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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Guppydriver in B52 23 Alpha build   
    Hmmm.  Didn’t really think about that.  This is the only picture I could find that did what I wanted by making the logo the same color as the hull. Of course mine is white, but this is kind of what I wanted.  But I get the asymmetry thing. 

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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Hyperryd in B52 23 Alpha build   
    The odd thing for me on these logos is it used to be that the MB was always at the back of the boat with the model being forward on the boat. On the Alphas they changed that. It reads MB B52 on both sides. That means if you did a B52 delete or color differences like you are saying, it will be forward on one side and toward the rear on the other side. I’m not a big fan of the asymmetrical design of this.  I would prefer the MB to be towards the rear on both sides. You might ask about that. 
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Moto1 in Pre water fuel Separator   
    It just seems that every couple years we have fuel pump failure, I should say someone that we boat with has a fuel pump failure or they have contaminated fuel, this is all due to water in the gas tank, I don’t want to debate how the water arrived in the gas tank, but it seems to condensate or maybe they pick it up at his gas station or maybe even a marina, Anyway it does kill the fuel pump and it would be nice to catch that in the water separator system before it gets to parts it can damage over time. I think most manufacturers have some type of water separator system, but a standalone system in front is just good insurance.
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Guppydriver in Are MB's prices getting too close to "premium boats"?   
    Doesn't really matter I guess.
    I'm part time because of Covid, so I get bored and really enjoy having discussions about boats and the industry with other MB owners.....I thought that's what these things were for...my bad.
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Moto1 in We had a surprise visitor for Christmas   
    Hey all you MB Owners and (want to be’s) I just wanted to show you a present I received, and what a awesome awesome present, I was totally shocked when they came to our door Christmas Eve, check out this Mono wake surf board, also the cool hoodies from the boat shack, what a surprise..

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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to The Donfather in New to the site 13 F21   
    Yes I understand your point of view.  
    For example although. I posted Merry Christmas on this forum.  I got 1 response.   I did the same on FB there was 162 like and 62 comments. The FB page gets way more traffic than here. 
    I try to post on both for all the important stuff like Meetups etc.  Hoping this year meetup will be more public and larger than last year. We kept it small and only had 106 show up.
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to jago bay posse in New to the site 13 F21   
    just upgraded from a 96 centurion, got an immaculate f21 with tons of ballast,  surf system  and wake plate

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    bloodiestcadaver got a reaction from jcole21 in JL Transom Remote   
    just make sure your playlist is fire!!!!
    That does seem odd. But kind of an out dated feature IMO since most phones now of days are blue toothing there music and they are water proof anyway. 
    there is a post on here about somebody buying a cheap stick on adapter that ties in with your phone via bluetooth to control your music. And reported it worked great. Might be a better choice for you 
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Guppydriver in New Yeti for under the tree. I can’t wait for spring!!   
    I couldn’t help but splurge. I know Yetis are overpriced but I took advantage of Dick’s and GS’s Black Friday sale to create this in anticipation for my boat this spring.  It turned out nice me thinks. 

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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Moto1 in Center compartment over engine!!   
    I realize what it was Designed for, but with the seats right there I can just reach over and grab me a cold one😁
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    bloodiestcadaver got a reaction from oboyskibum in Pulled the trigger finally on an Alpha B52 "575-The Beast"   
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to oboyskibum in Pulled the trigger finally on an Alpha B52 "575-The Beast"   
    I sold the 2014 F22, so I sat down with Jason at the boat shack on Saturday and got the order all worked out on my Alpha B52 "575-The Beast". I can't wait its going to be a long winter.

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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Gmwild50 in NEW MB BUILD A BOAT   
    I keep toggling back and forth between these 2. I also think it would be cool if you could powder coat or anodize the rub rail. The 24 has really grown on me sense it's 1st release. he 24 has really grown on me the more I see it. 
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    bloodiestcadaver got a reaction from True Scotsman in 2019 b52 tower/cockpit lights   
    search the threads, I believe there is a post about a fix for separating the circuits. 
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Moto1 in NEW MB BUILD A BOAT   
    Thinking of going just a single color, trying to keep it really clean looking, anyone out there with single color could you post  A photo.

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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Guppydriver in JL Transom Remote   
    I'll check it out. Could be that "fusion puck" I keep hearing about.  I'd like to keep the transom remote and don't mind paying the 300 bucks for it...but it's gotta change tracks. I'll ask around some other forums that have had JL as an OEM for awhile. You would think a quick firmware update could solve the issue if it is legit. 
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    bloodiestcadaver got a reaction from Guppydriver in F22/A PNP Ballast (rear and bow)?   
    I was the same way with my 2017(first boat purchase). I was leaning hard on the moomba. I really liked the MB but it was just out of my budget.  But right before I was gonna pull the trigger they took in a beautiful all seafoam pearl 2017. I was hooked. and I am a firm believer on dealer support. Although the other boat dealers never got a chance to give me there support. I had no reason to change dealers when I did my 2020. Boat shack has been very good to work with. 
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Guppydriver in F22/A PNP Ballast (rear and bow)?   
    No one knows. It's the Denver airport of boats.
    You make the best point of all though. Whatever it has, it throws the best wave for the money. I had a hard time deciding whether to spend the extra 13k on a MB compared to a Moomba or Supreme. It's a lot of money but I think it's worth every penny. The reason I wanted a surf boat was , well, to surf.  I rode behind a classic this summer and the wave was very close (or better honestly) to a buddy's 160K Centurion.  If the Alpha is comparable to the classic, it will be money well spent. 
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to Guppydriver in F22/A PNP Ballast (rear and bow)?   
    Thanks for long chat Jason!
    Not only did you assuage my concerns, but reaffirmed to me that I chose that absolute best boat dealer in Utah to work with! I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but I had my check literally written out to MP for a Mojo, but ultimately paid a slight premium for the MB because I preferred the experience you and Mike provided compared to everyone else!!
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to turps73 in Tower Down Cover   
    protection is the best thing. i had my cover lined with soft lining for the windshield and seat areas when i had the step cover added to it.  worked great every year to powell and back
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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to oboyskibum in 2014 MB F22 Slapped surf machine   
    2014 MB F22 Slapped surf machine.  $57K Custom Slapper wake surf system  I am the original owner, clean freak, and the boat has been stored indoors since it was new. The boat is wiped down after every use with hot sauce or boat juice.
    Always stored inside and services regularly
    Indmar 6.0L gm engine (530 hours - 310 of which are at idle speeds) 1800 lb. of subfloor ballast Added (2) 1000lb rear ballast bags and 400lb front ballast bag with (3) ballast king pumps Free Air exhaust Custom slapper wake surf system Center cav plate Heater (2) outlets Underwater lights Cabin led lights Wetsounds(2)  8"  the tower, (6) Wetsounds in the boat, 2 amps, (2) 10 subs in custom box and factory wet sounds sub. 3 new batteries New higher output alternator New Mooring cover Custom tandem trailer - Converted to disc brakes a month ago Snap-in carpet Metal flake graphic upgrade Ogden Utah   801.Two-Three-Zero.777-nine

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    bloodiestcadaver reacted to JDUB in F22/A PNP Ballast (rear and bow)?   
    Hey Guppy... my name is Jason, I work at The Boat Shack... please call me, I'd love to answer ALL of your questions. 👋👋 801-518-6343
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    bloodiestcadaver got a reaction from Guppydriver in Navionics on Iphone?   
    Happens ALL the time.  But I don't see how the app will help more then visual. you can do the math and study the levels based on the app. But in the end just be mindful of where you been. Establish a good "tow" path that you know is safe. The water is not very clear but you can easily see shallow spots before you hit them. Some are danger bouyed, some are not. Best advise Ive have gotten is polarized glasses. and stay in the channel markers when ever possible. I just came back from there again this weekend and it was very low! I heard from 3 people at the wahweep slips that they hit rocks in the one day. 
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    bloodiestcadaver got a reaction from The Donfather in Navionics on Iphone?   
    Regarding powell. there are plenty of "offline map apps" to use. I believe they can track your position via sat.
    But honestly its easy to use the main channel bouys markers and a map they give you at the pay station. 
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    bloodiestcadaver got a reaction from schill38 in Survey for expected discount off MSRP   
    out the door i was well over 100k for my 2020 classic 23. But I had a lot stuff added to it. 
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