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  1. not a bad idea to have it checked underneath just in case. But if it was just a scrape your probably fine
  2. Interesting. I had a different experience with from a 3 state ( ronix band wagon) then to the rxt. The pop was very high with the bandwagon but it was extremely slow compared to the rxt. I like how light the rxt is. Feel very nice
  3. This board is SO nice. Ive enjoyed mine. Great price IMO
  4. Mine is the 23 foot and im hearing the bow rise is not as bad. but you could also try and go faster in the 12's. That will also make the wave longer. But bow weight I bet will help you find what your looking for.
  5. yea if the center tab is down all the way I dont see the wave being very nice. I heard the more you use it the less push you get. use less weight in the ballast if needed. maybe half or less center tab if needed
  6. Yes, just get up to surf speed, then drain the opposite side with the drain valves. yours are probably the electric ones. but will drain while driving as normal. Then watch the wave and get it to look as best as possible. after that, you can play with the speed in small changes, as well as center trim if you prefer. Personally I try to use the least amount as possible. Also have people move around the boat to tune as well, It actually helps. but ive found the easiest is to put most up front favoring the surf side if possible. no need to use the suck gate if you have the switch system.
  7. If it is anything like my 2017, I always just filled it up all the way or most the way, about 10.9 give or take and drain the opposite surf side till the wave looked nice. If you have people in the boat throw them up on the bow, or use less wait total and a little center tab if needed to help bring the bow rise down. It takes time, but eventually youll get it. basically you want it to lean to the surf side a bit, and it will make the wave nice
  8. I heard they can be done by yourself. You got this!
  9. I use apple music. If im going to a place without service like powell, I download offline playlits
  10. pull the strainer and clean it out first. then run the fake lake if you feel the need. I highly doubt it gave you any issues to worry about
  11. Ok yea, I think your good! Post pics when done! I plan on doing this as well, If I ever get my boat
  12. link doesn't show a pic. but it says .25 inch hole? Seems too small
  13. Hard to tell, But you may want to have the engine mounts checked. One of the pics, it looks alittle squished. if its under 5 years old you may be able to get it covered.
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