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  1. Cant comment on gas mileage, since ive only owned MB, But IMO I wouldnt worry about wave adjustment. I literally just fill all the bags and the wave is perfect every time on my 2020 23 footer. loundess? Ive heard many say MB is louder then others. But the stereo is louder.
  2. 23 has a bow bag, but it fits nice in the front point. you still have all your bow storage
  3. I love the cool touch. it feels amazing. But a huge downfall is the material is very thin.
  4. I think jordanelle has the best ramp in the state. It gets so busy, but it runs very smooth
  5. I am not at all worried. we may be in a "drought" but if you noticed, deer creek was full my march last year. My guess is they drained deer creek to help with the great salt lake so we get maximum lake effect as possible. The river was roaring, so they were dumping it pretty fast. We had pretty much all lakes full this year besides jordanelle, which turned out to be just fine as well.
  6. start with checking power at the starter solenoid. If you don't have power in crank position then work your way back. If you do have power(battery voltage). then you probably have a bad starter or ground connection.
  7. Seen a post on the facebook group of a guy selling his boat cause he ordered the "first ever b52 25" due in october. "
  8. We have confirmed with indmar in the past that 87 octane is fine for the 400/440. however there has been talk of the pumps allowing 15 percent ethanol and indmar is not okay with that. I have been using ethanol free so far this year. I just dont want any warranty issues as well
  9. fill them up until they spit out the vents. most go about 11.2 mph.
  10. I have an additional wetsounds in the starboard front seat area as well. Its a nice massage chair! and its only a 12 lol
  11. I don't have an alpha, but Classic and alpha running surfaces are almost identical. you should be able to fill it all up, 11.2 to 11.4 speed with 20 to 30 percent cav plate. If you have alot of people. just drain some water out till the wave crisps up. What I liked about the newer boats compared to my 2017 is no matter where people sit, the wave is always consistent.
  12. personally I would repack every other year or every 2 years. BUT, I always check them every year and every long trip. I pump alittle grease when needed( don't over grease the bearing buddies, they can actually blow out the grease seals) when that happens your bearings will fail quickly down the road. One time I was leaving for a 2 hour trip with my camper. I heard my bearing cap fall off in the neighborhood, but I was in "such a rush" I kept going. by the time I made it to camp, my bearing was toast.
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