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  1. I think you might be able to remove the access panel( on the floor) for the ballast gates. I bet the wires are in that area
  2. I would check to make sure the port side surf tab is going back up. otherwise you may have to drain the opposite side ballast to create the wave. I was never able to switch with my 2017 or make a good wave without listing it a bit.
  3. what kind of amps is it running? More then the stereo?
  4. also there is rockport. just past echo lake smaller but good water temps. I like this lake too because it has a nice dock in the cove by the dame. Its a great place to chill when the wind kicks up and hang out.
  5. pineview. warmest water, but dirty, great views, but crappy boat ramp. still one of my favorites. anchor pass for 15 bucks and you can sleep out on the lake in your boat. East canyon, small but very nice as well. very boatable at lower levels. Jordanelle, good size, very crowded. but amazing boat ramp. runs "smooth" always consistent echo, small but boat ramp is good. water is boatable at low levels.( kind of a sleeper, not very many boats when the water is low, so there is still plenty of room, and you can drive your truck down to the beach which i like) all of these la
  6. Bad ass! its like the bat mobile
  7. water will be cold but the air will be nice. water level is really low and run off won't start till around may. low water is a really cool time for exploring, but brings more water dangers so you need your eyes pilled extra. I recommend navajo canyon. its pretty close, the "cut" will be closed so you'll have to go around from antelope marina(unless thats where your houseboat is coming out of then thats a plus. ) antelope marina is very nice. also antelope canyon is very cool for your small boat to check out. super close to navajo and antelope marina. Not sure how far you can make it in
  8. I think it would be just fine for 12 months plus
  9. after seeing the boat show prices on these new ones, Im glad we locked in when we did bro. Ive been happy with mine so far.
  10. Best upgrade under stereo. Sweet!
  11. still waiting for a demo video on how you do this lol.
  12. You can use a "fake a lake" . its a plunger like looking thing that you wedge up and cover the water intake. it will attach to a garden hose. that will work good enough for idle. I wouldn't go passed 1500 rpm when using it.(so ive heard)
  13. I would do option 2. more because when pulling out, your drifting toward the deeper end. Not sure how shallow it is near the bank.
  14. My only gripe is the powder coating/paint is shit. both mine had cracking and rusting after one season
  15. you should be able to just fill it all up, cav plate around 40 percent. 11.2-11.6
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