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  1. adding bow weight will lower your bow ride as well as make the wave longer. It will even lower your surf rpm's
  2. if you run the empty cycle twice, will it drain all the way out? I think those timers are easily adjusted. You could probably just time it with your phone then make your adjustments as needed. I sometimes cycle the fill mode again to make sure but I think mine is pretty dialed because it will quickly start pouring out the overflow
  3. I would have thought a nice thick slab underneath at least the size of the cleat
  4. Is there a pump in the tank as well? If not and the HP pump is the only thing on that fuel pump circuit, you could try to just run a new wire from the fuse to the pump.
  5. That looks like it would rip out easy.
  6. Are you losing power to the HP fuel pump when the fuse blows? Could it be the pump in the tank causing the issue? sounds like you have a bad pump, or the hot wire is touching ground somewhere.
  7. congrats! I see you got the "new new" features with the bigger jl's and the wireless phone holder.
  8. car market is starting to go down, Boat companys probably had there best 2 years ever. If the market gets flooded with used boats, they will eventually start to go down as the longer they sit listed.
  9. before the market shift, it seemed normal to lose close to 10k when trading in a boat every year. To some that is worth it. Can't say I blame the consumer, they seem to come out a little better every year as far as options and performance.
  10. I ended up selling mine. I ordered my boat with the ptm clamping racks and they are bigger then the stock. I tired my heart out and left it in the sun, but I couldn't make it fit.
  11. I think that year had a split in transmission ratio. but the "newer" ratio is perfect for the 2247
  12. I bet you just need to reroute the existing wires and secure the slack to keep them from damage.
  13. Honestly The only thing I notice with more or less people is the amount of ballast I use. The wave seems the same everytime
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