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  1. You could also install a sea strainer with built in flush adapter. https://www.indmar.com/service-products/strainer-pro/
  2. Go to the MB Boat Owners Facebook page. Ian Brown is selling some. https://www.facebook.com/groups/303683123120678/search/?query=racks&epa=SEARCH_BOX
  3. If all else fails, just grab a piece of paper and template one.
  4. Interesting since in Feb he told me he still had it and emailed me the image that I attached.
  5. Ran the 2849 the last time out. Raptor 400. I like it so far for cruising around. Not going to surf until after 10 hours so waiting for the final verdict.
  6. Indmar V – 2.3 qt (2.18 L) Main Gearbox Indmar ATF 872006 1.25 qt (1.18 L) V-Drive Unit Indmar Synthetic 50 Transmission Oil 872009 360, 400 and 440 Models – Semi-synthetic 5W-30 oil meeting the API rating of SN
  7. $40k is good if it's in good shape. The electric ballast gates will stop working at some point but replacement is easy.
  8. On long trips I tow with the cover on. Wrap the rub rail and the tower and protect the vinyl and window frame from getting chafed. The seems on the cover will rub the vinyl.
  9. The best surf wave I was able to get was with about 400lbs in the bow, tanks and bags full, 600 lead about midship and slightly weighted to the non surf side. 2018 F21
  10. This is the first step in a project I call "Make the B52 fit in the Garage". Before we had a boat I built an office of this same size in the side of the garage that is 25' deep. That one will be coming out.
  11. Yeah, in trying to keep to a price point, those upgrades weren't even a consideration on this boat. I didn't even want to spend as much as I did but I'm glad I ended up with the wheels and wouldn't trade them for the color display.
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