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  1. Unless your boat is different than all the MBs I've seen, the gauge shows water in the hard tanks, not the bags. That being the case, your problem could be that the ballast gates aren't closing properly. Perhaps shine a light into the ballast gate intakes to see if there is debris stuck in there preventing them from fully closing. I once had a whole 11" long dead bass stuck in the ballast intake. Pretty easy for some grass or a stick or something to get stuck in there if you're in water with a fair amount of debris.
  2. I've wondered the same thing but haven't found any way to change them. Seems odd.
  3. In the neighborhood of 4K rpm is pretty normal for surfing, less if you run on the slow side and more if you run a bit faster than normal.
  4. Wave is totally surfable for beginners, kids, whatever. You don't have to fill everything up if you want a smaller wave. In my experience, though, a strong wave just makes it easier or everybody. Regarding Tahoe, I can tell you that we spend 10+ days boating there every summer (just got back from a 9 day trip and going for another 5 soon). We have the 400 in our 16 F22 and have zero problems at that elevation. We boat with a FULL load of people when we cruise to Skunk Habor, Sunnyside, Emerald Bay, Zephyr Cove, etc. (10 - 14 people) and the boat easily gets up to speed and cruises, an
  5. I don't have an Alpha, just a "classic" 2016 F22. I have a friend who has had a 2015 T22, a 2017 LSV23 and now a 19 A22. In short, they really are all fine boats. From a wave perspective, I personally think my F22 beats all three of them. My friend would probably disagree, though ;-). MB wave is harder and steeper where the Malibu/Axis wave is glassier, less steep and somewhat softer. Wakeboard wake is different but not really better or worse between them - MB is steeper and has more lip where the Malibu/Axis is rampier and softer (probably easier on knees). Overall build quality and inte
  6. Why would you advise against it?
  7. OrangeTJ

    Prop change

    Did any of the other specs change? All else being equal, you will probably see somewhat higher rpm at any given speed and likely a bit slower time to speed. How much higher and how much slower, I can't say.
  8. Depends on where you measure. On mine, from the hard chine to the gunnel at the helm it is about 39".
  9. I have a 16 F22, which I believe has a bit more freeboard than a 14 F21. FWIW, we have taken our F22 for a week to 2 weeks every year to Tahoe and have been out in some pretty choppy conditions when we stayed on the water too long. Not a problem but not a lot of fun if you have to get most of the way across the lake when the wind has kicked up. We've never taken water other than spray over the bow, even with a very full load of passengers, but everybody gets splashed and the back seat passengers get pretty wet. The boat is solid and sure, though. We do try to have ourselves back close to
  10. These look great and I'm gong to have to get some! Now, if somebody would just make a tub for over the engine that actually fit without leaving a 3" gap at the front or rear for stuff to fall out of an down into the engine compartment!
  11. In the meantime, you could temporarily fix the end result of the problem by changing the position of the pin where the actuator attaches to the plate. Just set it so the tab starts from a lower position in the first place.
  12. Seriously. This is freaking awesome.
  13. That is awesome! Shade is in short supply on most wake boats and this looks like a great improvement.
  14. Oh yeah - in my opinion the 2775 is just not a good prop for these boats. At least it most certainly wasn't on our F22, as the stock prop that came with the boat. High RPM all the time, WOT speed of about 32 mph, surfing at 5,000 rpm, 4,000 rpm cruise speed of 21-22. Just no. 2277 is a pretty big step in pitch from the 2775 so you'll see rpm drop at all speeds under all conditions but you will also lose some low-speed pull. Maybe not enough to really matter - again that prop surfs fine on our F22 with a ballast load of close to 5,000 pounds and a few people aboard. 2247 is a very good co
  15. What prop do you have on your boat right now? I have used a 2277 and the same prop but with less cup - a 2279 - on our 16 F22 for about 220 hours. So it is not exactly the same boat but shouldn't be too too different in terms of performance if you also have the 400 engine. We are at a similar elevation most of the tme (actually just about 30 meters lower). With a 2277 I wouldn't expect you'd likely get appreciably over 40 on top at WOT, which on these boats should be around 5400 rpm. If you don't surf or wakeboard heavy, then you could go further up in pitch to bring down your cruising
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