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  1. I got out with the 3093. Did very well, lowered it 200 rpms. Everything full plus 300 pounds lead in front & 150 pounds lead port side rear locker, 4 adults & we were doing 11-11.2 at 3600 to 3700 rpm. Getting out of the hole is better too, smooth & right up. Helped the Raptor not feel like a weak disappointment & gets the job done well enough. Spot on suggestion from Acme.
  2. Yep that's the chair. Mine was mounted to the side wall before the amps. I believe it was added after market. I think the Cav Plate, Pumps & GSA were fused there (previously owner added GSA). I'm still dying to know if your Cav plate is switched through your stereo. Drove me insanse trying to figure out why mine was working intermittently until I figured out it only worked with the stereo switch turned on.
  3. I had a 13. The fuse box for the pumps & cav plate were under the observers chair mounted to the side wall. Not sure on yours, but my Cav plate would only work if the stereo switch was in the on position. I'm very curious to know if yours does this too.
  4. Well this is interesting. People at low elevations still getting the same RPM / performance as we are at high altitude? As much as I love adding all the weight I can & getting a monster wave, I have to admit there were a lot of times I felt we were getting a better wave running less weight so I'll be experimenting with that as well. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt going down in pitch effectively reduce the overall size of the prop? A 15.5" prop w/ 12.5" pitch would be smaller than a 15.5"x15.5", getting it a bit further away from the hull? Jim briefly touched on this but didn't go much deeper and switched gears that MB screwed us by not allowing room for a 16" prop
  5. So wow, an hour on the phone with Jim @ Acme, great guy, hard to get him off the phone though. He said going to the 3065 would be a waste & when he did the math the 3065 isn't a 15x13, with the .180 cupping it is effectively a 15x13.67, negligible when comparing it to the 2247 . He suggests if I'm going to try anything to try the 3039 (15x12.5 .165 cup). Which lead into him telling me that we're asking too much from the 400 raptor base motor & that it would actually be inefficient to be surfing under 3700 rpm with that particular engine. Too bad Larry from Indmar doesn't hang on this forum like he does others to chime in on that. Wish there was a one size fits all answer, props are too expensive to just keep throwing money at them. @mxvet who at AWS would have that answer? I called a while back & some kid who answered had no clue & nobody ever called me back
  6. That's the right prop, 15x13 .180 cup.
  7. I'd like to try that 3065. Gonna need a spare anyway, I might just order one, Nettles has it $550 shipped.
  8. in the case of the 15x11 it ran the RPM's very high & the boat handled terribly as well without weight. Even reverse was horrible & so much better once I put the 2247 on. I was sort of shocked, the 15x11 worked so well on my last boat, I didn't think it'd be as bad as it was & was hoping it would be a great hole shot with lower RPM's. I talked to dude at the boat shack & he says they've tried every combination of props on the 400 at altitude and the 2247 was the best choice. I would like to slap a 15x13 on though just for my own "see it with my own eyes" type of thing & to experiment
  9. Oh that is solid advice! Was wondering if these computers can give you that info. I was at Chopfield yesterday, curious to see what the 1000' drop in elevation at Empire will bring about.
  10. I tried a 15x11 yesterday for grins, even without Ballast the prop made the boat handle poorly. Tried the 2247 & it seemed to perform rather well. Too choppy to really try anything, wasn't 100% slammed but bags were rather full and only 3 on board but wave looked big & RPM's were 3700 at 11.2. I'm happy with that. Will get to play with it more this weekend. Any one try a 15x13 on the 18-20 years?
  11. That boat is FUGLY with the color combo though
  12. чертовски верно
  13. You're new here, they deleted it all, the typing was in Russian, that's how we know it was Russian. You can't just jump on a forum & talk out your ass without all the facts. See how that works....
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