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  1. I was confused on your post, but yea this looks great!
  2. Agree. I did the b52 delete on my 2020 classic and it looks super clean. But they are on the back
  3. I think MB is still right in the middle. assuming other brands are raising at the same rate. Mb market is weird, they seem to go for alot more in utah then they do in california. Not sure why it would matter. Best believe i would have me a G23 or supra if I could afford one. But very happy with my MB and my dealer
  4. These are so nice. I just never got one because....... some people are trash and like to take nice things that are not theirs. I ended up snagging the Yeti back pack. Its only a 24 I think but it fits in storage really easy. Looks awesome!
  5. I agree, that would be perfect for beverages. Insulation or a soft fitted cooler would work I bet
  6. My 2017 and 2020 WOT is 5600 rpms. Does yours not reach that? has that changed in particular?
  7. search the threads, I believe there is a post about a fix for separating the circuits.
  8. I think either will work. But 1 1/8 is the shaft size. Ive never used the harmonic style, but the c clamp is really easy. IMO the clamp itself is fine. the weekend saver is quite a bit more if I remember, in addition to the cool bag, you only really get a cheap ass hammer, pliers and adjustable wrench(which by the way will require alot more force needed to break the prop off the taper then the wrench can provide). the extra cotter pin and nut are very cheap. I just use the prop box, which holds the prop and protects it very wheel then throw my clamp and tools inside the box as well.
  9. Keep in mind it was used with the exile controller. I don't see it being an issue with other brands. It looks really too simple to not work with any https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085BYDHG9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_-X4HEbQW02MDP
  10. I agree, I only tow with the cover going to powell. Mostly because of all the gear I stuff in the boat while towing. I didn't use mine this year because the tower down didn't even fit, because of the ptm clamp racks being too large is my guess.
  11. just make sure your playlist is fire!!!! That does seem odd. But kind of an out dated feature IMO since most phones now of days are blue toothing there music and they are water proof anyway. there is a post on here about somebody buying a cheap stick on adapter that ties in with your phone via bluetooth to control your music. And reported it worked great. Might be a better choice for you
  12. Id go mission fenders for that purpose. The balls are great for tie ups and they deflate for storage. Can't go wrong to just get both.
  13. I was the same way with my 2017(first boat purchase). I was leaning hard on the moomba. I really liked the MB but it was just out of my budget. But right before I was gonna pull the trigger they took in a beautiful all seafoam pearl 2017. I was hooked. and I am a firm believer on dealer support. Although the other boat dealers never got a chance to give me there support. I had no reason to change dealers when I did my 2020. Boat shack has been very good to work with.
  14. Good thing is, its irrelevant how much weight it uses. You fill it all up and pick your side to surf and the wave just works. Its very consistent compared to my 2017. I don' t have to shift people around and lean to one side. It just works everytime.
  15. I heard they did less hard tank when they went to the bow bag. My 2017 had 3000. I heard 2000 as well. but who knows
  16. assuming its the same as the 23 footer. the pump is underneath the trash can, and the timer is under the helm. Its only two wires. One terminal should have power and the other ground. then the opposite when switched the other way. You can check this at the pump, the switch and the timer.
  17. to my knowledge there is not a tower down available yet for the alphas. I have a tower down for my classic but it doesn't fit. Im thinking because I have the larger PTM racks. my last boat got chaffed pretty good on the windshield frame. I would wrap that area for sure.
  18. Peanut butterrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. out the door i was well over 100k for my 2020 classic 23. But I had a lot stuff added to it.
  20. My advise would be not look at other boats once you bought yours lol. It will drive you crazy! Enjoy it man you will have a blast on that thing. Storage issue does suck. but I don't think it will affect your long trips. Just be creative
  21. Happens ALL the time. But I don't see how the app will help more then visual. you can do the math and study the levels based on the app. But in the end just be mindful of where you been. Establish a good "tow" path that you know is safe. The water is not very clear but you can easily see shallow spots before you hit them. Some are danger bouyed, some are not. Best advise Ive have gotten is polarized glasses. and stay in the channel markers when ever possible. I just came back from there again this weekend and it was very low! I heard from 3 people at the wahweep slips that they hit rocks in t
  22. Regarding powell. there are plenty of "offline map apps" to use. I believe they can track your position via sat. But honestly its easy to use the main channel bouys markers and a map they give you at the pay station.
  23. Yup I am struggling to find a way to clean off sunscreen. I heard the sprays are not good so I switched to cream. Its almost worse IMO. IF anybody has a suggestion that would be good. What about a medium bristol scrub brush? I haven't tried that yet, i was too afraid
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