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  1. We need to see this beast. Gun shy from the 24 tomcat debacle.
  2. shoulda killed the 24 in its crib. tragically ugly and doesn't surf is a bad combo. the 22 TC is the least ugly of the new designs. 25 ft version of that might do ok. Those lines aren't for everybody. I wonder how long they will run with them. My list: new lines- swoops are ugly AF all subfloor ballast Deeper- more free board More storage Wetsounds more heater ports- Up to 5 please. 2 isn't enough and why on earth did you do away with the drivers port? make it surf really well and give me more wave adjustability more engine options and 2:1
  3. let me know how you wired it
  4. I have a 2018, do I need to update my software?
  5. Its a custom billet aluminum tower exclusive to MB as far as I know.
  6. it should as long as the flag is visible and the right color. That's the reason I just bought one anyway.
  7. gonna need more details!! which ones are these? now that you got me interested I looked around and Glowwhips looks like the one I might go with. how are yours mounted? I may go only single. really just for a full time flag.
  8. once you fill those bags there's not room for anything on top. I cant even fill my bags all the way because they hit the top of the hatch.
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