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  1. This is exactly my opinion. The only other boat I really want to try & compare is the Centurion Fi23. My only gripe on my 18 B52 was lack of adjust ability to the wave unless you sped up & or added more bow weight. I would have liked to try the GSA kit to make the tabs go up or down with a dial like my 13 had but it was $1400 & I sold it anyway.
  2. just use gps on your phone to see it's accurate
  3. I'm not quite sure how since I didn't read the directions but one of the switches you can toggle up & down & your gauge will show you gallons per hours & a host of other information.
  4. That isn't FAE but I have that tip & would sell it
  5. Yep the oval was the redesign. It might be easier to talk to a machine shop / welder about supporting it before it breaks? Get ahead of the problem. Don't quote me on the new tower cost, I just know they're expensive & would require work to reinforce the hull. Def can't just bolt one on
  6. No you would need to patch, cut, reinforce hull & mount new tower. Mid 14 they fixed the design flaw of the tower, just slight tweaks to the tubing were made & it made the tower solid. I believe the new tower is also around $7k-$8k?
  7. You'll have to have a cover made. Hit up a local upholstery shop. BaldMikes MIGHT have one pre-made but I think you're looking at having one made
  8. If already has pumps yes. If not then you're drilling holes & adding pumps. It really isn't hard, first holes the hardest mentally after it's like drilling anything else
  9. If you have a prop shop close by just take it in. Over 6 years it could use a balance & a chance to put a new key in. 6 years though, probably gonna be a real b***h to get off. I'd have mallet, 2x4 & a torch close by if the puller can't get the job done.
  10. No. Your shaft is lubed by the water. I'm not a prop expert, but most prop issues present themselves at lower speeds & not just higher speeds. I think you got something else going on.
  11. That sucks, the breaks just pile up. Find a good local welder & have him add gusset supports & you'll be back in business
  12. This site is slow & I'm slow today & in need of a new driver so why not ask here. The head on my Ping G30 went flying past the ladies box on Saturday so what's next? I've already re-shafted it once & I'm positive a new driver will totally change & improve my game..... Looking at the Ping G400 max. Anyone hit one of those & have a comparison to other drivers? If the good stores were't so far across town I'd go hit some but interweb feedback is always nice too.
  13. Are you getting those RPM's sacked out & w/ people on board? That's impressive
  14. Could be the prop itself. When I tried a 15x11 it vibrated like that & ran really high RPM's. Being your's is 15x12 maybe have some cup added. I run the 3093 (15x12.5) w..165 cupping. The only time I got any vibration with that prop was trying to take off with the wheel cranked in one direction.
  15. There's a reason Nautique is also double the cost, It's higher end all around. I've demoed newer Malibus, Axis, their engine bays are pretty loud. My friends MC is deff quieter but for the money he spent I'd want it much quieter. I'm hoping to demo an Fi this weekend, I'll report back if that thing is loud or not
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