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  1. protection is the best thing. i had my cover lined with soft lining for the windshield and seat areas when i had the step cover added to it. worked great every year to powell and back
  2. Gang, i am going to be ordering the new Alpha and I just put my Yellow bad boy over at california skier on consignment if anyone is interested. i meant to post this first but havent had time. 2017 B52 195 hours on 440 7 year powertrain warranty (boat show/demo promo) most every upgrade
  3. yes i surf in parker as well and we always go up current. depth is a huge factor. down stream kills push of wave
  4. depends on how many speakers on on it. best balance is 2. if i have zero, i have to really jump and pull hard to get down. if i have 4 then i struggle to get back up. 2 works well but still requires a good tug to get moving
  5. i put 8" in mid section to make up and sounds great
  6. i have had both and having been a cummins tech back in my past career, ram all day long. the powerstroke is eh
  7. i thought i was the only one with a yellow boat
  8. good looking combo! congrats
  9. congrats! looks great. love the tuxedo look
  10. i had the same thing happen to me and warranty covered.
  11. not for wakeboarding. not necessary
  12. congrats and welcome. i love the colors. i like the arm rest cover you have too.
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