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  1. How tight was the width? I have an F22 that, I am concerned fitting through a 9'x8'. Knew I had enough height, but am most concerned with the width.
  2. I have a '16 F22 that I just got at the end of June and have experienced the same issue. Spoke to my dealer (The Edge, can probably comment further), and they there's an update needed on the auto start and next time my boat's in (likely the end of the year at this point) they'll reflash the ecu and it will solve the problem. In the meantime if you hold the key, as opposed to turning and letting go it helps, though doesn't solve the problem.
  3. Hey Guys, Just upgraded from an '07 Malibu to put in an order for a new '16 F22. I've asked my sales rep, but was wondering if anyone on here had insight. I'm not crazy about the "Tomcat" on the side and was wondering if anyone has heard of (or actually done) something else there. I would prefer a cool "MB" logo there, or have even thought about omitting it all together, but would be afraid that if I do that it will look too plain. Thanks!
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