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  1. PoCMziRWTeqg9u7c-j2pAQ (1).jfif
  2. Just got the boat out today and it did make a difference. It’s noticeable. Mainly I can’t hear any V-drive whine at all. That makes it worth the effort for me.
  3. Here’s how I finished it up. This is looking forward into the v-drive hole. MLV across the front and wrapping around the sides a little. This should cut out any noise coming through the floor drain.
  4. You must be talking about trailer and boat. I thought your question was just about the trailer. With the tongue folded I have mine in a 25' 10" garage with a couple of inches to spare (boat with swim step and trailer ). So 28' sounds about right for boat and trailer with the tongue extended.
  5. Just the trailer should be 25' to 26'.
  6. First part done. Back of seat lined with MLV and King Starboard on top of it. On gel coat behind the side seats is a vinyl based product from Cascade Audio.
  7. I've decided to start a sound reduction project also. I've done the Noico on the trays and have ordered this MLV to see if I like it. https://www.soundproofingmlv.com/details/2-lb-noise-grabber-brand-mlv-48-x-4-roll I'm going to start on the area in front of the engine and try to reduce sound moving forward then will tackle the side panels. Here’s the start.
  8. For the teenagers I recommend the Phase 5 Avenger. It's a skim board but not very slippery. Really stable and easy to ride. My daughter and wife both love it.
  9. Make sure the wires didn't get pulled out of the back of the switch.
  10. The driver's seat should slide off the post so you don't have to unbolt it.
  11. If I remember there are two screws at the front corners buried in the carpet. There could be more.
  12. I think you need to powder coat the tabs and exhaust on this one!
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