no longer needed. In the zippered case lightly used. $250 obo
  6. Thinking of picking one up. I’m looking for a fat kid (300lbs) and beginner friendly board and heard this was good. Any input would be great.
  7. So did this. Now the top speakers are on and the lowers off. Also ran the javelin with my phone as the source. On the front outs both bow speakers worked. On the lowers all cabins worked. Utterly confused as to what the issue is as when they are running off the zone controller the port side cabins and starboard bow are the only speakers functioning. Good thing is that it appear that the amps are fine as are all the speakers. Any ideas now?
  8. So I am having a weird issue with my stereo that started this weekend. The exile zone controller was causing all the speakers to cut in and out. Found a a loose volume knob that seemed to be the issue. At the same time The port side bow and the top tower speakers were not working at all. Replaced the zone controller an d the cabins no longer cut out. But the top towers and port bow speaker are still not working. The sub is also having issues and is playing super low. I Did not mess with any of the amp settings. I Checked the fuses on the tower amp and they are fine. Also changed t
  9. Successful water test. New slappers and FAE trim tab. I like!
  10. Can’t wait to get her in the water! You are the man John!!!!
  11. Anyone know if they have one for us? Used one last year but don’t remember what it was.
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