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  1. Selling my 2020 MB B52. 45 hours, serious offers only please. Link below! https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/boa/d/boulder-city-2020-mb-b52-23-surf/7371084956.html
  2. Did you ever find one by chance? I have a 2020
  3. The forward lights on the top corners were an option, I did not have them on my 16 F22 and it was NOT pre wired. In all honesty though, if it was, it would not likely be large enough gauged wire to run the light bar
  4. Understand and appreciate your concern. I certainly don't plan to keep them running like a constant headlight. Hence the remote. I like the ability to light it up for a minute to see everything in front of me before surfing. The remote is a quick on quick off solution. No intention of leaving them on to blind everyone on the lake.
  5. I think there is, and that's a good call. I will put them as forward as possible. Thanks!
  6. So I’ve been wanting to figure out “headlights” for night surfing for awhile now. My transom lights give more than enough output for the surfer, but sometimes navigating the boat can be a bit sketch! So I decided to build a set. The goal was to make them super easy to use, easily removable, and needed to look decent while on the boat. I ended up using vacuum suction cups and some cheap off-road lights. Coupled with a Milwaukee M12 battery for power source, and a few other supplies, I went for it. The final product is decent enough looking, but super functional. They even turn on/off simultaneo
  7. On my old 16 F22 with the 400 and newer trans I had a 2775 that was too aggressive, and a 2247 wouldn’t get to surf speed. ACME recommended a 2773 and it was money. From 1000 ft to 5000 ft elevation it seemed to work great everywhere. On my 20 B52 with 440 I run the 2247 that came on it. Runs perfect for me at Mead.
  8. My experience with the Shack has always been stellar as well
  9. what year MB you putting them on? I have a spare set of adapters to the 2016 era tower Id make you a killer deal on
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