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  1. the boat shack posted coming this month
  2. so maybe December? in time for next years boat show? Hopefully it doesn't take its line cues from the new F24.🤮
  3. I would only buy the first year of the S238, subsequent years had a different prop shaft angle and it screwed with the surf wave.
  4. The B52 out surfs the RI 237. I love centurion but I would never buy the 237 over the B52 if surf-wave was the biggest decision. Hopefully the new 25 footer doesn't look like the ugly ass alpha, that would be a bummer.
  5. Damn! sorry to hear this. He's a great guy. Prayers for Don!!
  6. I have no first hand experience with the F24 surf wave but the videos and pictures Ive seen have been less than impressive. I would urge you to surf one first before buying. The new B52's surf amazing. either the aplha or the legacy B52 hull is a pretty big improvement over the 2016 hull.
  7. Id say the stock exile system is pretty amazing. I had the Javelin 5ch amp die a year in but it was replaced by Exile. other than having engine noise in just the bow speakers. its a nice set up
  8. the new head units disable certain features while you are driving. this tricks the system in the thinking the parking brake is on so those feature are always on. I wont run a new head unit without it.
  9. Not really much has changed. Built nice systems for both my driving kids. For single sub I like the Mono Alpine 500 or 600 Watt amp. Go for the alpine ILXW650. Don't forget the Parking brake bypass module. For best value I like Kicker pre Loaded sub enclosures. JL audio if you want to go high end. Separates I like the Focal stuff.
  10. My hope is to eventually get a 24 or 25 foot boat so that is also a consideration.
  11. prevailing wind would be my biggest consideration.
  12. its not only trash, its straight up trash. Nothing Ive seen has even come close to changing my mind. A 24 footer should be jaw dropping good. The new 24 is terrible in both its hideous looks and its under performing surf wave. its MB's Edsel.
  13. the new 24 surf wave is trash. an older 24tomcat could be interesting, sick boat and throws a nice wave.
  14. almost bought another brand at the boatshow. I'm buying a 25 sooner than later. lets see it.
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