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  1. Yes, I can. It was actually very simple. Once the flake arrived I took it and the boat over to my local fiberglass boat repair shop and handed it to them and said go to work! Actually mine was a mess. A large scratch that went from my solid black into my blue flake. So it was kind of two repairs in one. I actually tried it first myself using this technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsvwkbbHIXo Not sure what I did wrong, but I could not get my gel to harden. It was always tacky. Even with the wax added. Worse than that was that once it was on and as dry as it would get I pulled off my make shift paint booth cover (did this all outside) and when the sun hit it I could see that the flake was the wrong shade of blue. I quickly realized why so many shops shied away from the job. It's hard! I ordered the next lighter blue color from TCP then took a piece of scrap metal I had and painted it with clear then blew my new flake on to it. I then cleared over it again. Once it dried I held it up to my boat and could see that the flake was now a perfect match. When I picked my boat up from the repair shop they said the fixed the black part first and also sprayed black across a 3x3 foot area of the flake as well. Then they mixed the flake with clear gel and sprayed that 3x3 section, then they sprayed the flake well past that area as well to blend it all together. So I started out with a 6" long scratch that turned into a very large area of the boat getting painted. I wasted like $500 in materials to try the repair myself then ended up making an insurance claim to get it done right. Looks just about perfect now. I can see imperfections because I know right where to look. No one else would see them.
  2. Go here: https://tcpglobal.com/pages/custom-shop-flakes I had a repair in my flake as well. I got a 4 oz. bottle of the .008 size. I still have half a bottle left and repaired a much bigger area than what you are talking about. I originally ordered the wrong color as I guessed wrong. I also ordered it in .008 and .015 because I wasn't sure. These guys were easy to work with and returned the stuff I didn't need. My repair matched perfect. I was told the dealer would charge me well over $100 for a little bag of flake, but I couldn't even get my dealer to look into it for me. I guess they don't like flake repairs.
  3. Hi Jake, can I get the code please? Thanks.
  4. I assume you're in Utah. From my experience, this engine, transmission, and ballast at our elevation does not work. However, you did say you could reach speed with just the hard tanks. Does this mean the engine would run past 3000 rpm, or was it still not able to go past 3000 with just the hard tanks full? You need to make sure you have fully removed the Zero Off as a possible issue. If you're running completely empty ballast what is your WOT RPM speed? Should be in the neighborhood of 5000 RPMs and your speed should be 25-30 MPH. If it is still stuck at 3000 RPMs, it's not an engine problem...yet.

    MB logo?

    I’m 99% sure I have one on my computer at work. I’ll check tomorrow. Pm or post your email and I’ll send it.
  6. My car project should hit the road for the first time in its three year build in the next week or two. Can't wait!
  7. Why are you going after fuel when you already know you dont have spark?
  8. Wow, looks like things are slowing down now around here. Our last trip was Saturday. Air temp was upper 60's and a bit of a cold wind. Water temp ranged from 57 to 59. My wife refused to get in the water and just wore street clothes in the boat. At one point she reached over the side of the boat to grab a surfboard, ( Why? I have no idea. She's never done that before. ) lost her balance and over she went! She went all the way under and came up gasping for air. The cold water just took her breath away. She wasn't in the water for more than 10 seconds as I was right there to pull her out. Scared the kids a little, but we all had a good laugh about it the rest of the day. Got her in my dry change of clothes and the world was right again. I can see, now, how quickly a good time can turn tragic though. The kids panicked and froze. We talked about that and what should have happened. They should have grabbed the throwable or at least a jacket that was sitting right there on the seat. Hopefully there wont be a next time, but if there is I hope they will be ready to assist. Glad it ended up being a memory we will laugh about 20 years from now. Anyways, the surfing was fun, but cold.
  9. This is what I used this time around. I'm pretty sure Stabil makes something similar. http://www.starbrite.com/item/ez-store-ez-start-gas-storage-additive?category_id=699
  10. I use a two in one fuel treatment/fogger. Pour the stuff in on what we think will be our last outing. Or pour it in and run the engine for a few minutes before starting your winterization process. Done.
  11. It didn't disappear. The previous owner had one that failed (stuck closed) while on the water. He removed it so that he could continue his trip. Realizing that it ran just fine without one, he didn't bother putting a new one in. I've done this a few times with vehicles. For all I know, my boats engine could be missing one too!
  12. That maybe true. I’ve heard Tige and Malibu do over a thousand though. No idea about the others.
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