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  1. 440 engine or better, seems the alpha comes with all the good stuff already.
  2. I would say Cats and a windshield are the only "major" work thats been done besides maintenance. Both went quick and smooth. But Never had a real issue that needed DIAG
  3. I rent a slip here and there, and its tough. small throttle bumps is key I agree. I found if I come in slow and slightly tilted to the port side from the stern, when close, I bump the reverse gear and it will put me perfectly straight with the slip. I would love to back into a slip, but I need to watch somebody do it first. that starboard drift when in reverse is too close for comfort IMO. Ive seen a couple slip owners put these mission brand large horizontal bumpers on each side. They look like large ballast bags. I think that would help with damage.
  4. That would make me very angry to have a mismatched system. These "covid " boats are a mess!
  5. hit up the boatshack in utah. they mentioned they had a set in stock, but that was a month or so ago. maybe they come with brackets
  6. I had a 2017 hull. granted it was a 23 foot. but this is what worked for me: fill it all up. If you have people to put up in the bow, load them up there. speed varied for me but regular was good about 10.9-11.2 goofy was about 11.2-11.4 I would test drive weighted up and drain the opposite surf side till the wave reached best as possible. then I would mess with the cav plate no more then 50 percent to make it look pretty. That year needs the boat to be leaning to the surf side a bit to make a nice wave. Hope it helps.
  7. search through this forum and or the facebook group. there was a used pair floating around a couple months ago.
  8. sucks bro! I have nothing but good experience with the boat shack. Did you try changing out the thermostat? if not maybe you can do that really fast and test it today. not sure if you bounced out yet or not.
  9. From what I heard the jl towers dont quick connect like the exile. Hopefully they change that soon.
  10. I think the surf pipe alone is a big upgrade. Very noticeable from my 2017 without and my 2020 with.
  11. not sure how it is in other states, but dnr does it for "free" in the utah arizona area
  12. did it happen after you replaced the impellar? Maybe something happened on install.
  13. cabo wabo/patron and white monster. taste like a margarita
  14. I wonder if they can obtain codes while in limp mode? Maybe the fault is "continuous" monitored and will clear itself out when no fault is detected.
  15. thankful for insurance ! lol. I had no cover at the time. but deductible was 250.00 so i wasn't sweating it.
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