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  1. I had the same thing happen with one of the bags in my 2016. I was about to buy a new bag ($$$) but decided to try VLP vinyl repair/adhesive first. It has worked so far and has held for the past 10 outings. I just put quite a lot of it all around the weld area and let it dry for 24 hours before using the boat again. Worth a try.
  2. Looks sharp! Are those red accens on the windhshield frame etc something custom ordered? Congrats on the boat!
  3. I replaced the ballast gate valves on my 2016 F22 with Valterra valves. Didn't change the switch on the dash. Not a technically difficult job, but a definite pain in the A in terms of accessing the necessary nuts and bolts!
  4. Still show on the MB website but not on the Larson website. Other than California Skier in SoCal, that would mean no dealers in CA at all. That's a big hit, especially for a CA manufactured brand.
  5. Wow. Just looked at their website and don't see MB listed in their brands. That is a big blow, particularly if they aren't replaced by another very good local dealer.
  6. On my 2016 MB with the 400 I've had ACME 2775, 2249, 2279 and currently running the 2249 re-cupped to match a 2247. the 2775 and 2249 were too "aggressive" for me (2775 was WAY too aggressive), resulting in too high of revs under all conditions for my liking. 2279 was great at low elevation but just a bit short on pull for surfing at high elevation. The re-cupped and generally re-worked 2249 (cupped to .150 and given the once over by a good local prop shop) seems fantastic so far and allowed surfing with close to 5K ballast at Lake Tahoe. it may be more than I need at my low elevation home lake but I'm going to use it for the rest of the year to see how I like it.
  7. When you approach your slip, is the slip on the starboard side or the port side? I've had both - and both quite narrow - but the technique for getting in is different.
  8. I did not mean to imply something bad about FAE - just that if it was installed poorly and pulled loose somehow, a lot of water could come in very quickly!
  9. I saw that on FB, too! Yikes! 100% a guess, but I'm going to go with FAE install failure.
  10. How do you add it to the main menu? I'm having to go through the whole mode & toggle process to see it whenever I shut the boat off and turn it back on. The GPH I was seeing was about 9.5 cruising at 24 mph/4K rpm with 14 aboard on Lake Tahoe at 6,200 feet. Surfing with about 5K total ballast and 2 aboard we were burning about 14.5 gph.
  11. That did the trick! Previously I was just toggling the mode switch, not holding it up. Pretty cool feature!
  12. Bummer to hear about your alignment issues. Although it doesn't sound like it is the problem, who recommended the 2419 to you? A 15 x 12 with .075 cup really doesn't seem to make much sense for that boat (engine and gear ratio) at that elevation. That is a very aggressive prop and you are going to run unnecessarily high rpm under virtually all conditions. If you ever decide to look at different props, if you're staying at 15" diameter take a look at the 2247. I had my stock 2249 recupped to match 2247 specs and am very happy with it - 15 X 14.25 with .150 cup. We ran it on my 2016 F22 with a 400 (same trans ratio as you, though) surfing on Lake Tahoe (6,200 feet) with about 5K total ballast and had great results. It also had more then enough pull to easily plane out with 14 people aboard and comfortably cruise at 25 mph at 4K rpm with lots of throttle left. WOT speed is just a hair below 37 mph.
  13. There's no manual for that kind of thing. The way the inspection/decontamination stations do it here is with very hot water.
  14. I still don't understand why MB ever ships these boats with the 2775. On the old transmission ratio I can see it, but since 2016 that prop has just had way too little pitch for virtually any use case I can imagine. Mine came with one too and I promptly ditched it. 2247 is a much better match. Glad they squared you away.
  15. I have a 2016 - will have to see if my settings are as shown on that sheet! I haven't messed with them from the factory. Honestly, I think it sounds fine as it is but better is, well, better!
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