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  1. great color combo! nice build
  2. cool! cant wait to get on the water this weekend hyper, how does your board rack work with the full tower (6) JLs?
  3. you getting a new one? Thanks Hyper for the nets. They will go in the alpha nicely although the 2020 comes with bins now
  4. was a pleasant surprise to get the new dash
  5. So happy with it. I havent seen it in person yet but is getting prepped.
  6. looking good! missing the yellow. still waiting for my new build to come. been delayed. happy to see her again. will consider the bigger prop on the new one but i will have the 575
  7. i had the same combo and loved it! dropped the rpm about 500
  8. when i looked 2017 i found the MB to be superior over the axis. i bought b52 2017 and now have alpha on order. best bang for the buck
  9. normal and comes down as engine warms up and oil liquifies with heat
  10. love that! i am doing similar but opposite layout
  11. Hey Don,


    is the 575 upgrade worth it?

    1. The Donfather

      The Donfather

      I would never do without it again.   I can give you good and bad if you want to call me


  12. thanks i know i dont know if i can wait
  13. Gang, finalized the sale of old yeller and have placed an order for july build. here is what i came up with
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