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  1. GSA will work great on you 2015. As noted above, the F24 has an entirely different wetted surface. It looks more like a Nautique G boat at the stern than it does a previous generation MB.
  2. I highly doubt there will be very significant wave differences between the boats once both are set up well. I just watched a video on the FB group showing a goofy wave behind a new F22A. It was very impressive.
  3. Honestly, while I prefer the F22 it seems pretty obvious that what you really want is the B52. If buying it doesn't present a financial strain, I'd say just make the switch. I suspect that otherwise you are going to end up wondering "what if" every time you are out on the F22. Then in a couple of years you'll give in and buy the B52 and spend waaay more money. Buy once cry once.
  4. Interesting thought.....maybe consider a B52 classic instead of the B52A. That shifts my opinion toward the B52, if I'm spending your money, lol.
  5. If your wave is just "OK", you have room for fine tuning and improvement. We've got the wave behind my 16 F22 to the point where I have yet to be on a better one, including behind a G23, a Malibu LSV 23 and a couple of Axis boats. It is a bit finicky but these boats can throw a fantastic wave.
  6. Yes, mine is a 2016, which I guess makes it a "classic" now...lol. The Alphas definitely look deeper but I have absolutely no complaints about mine, even if it is now the old style. It's a keeper. Just went out in a friend's new Axis A22 and I actually have to say that I do think mine feels a tad roomier inside. Could just be my imagination, though.
  7. Personally, I think the F22A looks a LOT better than the B52A. That's just one man's opinion. Regarding bow storage, to be clear is there no storage when the ballast is empty or only when it is full? If only when the ballast is full and if your concern involves a time when you may have others with you anyway, just put people up front and don't fill the bow ballast. We have a "classic" (lol) F22 and honestly very rarely access the storage space under the bow seats. Between what we can put under the other seats and in the lockers, I just don't feel the need. I'm not sure I get the concern re
  8. I haven't been in a ton of other 22 foot boats, but I can say that mine doesn't feel any larger overall than my friend's Axis T22. Yes, mine has more room in the bow but his has a bit more behind the windshield. My F22 certainly doesn't feel as big inside as another friend's G23 or another's Malibu LSV23, again especially behind the windshield. In my family, everybody wants to ride in the bow so a bow-forward balance of space works well for us. For what it is worth, we've had 14 people in our boat - adults and teenage kids. It was 100% full to the brim but it worked and the boat performed
  9. Unless your boat was wired wrong from the factory, the bilge will still work with the battery switches turned off. Your boat will be fine.
  10. For me it is less about how much the top speed drops, but the impact those highly aggressive props have on cruising rpm at say 25 mph. I think the 2247 is probably about the best overall compromise right now if you're going to use your boat for things other than just surfing or wakeboarding with huge ballast. There may be a 15.5" (i.e. 28xx prop) that works even better but I haven't tried any.
  11. I've had a few props on my boat. The original 2775 (terrible - way too shallow pitch causing high rpm under all conditions), a 2249 (just less up than the 2247), a 2277, a 2279 (same as 2277 with less cup) and now a 2249 recupped to .150. The wave itself was the same regardless of the prop. If your engine is pulling the ballast setup you want with the 2277, you aren't really giving anything up and are gaining a more relaxed cruising rpm at any given speed. On the other hand, if you're using all of what your boat can put out to turn the 2277 and maintain surf speed, by all means go back to
  12. Everybody is different but the one "must have" upgrade I would suggest is bow cleats. Maybe they come with them now but when I ordered my 16 they only came with midship and rear cleats. Dumb. Bow cleats are very handy.
  13. I've surfed behind both a Malibu LSV23 and a Nautique G23. Both are truly awesome boats and the surfing was good. However, I find the surf wave behind my F22 to be more powerful than what I experienced behind either of them. Not as pretty as the Malibu and not as easily adjustable as the G23, but more powerful and frankly more fun to surf, in my opinion. Wave aside, both of those boats were quieter than mine and ran at lower rpm, even though the malibu has essentially an identical drivetrain and prop to my F22. The G is a whole other thing - different engine, 17" prop, etc. Both of those
  14. Rope ladders probably actually make it harder to get aboard, lol. We tried that precisely once. I have a Garelick three step "eez in" ladder on the platform of my 2016. Works great. I posted an install post here a couple of years ago when I first put it on.
  15. I had the same thing happen with one of the bags in my 2016. I was about to buy a new bag ($$$) but decided to try VLP vinyl repair/adhesive first. It has worked so far and has held for the past 10 outings. I just put quite a lot of it all around the weld area and let it dry for 24 hours before using the boat again. Worth a try.
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