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  1. It served me well on labor day in powell. That main channel when the weather hits and or lots of boats running through it can make it feel like a ocean. It helps quite a bit cutting through the chop. I don't use it a lot for it will burn more fuel. So best to use only when needed.
  2. blisters are usually from extended time in the water. A lot of times they will diminish.
  3. Well I can't speak for the alpha, but I do know it has a deeper draft. I just measured my 2020 classic 23 footer and when including the prop, and using my best judgement from the water line, I get about 33 inches. I have been in 3 feet water(according to my gauge) and have seen mud/dirt stir up from the prop.
  4. you might just have some cavitation your feeling on take off. My 2775 did that, especially when the rudder was turned on take off when surfing. 2247 is amazing at high elevation, so it should be even better for you.
  5. agreed on the zone controller. I had 3 warrantied in my 2017 and 2 in my 2020. But exile has amazing customer service and will stand behind their product.
  6. I would suggest getting your shaft alignment checked. Ive had similar issues that seem to come and go. Since you just purchased, you never know if its been done recently. my guess is its rubbing on decel. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make the noise next time you are out
  7. Yes lol. You may be onto it affecting the wave. Ive never changed props for wave purposes. But I remember cruising with the 2775 at like 4000 going 20 mph. But as you say it was the 1.7 ratio so you may be not too bad.
  8. doesn't hurt to try, But thats a lot less pitch. Im surprised the 2247 is perfect for you
  9. interesting. 2247 has the most pitch out of your options. I use that prop at 5900 feet and its great. for cruising I would stick with it. I used the 2247 on my 2017 as well. I did have the 2775, it felt like a rocket, but it would cavitate with a lot of weight and struggled to get up to speed.
  10. I could never get my 2017 to be as good as my 2020. But once you get it down, you'll be happy with it. it makes a great wave. having the bow down will give you a longer wave( weight, faster speed)
  11. absolutely! Mine had the manual valves. I think yours are electric? none the less it will work. its a great way to clean up your wake board wake on both sides as well. also If I have a lot of people on board and I struggle to get up to speed, I will dump both rear ballast at the same time till I reach speed.
  12. its almost impossble to make the wave good on both sides. I had to list my 2017 a bit. I usually went about 11-11.1 fill it all up, then drain the opposite side rear bag until the wave became clean
  13. I did the liquid lumens brand and I am very happy with them. huge upgrade from the stock
  14. it depends on what you have on now. But typically lower rpms will result in higher top speed. I think the 14-15 pitch range would be fine. Might be able to even go more pitch at that elevation, but I cannot speak from experience, since I boat at 3300-5900 feet.
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