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  1. service is key. its why I drive 200 miles one way to NWBS. The Gold standard for customer service.
  2. cant image being the biggest MB dealer in the country and then deciding not to be. Seems like a very odd decision if true. Not big fans of the new look?
  3. 23 feels like a sweet spot but, Id really like more room for gear. More storage. A tunable surf wave with lots more push. 22 just ain't gonna hunt.
  4. the javelin powers all the internal speakers and the sub. so they should have the same pre amp signal. the towers are powered by a single XM 30.2 running at 1 Ohm. thats why it has me scratching my head. maybe the speaker wires are running along side an unshielded 12V power source?
  5. Anyone run into this? seems like it would be all over that cabin speakers but I only have it in the bow.
  6. still shows on the larson website
  7. did you get new boat yet Don?
  8. ouch, Larson is big. hmm, just looked and they are still showing on their website.
  9. ok, opposite ends of the lake. too many police for my liking that close to town. we stay up lake, Harrison, Carling, Rockford. Lots of good bars on the lake. One shot Charlies, Shooters etc. You picked a great time of the year. nice and hot.
  10. nice, we rented the floating house on the CDA river for 7 days this year. great spot. Blue lake FTW if you want to surf.
  11. https://youtu.be/Z7B5XrFNGUM Cant figure out how to embed video and its pissing me off.
  12. yep small bumps is key. cant steer without water going past your rudder. Reverse is a shit show like mike said. the only thing that backs up worse than an inboard is a sailboat. best thing you can do is load up on bumpers and practice on an open pier first. practice pulling up to just once side first with nothing else around. get used to coming in at an angle, swinging full turn with a quick forward bump and letting momentum swing in your ass around. get that nailed. that will help build confidence. then you can tackle the harder stuff. keep calm and dont panic. Small bumps, no big whiskey throttle stuff. Wait till you're a few pops into the day and the wind starts blowing 25 knots.
  13. I'm lost, what? the hell is a brake hole?
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