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  1. Yep, if you get the combination of mode + up/down just right, you can see all kinds of cool stuff on the Livorsi gauges. Most interesting to me is the % load and the instand fuel burn rate in GPH. Very useful for figuring out how a prop is performing, the difference in fuel burn between cruising and surfing, etc. Too bad it always seems to take me half the season to figure out the right combination of ups and downs to get back there! I swear, the next time I get it right I am writing it down!
  2. We have a 2016 F22, which is very very similar to a 2019. Absolutely love it. It is a surf monster.
  3. My cav plate is just like that when fully retracted.
  4. Just for reference, in our 2016 F22, we typically run a ballast load of between 4500 - 5500 for surfing depending upon the size of the crew that day. For wakeboarding, we typically use no ballast at all (and zero cav plate deployment) but sometimes will fill the 2800 lbs of hard tank ballast. With those hard tanks full, the wake is massive and very aggressive (too much for me). The dealership telling you that additional ballast can't be added is simply talking out of their a$$. Your boat should be more than capable of producing fantastic surf and wakeboard wakes once it is set
  5. As a start (an easy one) for the regular side, speed up to at least 11.8. We run 11.8-12.2 (and sometimes faster) on the regular side. I also agree with maybe dumping a bit of weight from the starboard side to see if that helps. On our boat, we only really typically dump off-side weight to get the goofy side good but for some weird reason it seems that all of these boats are just a little bit different.
  6. Agree - if the boat has the newer (numerically higher) trans ratio the 2247 is very good. Way way way better than the 2775 overall, in my opinion. Have that setup on our 2016 F22 and quite happy with it.
  7. Unless your boat is different than all the MBs I've seen, the gauge shows water in the hard tanks, not the bags. That being the case, your problem could be that the ballast gates aren't closing properly. Perhaps shine a light into the ballast gate intakes to see if there is debris stuck in there preventing them from fully closing. I once had a whole 11" long dead bass stuck in the ballast intake. Pretty easy for some grass or a stick or something to get stuck in there if you're in water with a fair amount of debris.
  8. I've wondered the same thing but haven't found any way to change them. Seems odd.
  9. In the neighborhood of 4K rpm is pretty normal for surfing, less if you run on the slow side and more if you run a bit faster than normal.
  10. Wave is totally surfable for beginners, kids, whatever. You don't have to fill everything up if you want a smaller wave. In my experience, though, a strong wave just makes it easier or everybody. Regarding Tahoe, I can tell you that we spend 10+ days boating there every summer (just got back from a 9 day trip and going for another 5 soon). We have the 400 in our 16 F22 and have zero problems at that elevation. We boat with a FULL load of people when we cruise to Skunk Habor, Sunnyside, Emerald Bay, Zephyr Cove, etc. (10 - 14 people) and the boat easily gets up to speed and cruises, an
  11. I don't have an Alpha, just a "classic" 2016 F22. I have a friend who has had a 2015 T22, a 2017 LSV23 and now a 19 A22. In short, they really are all fine boats. From a wave perspective, I personally think my F22 beats all three of them. My friend would probably disagree, though ;-). MB wave is harder and steeper where the Malibu/Axis wave is glassier, less steep and somewhat softer. Wakeboard wake is different but not really better or worse between them - MB is steeper and has more lip where the Malibu/Axis is rampier and softer (probably easier on knees). Overall build quality and inte
  12. Why would you advise against it?
  13. OrangeTJ

    Prop change

    Did any of the other specs change? All else being equal, you will probably see somewhat higher rpm at any given speed and likely a bit slower time to speed. How much higher and how much slower, I can't say.
  14. Depends on where you measure. On mine, from the hard chine to the gunnel at the helm it is about 39".
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