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  1. Id sell mine for $85. its loaded with Pearl metal flake all over.
  2. yes, always feels like they are looking for ways to weasel out of taking care of known issues.
  3. neither? so many better boards out there for a few bucks more.
  4. not the brightest idea for cooler location
  5. shrink wrap on a roll from home depot, I wrap my boat for every long trip. no rubmarks
  6. I would avoid the 24 if you want to surf. that wave is garbage. 23 is the king daddy. Surfs better than just about any 24 foot boat out there anyhow. Have every confidence that they will address the issues with the 24 wave. However, if you are a wakeboarder it might be the best wakeboard boat ever built.
  7. im sure MB is working on the F24 wave as we speak. I expect it will be changed at some point.
  8. buy mine, its been garaged its entire life. its the best looking B52 ever built and this thing has been well cared for.
  9. atx looks like it throws a nice wave, fit and finish will be several levels below an MB. are you going to custom order? MB has more customization than any boat out there.
  10. customer service falls almost exclusively on the dealer. Get a crappy one and your experience will suffer. That's why so many veteran boat owners are dealer loyal over brand. Where are you located? MB's are KILLER boats, they are made well and they have one of the highest resale in the industry. Just go look at what 10 year old MB's are selling for. If they made junk this simply wouldn't be the case.
  11. I'll sell you my 2018 B52 for $85K it already has bow cleats and its the best looking B52 to ever roll out of Atwater
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