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  1. On my old 16 F22 with the 400 and newer trans I had a 2775 that was too aggressive, and a 2247 wouldn’t get to surf speed. ACME recommended a 2773 and it was money. From 1000 ft to 5000 ft elevation it seemed to work great everywhere. On my 20 B52 with 440 I run the 2247 that came on it. Runs perfect for me at Mead.
  2. My experience with the Shack has always been stellar as well
  3. what year MB you putting them on? I have a spare set of adapters to the 2016 era tower Id make you a killer deal on
  4. I just looked for it in the Apple App store, search Volume by Velocity ... and yes, it works with streaming sources. Start the app, set the parameters, then minimize it and run your streaming source.
  5. Download app Volumatic. It lets you set GPS speeds for when its full volume and when you want it to cut volume. It lets you set the percentage of attenuation as well. Works great!
  6. I run Stinger AGM's in mine. They have always been very good to me. I also use a Noco 2 bank shore charger.
  7. Also, beautiful freaking boat. Should sell quick!!!
  8. My boat is mostly black, and lake Mead has some of the hardest water and the hottest conditions. I’m super thankful I ceramic coat mine. Yes it still takes hot sauce, but very little elbow grease. Wipes right off
  9. Beautiful boat! Congrats on the purchase, you will continue to love it!!!
  10. This may be one of the reasons I don’t have kids...
  11. This is def one of the cleanest boat out there, and the stereo is insane!!!!!!!
  12. The speaker wire that runs into the tower on the Port side basically takes up all the room. But there was enough room on the Starboard side to run the 4 connect wire through to power the RGB's. All the RGB's run independent to the other boat lighting. They all run to a controller that has an RF remote. So you can operate them with or without the OEM theater and tower lighting.
  13. I told @Birddog7.62 a week ago I would post this up, but I wasn’t finished yet and have been absolutely slammed at work! I finally took the time to finish this project today though and I’m super happy with the results! I have successfully added RGB lights to all cabin and tower speakers and also a few choice cup holders. I sourced the in cabin rings and the cup holder rings from Blast LED. I’m also using their RGB controller. They seem to be a great company with quality product and very responsive customer service. The in cabin and cup holder lights were easy. The real project started with the
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