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  1. it is navionics app. allows user to shade areas based in depth, plot, speed, etc. and adjust water level to actual so it is accurate. the control is my GSA controls(gosurfassist). it was added by the original owner.
  2. Tricky lake with shallow areas and not marked well. Lake level varies often with drought and then big rains. GPS helps my wife know where to go when I’m not driving too.
  3. 3m 5200 for adhesive. i would get 20 ga stainless 304 about 6"x6" i found the stainless in ebay for cheap
  4. i had a 1998 boss 190 and never had a manual. you can find the pcm engine manual. it is about all i had. had the perfect pass manual. what are you trying to figure out ?
  5. my 2018 had a livorsi throttle and a bad circuit board. i sent to livorsi for repair. $150
  6. On a 2018 b52. How do you get the prop shaft out. Remove strut? Not enough clearance at rudder
  7. I agree the 2247 should be best for that for sure. Take plenty of self hydration chemicals for tubing. Lots of work for boat drivers.
  8. See if you have a small Allen head retaining screw on the bottom mb appearance plate. If so then loosen that and remove the plate and then you should have four screws that hold the throttle body. Take those acres out and unplug the harness. I had a great response from Livorsi. $150 repair good luck boat problems suck.
  9. it is in the livorsi manual. page 28 i would upload but it is failing. it is only 102 pages long....
  10. i ran 2247 this weekend. rpm 100-150 higher than 3093. about 3-4 better cruising i think 3093 better out of hole though. probably go back to 3093 or try a 15.5" next. density altitude 7500' plus. 440 has no problems.
  11. what was rpm, speed, ballast, cav plate etc?
  12. call livorsi, then can usually repair for about $250-$300
  13. i can answer better after this weekend, but my only complaint with the 3093 is cruising speed. i have to travel about four-five miles to get to good spots on my lake. 3600 rpm is about 22mph i think. i think the 2247 will be better for cruising speed, but we will see.
  14. i am running a 3093 on my 2018 B52 23 440. all full ballast with 350# lead in the nose at 37-3800 rpm at 11mph, 2 ppl in boat and no one up front. good out of hole and hits speed pretty quick. i am going to try the 2247 for comparison next. my Density altitude was 7200'
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