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  1. lucky me I suppose anything to add value on a depreciating item is a good thing. chill tech is so much nicer then the last shit I had on my 2017. It don't think the chill factor works as much as it just feels amazing and is super plush
  2. They charge more for it? Must be a new thing. I wasn't charged for mine and I have 100 percent chill tech 2020 classic
  3. Personally, I just change the oil once a year. Im about 75-100 hours per year. Impeller every other year. I wax it once a year and I use boat bling products for cleaning. I especially like the purple vinyl stuff. smells and feel amazing
  4. sweet! thanks! Yea I would be cool with this or that huge JL sub. Still bummed about the big 12. I don't like the idea of mis matched stereo, but what do I do at this point. I don't want them to replace the exile with JL. I still like the exile look and never had an issue with the sound
  5. My dealer offered me a wetsounds sub as well, What would be comparable?
  6. Is this marine rated? this may be what want since I can't get the big12. I agree about wattage not being the only factor. But when I paid for package C with my boat. I want the power! lol. You can change the gears in a car to make it "feel" faster. But if the power isn't there, it will lack. Especially on a sub. I want my teeth to rattle!
  7. WTF! that is only a 600 watt sub. Hardly an upgrade IMO since the exile upgrade was a 2000 watt sub(granted it was paired with a 1500 watt amp). I need a replacement for the big12, mine never came with one and I can't find one even close
  8. does the one in center have any issues with the tow ropes? I run the rope under the zip when surfing
  9. Pineview for me too. I need to quit going up parleys with my little half ton.
  10. I don't use any in my 2020 classic. But I am not a "perfect wave chaser" I just fill all up and it works great.
  11. I have met life. I wanna say I am about 60 bucks a month. I made a claim on my last boat for a broken windshield. It was easy and my deduct was only 250. It was a comprehensive claim, so it didn't raise my premium. My rep told me anything is usually covered. If I left my drain plug undone and it sank to the bottom. It was covered. Just make sure you insure to the correct value of the boat.
  12. Not too worry, You are not the only indecisive, excited and picky customer they have to deal with. lol. I am sure they are used to it.
  13. ask Jason, he was able to get me pics last year. But it doesn't help, trust me lol.
  14. Yes, please let us know your weight. that sounds like useful info! Im excited for the new tundra coming out soon. I can't bear a stinky diesel just to get better towing in the summer but the tundra while a solid truck, is pretty outdated compared to the competition. Still relevant IMO but they need to step it up
  15. id just leave it. your trading it in anyway. Ive been pullin with my tundra for years up parleys almost every weekend and powell a couple times a year. It sags maybe 2-3 inches max. I use a 3 inch reverse drop hitch and boat sits level.
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