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  1. My identity has been compromised 😔
  2. Both Lead Wake and Wake Ballast have been good to me
  3. Yes they did! I had some fun with that also... grip tape and some lead wake!
  4. I wish HDPE was cheaper! So many cool things you can do with it
  5. Thanks! Yes I cut it myself. Built a template out of MDF, then used a spiral flush bit to route it out of 1” HDPE, and a round over bit for the edges. It is not hinged, it snaps in like the OEM seat does. I’ve actually had the HDPE for a couple years. I’d bought it from a plastic supplier when I lived in Boise still. It was a leftover piece they had cut off from doing a project and I paid almost nothing for it. When I was building this I tried to source more to build it taller like I mentioned, but for a 48 x 24 sheet it was like $170, and id have to buy 2 of those! So for now, it stays how it is haha.
  6. Finally got my gatorstep in for my rear seat step. My original plan was to build it 3 sheets high with the bottom 2 sheets only being a 1” thick frame (hollow in the center), and the top sheet being hinged. This would give me the same height as the seats and would also give additional storage When you flip up the top. But, with how freaking expensive the HDPE is I decided to just do this for now. I may revisit the rest of the plan later. But I think this looks good enough to work till the off season!
  7. Here is the mechanical drawing. The OEM one on my seat measures about 7/8” tall and just over 3/4” wide. Pretty sure this is it.
  8. Well if anyone is interested in getting this piece as well, I think I found it. The mechanical drawings on their site seem to match the measurements I took. Ended up being $20 after shipping. Will let you know if it doesn't work! https://www.eberhard.com/products/door-holdbacks/664-668-series/20532
  9. I'm in the process of building a replacement rear center seat that is a step vs a cushion as other have done before me. Im pretty much complete including my custom Gatorstep, but I need to source the male hold down piece that is on the stock seat and goes into the rubber bushing. I thought I could just remove the one from the stock cushion but the screw just spins so I assume its nutted from the top. Does anyone know the manufacturer of this or a pace to order one online? Its the last piece to my project and I'm itching to complete it! Thanks for any help.
  10. Look great! You will love them!!!
  11. When you start the boat did you turn the key on and let it do it’s full sweep on the gauges before you turned it over? I’ve made this mistake in the past and it won’t allow the tabs to move. It has to go through its full startup sequence before you turn the engine over. Not sure if this was your problem but it’s a starting point.
  12. Been emailing back and forth with Mason, no luck, claims he cant find it... 😔
  13. I always thought if it was turned 3 times while out on the water, the lake turns into hot tub time machine!
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