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  1. Just bought it yesterday and hit unmarked low spot first trip out. Never changed a prop before. It is a 440 engine and my lake is about 3700 ft elevation. What do I need to check besides prop? Driveline ? Which prop do I need?
  2. do the newer MBs have xm capable? we just got used to xm on the water so people dont fight so much over the music since it programmed. sounds like and rca jack to the amp and an xm receiver then ? makes sense to use the phone and stream since that will not require a subscription.
  3. i am looking at a 2018 B52 23 and wondering about xm radio in MB boats. the owner said it has bluetooth and then connect from phone for XM. what do you guys use? Xm typically wants a wifi signal which i wont have on the water. do you just use downloaded playlist etc? Thanks
  4. newbie and newbie questions I have been reading the blog on the Mastercraft site as well and they call it the "suckgate" and that is the BOB version as well. Sorry for my confusion. built my first suckgate and left it at the bottom of the lake last saturday since the HD leash bent and let it go. Working on my V 2.0. question is about ballast. i have an old boat - 1998 MB LS190. great boat. trying to achieve a surf wake that we can toss the rope with. We all surf, but cant get a wake that sustains. first ?- is that even possible with a 98 vintage MB? i weigh 220# but wife and others less (much less) where should i add ballast and how much for this boat? second ? - USCG max weight sticker says max of 1085# of people cargo etc. people add up to say 600# are you guys staying within the boat limits when you add ballast? is see some folks adding 2500# ?!! third ? - i only have about a 4.5" of area to attach the suckgate. i have a west marine and the aluminum coming. question is - i am thinking the Ronix style wedge mounted to the suction unit would work well, but i dont see anyone building those, just the BOB version which looks great. i had a little success with my suckgate v 1.0 before it left me. The problem with the aluminum handle is that the spring is plain steel and rusts quickly. the west marine or Seastow handle is all stainless parts and a bit smaller. Thanks for the help.
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