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  1. assuming its the same as the 23 footer. the pump is underneath the trash can, and the timer is under the helm. Its only two wires. One terminal should have power and the other ground. then the opposite when switched the other way. You can check this at the pump, the switch and the timer.
  2. to my knowledge there is not a tower down available yet for the alphas. I have a tower down for my classic but it doesn't fit. Im thinking because I have the larger PTM racks. my last boat got chaffed pretty good on the windshield frame. I would wrap that area for sure.
  3. Peanut butterrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. out the door i was well over 100k for my 2020 classic 23. But I had a lot stuff added to it.
  5. My advise would be not look at other boats once you bought yours lol. It will drive you crazy! Enjoy it man you will have a blast on that thing. Storage issue does suck. but I don't think it will affect your long trips. Just be creative
  6. Happens ALL the time. But I don't see how the app will help more then visual. you can do the math and study the levels based on the app. But in the end just be mindful of where you been. Establish a good "tow" path that you know is safe. The water is not very clear but you can easily see shallow spots before you hit them. Some are danger bouyed, some are not. Best advise Ive have gotten is polarized glasses. and stay in the channel markers when ever possible. I just came back from there again this weekend and it was very low! I heard from 3 people at the wahweep slips that they hit rocks in t
  7. Regarding powell. there are plenty of "offline map apps" to use. I believe they can track your position via sat. But honestly its easy to use the main channel bouys markers and a map they give you at the pay station.
  8. Yup I am struggling to find a way to clean off sunscreen. I heard the sprays are not good so I switched to cream. Its almost worse IMO. IF anybody has a suggestion that would be good. What about a medium bristol scrub brush? I haven't tried that yet, i was too afraid
  10. They should be right where they need to be from the factory
  11. 440 was great in my 2017. my 2020 did not come with one unfortunately. Its not a "feel it in your seat" difference in power, but when loaded up, it is 100 percent an upgrade. Where my 400 lacks. the 440 would make it happen
  12. Great idea, funny I always have these on my boat for the kids.
  13. I think its just a design flaw. It seems there are very small drain ports to the back of the bildge. I also jack the boat up far when not in use and it will drain very slowly
  14. In the end as long as your using the correct viscosity, your probably fine. these boats get there oil changed before it even turns black. The wrong weight has been known to cause excessive upper end wear like flat cams and such
  15. Why would you want to run full synthetic, If it only requires semi?
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