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  1. im sure you could surf a 4'4 if you wanted to I just dont want to work that hard. Im 195 right now and 4'7 feels about right but I cant help but wonder would 4'8 be perfect?
  2. that is a killer design! really cool. 4'6? you must be a bantamweight!
  3. GLWS, new ones are 90+. Might be the best 23 ft surf wave in the business.
  4. 2018 was the year they made changes to the hull to dress the surf wave. i would hold out for a 2018 or newer.
  5. I almost always have a signal that I canget in order to stream apple music. if not I rely on what has been downloaded.
  6. so they bought a Boo Boo? interesting
  7. just a pic of the GSA tabs and where they are set. Highly unlikely NWBS didnt get them set right but need to start there.
  8. take a picture of them and post a picture first.
  9. I'm ten pounds heavier than you and the 4'6 nubstep i have feels too small. I believe in volume.
  10. dealer, have em fix it now before the season gets going.
  11. I feel like I should point out Soulcraft is my favorite. but they are crazy expensive. One of the great things about the lib-tech is the durability. It shrugs off dings that would cause significant damage to a Doomswell of similar EPS core board.
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